Anime adaptation announced, same author than KADO: the right answer.

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It's shit

This is like the third time just today I hear of an anime announcement. What the fuck is happening? Some kind of event?

>Happy Sugar Life
>Vinland Saga

It's just a good day I guess thrown 5 anime announcements out of the window, there isn't a thread for "pet" yet.

>same author than KADO: the right answer

AnimeJapan 2018 is in a few days which is where a shit ton of things aannounced but not sure why we're getting news so earlier when it doesnt start till the 22nd

>Kado's author
You know, despite the fact that Kado went to shit really, really fucking fast, I've still got hope for him to make something good. That second half was so jarring I can hardly believe the same guy wrote it.

>same author than KADO: the right answer

Fuck you times infinity. How anybody would think to hire this greasy turd once again is beyond me.

This is novel adaption and the novel already ended.
So why don't just spoiler it and see how it is.

>same author as KADO
We were due for another trainwreck. Let the fun begin.

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>Angry Kado fans still around.
It's time to let it go.

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I still believe in that Childhood's End vibe the first 4-5 episodes gave out.

ITT: people unaware that KADO's ending was a case of executive meddling and wasn't what Nozaki had originally written
Tsukai wasn't even in the original scenario.

People liked space jesus too much to let it go.

Dororo looks cool as fuck

>either wait 12 episodes for a dumb ending or a full 24
All Tsukai did was speed up the process

What? Really?

He didn't. His original script was rewritten by some literally who at the very last moment, apparently.

Yeah, she was the first forced rewrite, inserted after the story was done. Then came the second rewrite, which caused the trainwreck we know and hate.

Oh boy, here we go. The novels are apparently a mindfuck with some really screwed up characters.

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Got a general gist of what it is?

>Life is an illness
>Sleep is a painkiller
>Death is the most fundamental cure.

>Is suicide truly a sin? Do we commit a sin by allowing someone to kill themselves?

>The Suicide Act. Our story begins there.
It's a story about suicide, euthanasia and exploration of death in general. I was in Japan when the third volume had just come out and it seemed pretty popular.

Hoo boy, that's one topic that can very, very easily turn into shit if the author's not skillful enough to write it. Fingers crossed, I guess.

I'm more worried about how they'll adapt it. It's fundamentally a sci-fi/fantasy about death and transcendence and the novels are very highly rated (88% to 94% on Bookmeter), but they're supposedly also very grim, hard to stomach, and mindscrewy. I suspect the anime creators might try to "fix" them, so to speak.

Is this the correct work?バビロン-―女―-講談社タイガ-野崎-まど/dp/4062940027

Yes, it's the first novel.

Cool, I'll take a look at it when I've got the chance.

Don't forget the City Hunter movie.

Do we know the studio? Because if it's Toei again, then the project is doomed.