Takagi-san got an anime

>Takagi-san got an anime
>Vinland Saga got an anime
>bunch of new stuff for Code Geass, Cardcaptor Sakura, FMP, LOGH
>fucking Citrus and Yuuna-san got anime
>even motherfucking popteamepic got an anime
>still no Kaguya anime
What the fuck Japan?

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they're waiting for Shaft to free up

I'm sure they will announce a Kaguya's anime in 2019 for Spring 2020.

On the bright side, no anime generally means considerably less shitposting

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet and Happy Sugar Life getting an anime before Kaguya is the most funny thing happens since Kaguya beat them both on NicoNico manga awards.

AnimeJapan 2018 in a few days

And Karakuri Circus.
inb4 Komi gets an anime before Kaguya

The threads are already full of garbage and reddit anyways, that ship sailed a long time ago.
I personally wouldn't mind a Komi anime before Kaguya regardless since their sales are close anyway

Kaguya will get an anime don't worry about that.

Author wants exclusively KyoAni, but KyoAni is busy until 2020

Spoilers when?

Five minutes


I want to rape Kaguya and Hayasaka as my right to plunder

His ass

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Wait happy sugar life is getting an anime? When was this announced?

god I hate both takagi and the faggot but I can't stop watching it (also read the manga as well)


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Its not on NicoNico 2017 manga awards list though


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I've never read Aka say this anywhere.
Also Kyoani would be a bad choice since they always ALWAYS fuck with their adaptions.
Personally I'd rather have Madhouse, especially with how well they did Chihayafuru and Ore Monogatari, or Dogakabo.

Why do you hate Takagi? Its a pretty comfy manga. Have you read the spinoff about mama Takagi and papa Nishikata taking care of their daughter?

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Wasn't there a poll few weeks ago with all the niche manga like Samidare,Dorohedoro,Punpun and the highest voted manga get an anime adaptation?

What happen to that?

there was one instance in the llatest episode I think where Takagi trolled the viewers by breaking the 4th wall and bamboozling us to think Nishikata was dead...

You have a choice between:

Spectacular high quality adaptation with fans of source crying angry tears:

Perfect in every aspect:

Perfect but cheap faithful adaptation:
JC Staff

Decent, but with minor issues weighting down great parts:
Kinema Citrus

Beutiful but not leaving an impression:
Liden films

Just fuck my shit up, headtilts:

NIce 1st episode and then goes to shit:

Perfectly faithful, but cheap:

Commercial flop:

Very fun but ugly:

Fun but even more ugly:

It could be worse:


It coudn't be worse:

Oh no wait:

Success but everyone hats it:

Trying to be decent but failing:

Earning billions:

Do you think there's a "reason" behind what's animated and what isn't? Kaguya is a popular series, it's not being shafted.

>another highschool setting anime
god fucking damnit. STOP

I'll take anyone who is faithful to the manga

>Perfectly faithful, but cheap:
Well Brainbase it is then.

Except Kaguya is a horror manga much to your faggoty discontent.

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fuck you buddy

They did D-Frag and did well, but their production values are horrible right now, especially as Durarara/Baccano staff left to form own studio

How about we let trigger animate Kaguya and be done with it

Trigger has no good directors

Komi and Kaguya 2020 lads, screencap this

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>not 4
I'm not even surprised, what sells better is always retarded edgelord cancer. At least I like lolicon shit, but damn, if that ends up being true that's a damn waste.

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Do you really want the threads swarmed by shitposters? Look at SnK and TG, the threads before either anime used to be calm with poeple simply talking about the plot of either manga but now there is nothing but shitposters, Houseki no Kuni is also heading this way sadly

Fucking this, but Bocchi also needs an anime.

I know, I wasn't supposed to quote you

Where's the IB anime

> Implying Kaguya isn't already like that
Back when Jag was still translating, we used to voice the same fears.
They've come true even without an anime.

Rape Kaguya till she pregnant with my child so that i can claim the money as regent by killing her immediately after childbirth

I need spoilers

why would you want something as horrible as that?

Aka is holding out on the rights until IB gets a continuation/reboot greenlit.

i read one volume of that just for the girls



Perfection at the price of the visuals:

Muhyo and Roji got an anime

>Komi and Kaguya 2020
It will be fall 2018 / winter 2019. Believe me

What, are they saving them for the Olympics?

At this point it can't be that they haven't noticed Kaguya. Something else must be happening. Maybe something akin to what happened with Biscuit Hammer.

>>Vinland Saga got an anime

Under what rock have you been sleeping?

I literally just woke up

>Vinland Saga got an anime

The problem with this series getting an anime is that we're at more than 100 chapters and still neither one has confessed. Yes, that's just the set up for comedy but animes are best when they end with some sort of resolution.

dishonest double standard manipulative cunts prioritizing domain and status over their own feelings are not popular in anime.

these don't consume anime and can't relate to this fiction world made for losers.
this is only one step back, we will see the anime one day.

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Bokuben as well, maybe earlier.

The mangaka did Instant Bullet and sometimes it really shows that his first major work was a grim, depressing battle royale.

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The threads are still pretty calm though, there is barely any shitposting and even the Kei chapters stopped being hated, the most we have is "X" is best girl/boy and no unrelenting shitposting

Yeah current threads are much better than the ones of a few months ago

aqua i swear to god if you're lying i'm taking all your booze away

It's "calm" but on the other hand there's literally nothing there. some retard posts spoilers on the first post, someone else dumps, then discussion peters out.
At this point, who even wants to care to shitpost if theres really nothing to talk about, and yes Im talking about the manga itself along with the threads. Something needs to happen to get Sup Forums as involved as it was before in kaguya threads

Damn these infernal adaptations for keeping me alive

Isn't Kaguya like actually pretty high up in manga sales in Japan?

>fuji and kaguya become an obvious lesbian ship
>shirogane is a background character until the last episode and marries kaguya which makes animeonlys pissed as fuck

It´s doing fine, over 2 million sold as far as i know. And it won a prize recently.

>And Karakuri Circus.
Fingers crossed we get someone to pick up the scanlations again.

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They are better that way. Having a nice discussion for the chapter is way better than forcing memes and waifu wars, which is sadly what is starting to happen with some Fujiwarafags and Antimikofags, who may or may mot be the same people.
The threads which reached bump limit in hours were just redditors hollering nonsense, and the rest parroting them.

>still no Kaguya anime
You say that like it's a bad thing. Fuck off, not everything needs an anime Kaguya is better off as a manga only.

At the very least a drama CD would be good. Just being able to imagine how their voices sound like do wonders for the reading experience.
On an unrelated note, dunno why but I feel that I'm going to hate Kaguya's opening should it get animated.

I find it hard to believe that you're genuinely this afraid of secondaries. How about you stop trying so hard to fit in and fuck off instead?

Why do you want an anime? Do you enjoy brain dead retards making it impossible to have a decent thread?

Afraid? Nigger I can just post spoilers in every thread and ruin it for them.

I think you are the problem then, not them.

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