You're in school and this guy is gonna tutor your girlfriend

You're in school and this guy is gonna tutor your girlfriend.

What do you do?

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How bad is her head if she needs to be tutored through fucking high school.
Am I dating a mentally retarded woman ? It's time to reconsider this relationship.

Tell her to do her best!

Make him my girlfriend instead

I've never felt so threatened and I don't even have a gf irl.

Show him this

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Seduce the moeyuki

Those who fuck my gf
I must also fuck him in the ass

>not tutoring your girlfriend

Steal Mafuyu from him

>give him my girlfriend

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Sit in and flirt with him to unleash the Moeyuki.

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Turn his moe off.

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This. Guaranteed to be cuter too.

Get your moe on, Nariyuki!

you're save anyway because he's to fixated on his stipend to make a move

>/chem/ will never suggestively lean on you

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>tell him to be a moe

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I would kill him and rape all the girls

Tell Fumino that Nariyuki is being a manwhore again.

but your gf is Fumino


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dont you worry at all? They could spend a lot of time together alone

Which Fumino?

I'm fine even if he steal my girl desu. I just have to fuck his moe ass and make him mine.

black, dont you remember? You are worst

Thats fine by me, he can have my fumino.

Damn, looks like I've missed some pixels. Fixed.

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cuck, you will be the laughingstock of whole school, everyone will bully you and teachers will ignore you. You are damaged and will never succeed in life

i am sorry, what are the differences?

Are you the one who shop this? If so, I WANT TO THANK YOU user.

as long fumino and Yuiga is happy, i'll be fine user.

>The missing link between Manyuki and Moeyuki


What the fuck happened to these two. It's as if their personalities switched.

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Some white pixels on the edge of the left (her right) sock. Probably not visible if you don't have a dark background.

I did it on a whim, but maybe I'll shop some more. It's a damn shame Fumino doesn't wear thighhihgs, she would look amazing in them.

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I'll try to show this to author-san on twitter.

ask him to tutor me too

Moeyuki is actually black Fumino in Nariyuki body.

>after that didnt work and she saw what the situation was really like without being a bitch she decided to be a bro with Yuiga

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Welp I had a good run. I am glad I could at least have had a girlfriend.

Get this homo to dress in girl uniform

Ask him to tutor me instead

We all want it, user

She went from being Onodera of this series to Chitoge real quick

Run to the nearest teacher, and tell her all about it.

Is that Chitomino?

>body swapping romcom
That's kinda hot. Now when will we get time travel and despair.

>Yuiga swaps with Fumino
>he is now manlier than he was in his own body

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Thread theme:

>Yuiga fuck Fumino
>Their souls exchange
>they keep fucking but it does not reverse

Someone combine this with the thighhighs

Thank you for your work user. Can you please do this one?

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Please let her win

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Put a smile on her face please

She already is. Also I'll add thighhighs and ribbon later.

She smile only on her deathbed, do you still want that?

This one is not smiling tho

Well fuck...

Like this?

Gimmie a few minutes.

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Yup, thanks user. You're the best. Now if you excuse me, i'm gonna jerk off this precious.

i want to kill you

she is still not smiling

Make him wear my girlfriend's clothes and tutor him instead with my dick

you cant, you are stupid

You fags better vote for him on the polls

Thank God she has black hair, makes my life much easier.

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Nah, I vote for the dolphin

No u

Which is a better manga, Go Toubun or Bokuben? Don’t tell me to read both, I don’t want to waste time on trash manga.

Why she covering her body? There's nothing there.

Yuuna and fuck off

fuck off too

How about now?

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Read both

forced/fake smile, not genuine

Or now.

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Yuuna is trash and I am making you choose faggot

Go Toubun or Bokuben?

I prefer Bokuben, but both are good and worth reading.


Bokuben but both are great.

They're all shit

read both

When was the last time Blue Fumino wore her hair like Black Fumino, with it not tied up?

Maid uniform.

Explain what makes Bokuben superior to Go Toubun and if criterias are met, I will read Bokuben.

Fuck you, you two-timing worthless trash.

Find her a better tutor.

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stop replying to GoToubun bait

Quit shitting romcom threads up

Fuck off ninofag

Bokuben. Gotoubun has weird pacing issues, like pages or panels are missing. But they're really apples and oranges.

I want to protect his smile.

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Stop trying to make fanbases fight you goddamn retard

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Fool. In a world of civilized jungle society, there will always be the predator and the prey. Looks like to me you’re a beta prey wanting co-existence with your killer. Are you sure Bokuben is a superior manga?

And how about you just fuck off? Every fucking thread some retard has to pop up and start this Bokuben vs Go-Toubun shit. Go to Sup Forums or Sup Forums if you like fanbase wars that much.

Bokuben = Nintendo
Go Toubun = Sony
Yuuna = Microsoft

I want to rape Fumino by blackmailing her with her indecent relationship with boy. I started slow by molesting her to excite, i use toys too in school to further excite. Eventually, she succumb to my old ugly wrinkly veinous yet tough as diamond hotter than sun dick

This fag is a fucking ninofag.