Flip Flap

Oshiyama launched a new animation production company.
He was the director of Flip Flappers.

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>He was the director of Flip Flappers.

What's wrong with 3Hz? It's doing fine so far.

Could be cool, but could also be doomed to churn out low budget LN adaptations.

Who doesn't do shitty LN adaptations these days?


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What's the name of his new company?


I wonder why he left 3hz.
It seemed like he had time and budget issues with flipflappers, hopefully he gets some other people in his company

He didn't leave. He worked for them as freelancer.

>when you flop so hard you get kicked out of a studio
He should've just gone to Ordet.

He wasn't kicked out of anywhere, he was a freelancer.


big if true

I'm guessing its because 3hz needed to sell out and not only work on original projects.

Kyoani. Oh wait...

>sell out
Dude, they are an animation studio. It's their job to animate what other people want them to animate.

i enjoyed it

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He was not a permanent employee of 3hz. Why do you not understand this?

He’s flip flopping companies because he flopped.

883 of which 80 are from Someanything fag are enough to fund new project?

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Blossom > Flip Flappers

I wish him luck. Flip Flap was great.

KyoAni does high budget LN adaptations. Learn the difference.

high budget shitty LN adaptions


I want to be glad but it feels like there's now more different anime studios than good animators.

>his trash show flops
>he gets kicked from the studio

Please, for your own sake, learn to read.

>studios spawning left and right
>still not enough animators

Remember what happened to Tensho's Bibury?

He's good but not really suited for seasoned TV shows.

A high budget turd.

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Oh, The End of FlipFlaps soon. I'll not shit on evafag directors anymore.

Those retarded studiofags on Sup Forums will never understand how the industry works.

Why didn't Flip Flappers hit?

No marketing, no merchandise, uninteresting synopsis. That said
It did exactly what it was supposed to be. Help Oshiyama establishing himself as a director, fill the portfolio of 3Hz and just be an arthouse project for the sake of it.

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Pretentious PoS anigarbage

the way they wrote the synopsis was hilariously bad. If I hadn't seen sakuga-fags getting excited about the animation previews I never would have given it a chance. Pretty glad I did though.

That's great. Hopefully he'll make something like episode 3 from flip flap. Imagine: Mad Max with cute girls.. YES please!

>"I can't comprehend anything that isn't shonenshit or cookie-cutter isekai garbage"