Anyone else notice a lot of missing galleries in exhentai...

Anyone else notice a lot of missing galleries in exhentai? I spend most of the day fapping and just search for the translated tag so I find most galleries as soon as they're uploaded. After fapping I go take a nap and when I get back sometimes the page gives me a pinning for the fjords error. I've seen this happening several times now. Can someone explain this?

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Just use n

You deserve it.

Stuff is removed cause of wani and fakku.

That's what you get for streaming your doujins like a shitter.

Newfag here, how are you supposed to consume doujins?

The site is run by a brony who likes to do weird shit and hide random galleries

It is a mystery.

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Pretty sure pining for the fjords just means it got moved to the real site, i.e. exhentai. You were likely just a pleb all this time and couldn't get past the panda so you stuck with e-hentai instead.

But he clearly mentioned exhentai.

It's the universe's way of punishing you for spending your life touching yourself

Use the favorites function. If you see something so good that you're going to check it again then favorite that stuff and if it gets deleted you still have the name of the doujin in your favorites so go download it/watch it on another website.

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But again, why?
Why favorite things when you can just download them? What is it with the modern generation and their refusal to keep things on their hard drives?

muh ratio

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It's refreshing how both of them are just normal posts within normal conversations on Sup Forums, and not intentional gets.

We have sources exclusively for the removed wani and fakku shit.

ps: Fuck Jewcob and Daizbaldman

Are you two gay lovers?

Unlike you, at least I have a lover.

Why do you have to be so mean?

Sorry, man. Can't contain my bantz.

I don't care man, I mostly fap to Tamagoro and all Tamagoro doujins are right there so I don't care much.

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