Well, Sup Forums, what exactly is wrong with this?

Well, Sup Forums, what exactly is wrong with this?

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It's boring.

It didn’t go on for another 60 episodes

What’s boring about Goku’s Bizarre Space Adventure?

The execution.

the proper question should be, what is not wrong with it since almost everything is wrong with it.

It's Disney Star Wars. It's high budget fan fiction.

Not enough Pan getting her buds succ'd

I've never seen any of Disney star wars movies but people keep telling me to go watch them. Are they are as bad as I think they are?

its not cannon

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GT = Goku Time

Not even meme-ing. This show treats their secondary characters like absolute shit.

Also power-scaling went completely off the rails after the Baby Saga.

Better than the prequels

Actually the black star dragon ball stuff was fun. Even the baby saga wasn't too bad. But everything else was a mess.

The first three arcs were rip-offs of previous DB stories

> Black Star DB arc = Beginning of Dragon Ball

> Baby arc = Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

> Super 17 = Fusion Reborn

Then Goku beats Omega Shenron the same way he beat Kid Buu

It's a non-canon fanfic.
Super on the other hand is the canon fanfic so kiddies will defend it all at costs

Non-existent fighting choreography besides PEW PEW PEW

As much as Super gets shit for ATATATATATATA, at least it also has proper fight sequences

GT isn't nearly as bad as Disney's Soy Wars.

Everyone not named Goku is a bitch in this. Trunks had to go SSJ to carry some rocks, Vegeta had to get SSJ4 artificially and Goku's kids are failures too.

GT had like literally ONLY 4 episodes of good animation

I guess they are the only episodes people remember

DB Kai > DB > DBZ > DBS >>>>> DBGT


Neither is Super.

they made Trunks a bitch, so weak

the color pallet was fucking depressing for a series that wanted to be og dragon ball

>Are they are as bad as I think they are?
No. The first one is basically a remake of Episode IV and Rey is boring, but The Last Jedi is unironically great unlike vocal theorists might tell you.
Needs more Finn and Poe being bros tho'

Funimation's handling of the dub. The sub not only has none of the problems mentioned but also is enjoyable in its own right. I still see it as a proper fitting end for Dragon Ball, even if it was flawed in some aspects. I finished the entire series last week and enjoy it more than when I was younger. It's not as awful as people like to make it out to be.

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Force awakens is a remake of Episode 4, it's ok and raises some story arcs and questions.

The last Jedi is what happens when everything that can go wrong goes wrong and then even what couldn't go wrong also goes wrong. SJW, Mary Poppins, Mary sue, sweety, capitalism is evil, amongst many other things consists of it's main plot along with a stupid chase that could be ended if you sent a few of you tens of star destroyers flanking the ships that are running out of fuel.

They tried to combine the best of db and z without understanding what made those work.