Karakuri Circus

First PV out, studio VOLN. Studio VOLN are the staff members from Madhouse that worked on HxH 2011. They left Madhouse and made Ushio to Tora with MAPPA in 2015. This project is VOLN only.


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Exclusive Amazon stream. They might be helping to fund it. Vinland Saga is also being streamed by Amazon.

That was predictable. Ushio was great so this should be good too.

>tfw no actual PV

But this time it won't hape MAPPA. The music in this promo video is great. Best timeline.

So basically more of Ushio&Tora.


Not like HxH 2011 was worth talking about most of the time.

Anyone know how much it will adapt?

this, any manga readers that can estimate something by looking at the promo video?

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Going by PV? Alot.

They showed scenes from the start, the middle and the end of the series, but they may cut some stuff.

The music at the end of the video is really creepy, I like it. I can´t wait to see the ost for the members of the Midnight Circus.

Sounds promising. Maybe the Amazonbucks will make this a long adaptation.

I like the trailer, but they spoiled quite a lot.

It's a good sign, it means they'll cover a lot. I wonder how many episodes we will get. Hopefully somehow at least 75.

I can't believe this is happening. So it is from Voln, I was expecting them.

>staff members from Madhouse that worked on HxH 2011.
I can see a new wave of newfags praising another mediocrity of adaptation

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Lately lots of series under the category "Less likely to get an anime" are getting one, it´s a great time to be alive.

ok guys what do you think its going to be cutted
i think the princess arc is a safe bet

I think so too, but it´s a pity since we won´t get Lucille shooting puppets with one weapon in each hand while being in top of a car.

I bet that lots of parts of Masaru and Shirogane side, but they can´t cut too much, because then there wouldn´t be a Karakuri´s part and a Circus part.

if they stop the anime at the big fight they can just focus on the Narumi parts and then make a secound season with the masaru stuff
or just make it 100 ep long and make everyone happy

zip it faggot

It sure is

100 episodes would be god tier and perfect

So what happened to its scanlation? I see last update was a year ago.

>First PV out, studio VOLN. Studio VOLN are the staff members from Madhouse that worked on HxH 2011. They left Madhouse and made Ushio to Tora with MAPPA in 2015. This project is VOLN only.
Nice. Very nisu

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Mappa didn't do a shit, they dumped all work on Voln last time.

They better not cut the best fight

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He ragequit after the US elections from 2016.

Really? Do you have a source?

There were various groups that ended quiting, we are still waiting for someone to take the mantle, maybe the anime can help with that, one can hope.

Nani the fuck?

I have seen the raw of this, but I really need the context.

Maybe it will get licensed. That was a joke, US publishers are completely incompetent.

To be fair, all Fujita series are pretty damn long, we got Black Museum The Ghost and The Lady because it was just two volumes, but after than we didn´t even got the other Black Museum volume.

If Ushio and Tora didn’t get a full adaption much less likely this will have one.

i hate being this faggot but pls try not to spoil stuff, keep it to what we have translated
your img is not a spoiler since we dont know who the old guy is or what is happening

It was Fujita himself who wanted to cut stuff though, so it would be easier to cover until the end of the series.

Maybe this time will be different.

I about it when show aired


Japan's nostalgia bomb is the best thing that's happened in a long time.

For some reason 'read' betwen 'I' and 'about' was erased

Where did you read about it, I'd love to read that as well.

I love these manga PVs. I wonder who makes them.

Today was a great day

I hate it when they upload key art officially in ant sizes.

Here, check the archives


Are we witnessing the return of MANime?

I won't be mad if they cut some of the Masaru parts

>It was Fujita himself who wanted to cut stuff though, so it would be easier to cover until the end of the series

>"Cut stuff so I can see Hakumen animated!"
>by the time we get to Hakumen the show is 99% stills

That's my fear with this adaption. In a perfect world Karakuri would get the 70~ episode adaption it deserves

Ushio and Tora was shit and 90% stills.

But nice and consistent and a lot better than most shit that comes out today.

Unfortunately, the whole Karakuri village arc in the final half of the series as well as the Princess arc are the most obvious "cut" candidates.

ushio and tora is very episodic. a lot of the arcs don't have any major lasting plot significance so can be cut out without causing complications anywhere else.

the same isn't as true for karakuri circus.

It's ironic how that scene is supposed to be impossible because sentient-level dolls are many times faster when they face enemies who use guns.

Even arcs that appear meaningless at first glance is kinda important because side-characters all play big roles in the final arc.

First 2 cours had a bit of animation, third one was painfully unanimated.

great news

I hope that the Sahara Arc gets good animation, these four deserve the best, even Dottore.

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Yeah, Fujita made a mistake there.

He also had Pantalone fight Narumi without the limiter for no reason at all, well, so Narumi would look stronger I guess.

Probably a 2019 anime

Yeah, the casting for Masaru´s voice ends in Juny, so it would be weird if airs before 2018 ends.

Also I hope that Narumi gets a cool voice too.

Dottore is faggot.

Fall 2018 seems like a stretch, it will only be possible for it to start then if they're fully committing to it as a long running show

A long running series would be great, bit I wouldn´t mind two or three seasons, there are lots of good arcs to end them.

I think that a good place to end a first season of 26 episodes would be Narumi against those puppets that were attacking the sick children at the special hospital.

But the PV hints a lot of content will be covered, so I assume they'll do it in one go. I certainly wouldn't mind if they did multiple seasons.

I was hoping for this after U&T

Me too, but I never actually expected it to happen, at last Fujita´s series are getting adaptations. If Karakuri actually success maybe we will get Moonlight Act and Souboutei must be destroyed.

Is moonlight act good?

Music is good, spoilers for a good 3/4 of the series in this PV though.

That location is visited exactly 1/2 through the series.

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Who is best girl?

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what's your verdict?


Im just happy that i dont need to wait for someone to end the manga tls

fuck that fag that droped the thing just because muh trump won fuck you world

Damn, I really like Pantalone´s design, it´s a pity that when the anime arrives people will most likely compare him Kuma from One Piece and say Fujita stole from Oda, it will happen sadly.

Does this manga have semon demons? Top quality girls?

A few, this lady is one of them.

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She's a fine one

>Twin Engine
Based Twin Engine.

Id this anime doesn't bring back the translation I don't know what will.

I meant if

This is no lady, it's an evil sex doll.

PV with animation when?

not anytime soon

In a few months

>another classic shounen manga without complete translations
This sucks.

Yep, the main girl even has her own figure.

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And other girl from the series has one too.

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New merch must be coming if the manga is getting new deluxe editions.

Ushio to Tora got nencoroids, I hope Karakuri ends having a couple too.

Well, I guess that only Narumi, Masaru and Shirogane will get one, but it would be nice if more characters got them.

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Doubutsu no Kuni anime when? Did Raiku piss off the Manga Mafia by suing Kodansha for losing his precious art?

We should get at least some nendos. I expect even more.

Not Kodansha, but Shogakukan.

For the PV? It's not conclusive of anything since it just lets us know that one track will be appropriately french. No voice actor or animation shown, I'm not the best judge of studios but if these are the U&T guys I expect a competent adaptation.

The spoilers are relatively light if you don't have any context, basically just showing characters in situations you can easily imagine them in given some time.

The worst part is I don't deny that Wan Piss fans are going to try and talk down about Fujita. It's not a dick measuring contest, Fujita and Oda are good writers, Fujita just has ended and made multiple acclaimed series while Oda has one big one under he belt.

I really like Doubutsu no Kuni, but I would rather have a new Gash Bell anime.

I'd rather have both Gash get a new not shit anime and Doubutsu getting an anime. Is Gash under Kodansha now or is it still a Shogakukan property?

wait this is by the guy who made ushio and tora? where have I been.


15:30~16:20 『からくりサーカス』スペシャルトークイベント

2015 Ushio To Tora anime
2019 Karakuri Circus anime
2023 Moonlight Act anime????

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