Mob Psycho 100: Reigen

Dumping chapter 1

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>Mob defeated in one panel

>He won't even be a side character

Say this ain't true ONE

Thanks for the dump OP

>All this focus on Tome
First Chapter and already I like it
Also thanks for the dump OP

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>mob side story instead of continuing the OPM webcomic

I look forward to the develop of this.

Mob will still be there right?

Tome is perfect. She's like a dead fish.

I am sorry user.

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Is this going to be a comfy manga? Because I'm okay with that

oh no, did ONE run out of ideas?

Like a dead fish, she makes me feel so alive

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ONE wants to milk the wrong cashcow further.

Mob psycho is his real job though. OPM is just a hobby

Mob Pyscho 100 OVA - 01 [1080p]

I'm halfway and it's basically a recap, but the animation is gorgeous

Yeah I skipped through it look for the new parts, not a lot so I'm not gonna watch the entire thing

It's a one hour long advertisement for S2.

>Tome-chan is a main character now

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She'll only appear for 1 panel every few chapters or so because Reigen will forget to call her when something does turn up.


That Reigen ova/recap captures the essence of MP100 so well. It's really funny and heartwarming.

>MP100 S2 coming out before OPM S2

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I can see it happening already. Damnit ONE

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I'm mostly excited for the season 2 Mob threads

There will be an animated "Justifiable Self Defense Rush" in your life time.

Absolutely. I wasn't around for S1 and got into the series only a few months ago, so I'm glad to witness the S2 hype with all of you anons.

Remember, kids, always follow your dreams. If someone who draws like ONE can be a mangaka, anyone can be anything.

You have to take into consideration though how lucky ONE was to be found by Murata.

>Meet moeblob ayy lmaos
>Now chases after anime tropes in real life

Sasuga President.

the moral in his works are closer to "the journey is more important than the destination"

it wasn't a one in a millions thing. Murata only noticed OPM in the first place because people in his social circle, and other artists were kicking up a fuss about him. it's possible that some one else was willing to take up the project.

These two are gonna get along swimmingly. Looks like Serizawa will have to be serious for the thre of them.

>I wasn't around for S1 and got into the series only a few months ago
From what I remember most threads were just fujos and homos posting gay stuff.

BTFO lol

The threads were the comfiest and most fun.

That's why they were so great.

>Give up on childish things to grow
>In reality just learns to hide her powerlevel so she can go along with the normalfags then keep doing her weirdo stuff after school

Well, that IS a good way to grow up in a way.

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>Hear it's just a recap so I feel bummed, but watch it anyway
>They actually went and animated the original Mob/Reigen meeting
>But they still left the inner monologue and some key parts to still keep the real, real version a surprise.

Fucking brilliant, those sly dogs also went ahead and animated bits that they can reuse for S2.

That breakdown scene at the end was great too.

Mod Psycho manga without the mob psycho? No Fucking Thank You.

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Let's be serious for a moment, Mob is not really that engaging as a character.

Of course he's got his great emotional moments, and it's always a joy to see him explode, but most of the fun about his scenes come from having Reigen or Dimple next to him giving the actual entertainment. Even worse, now that he got character development he lost even his sheep-like charm and the slight entertainment value of his permanent deadpan.

weak ass pilot chapter.

Thanks for the dump, OP.

How long to do think this will be

Thanks m8.