Madhouse is going to absolutely trash her scene isn`t it

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which scene did they not trash?

lizard sex


ok, so 2 good scenes, against how many? how many scene does one episode have? 20? and we are what? 10 episodes in?

watching the season 1 with no sound, showed how bad was that one too, atleast the LN are good

Q: in vol 10 ainz let Fluder learn japanese.
How much did he fucked up if Fluder reads something that says this is a game?

Are you ready anons?
I barely can contain myself for such beautiful visage

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the NW is not a game anymore, and I don't think Yggdrasil was that selfaware to put that kind of info in it's flavor test
also he didn't him japanese, he only gave him the glasses which translate everything to the reader, and only to read once, one page
he left him to figure out a proper translation between whatever language they have and japanese
the good thing with that instant translations of the words is that they can understand each other, but it's a double edged sword. because of that they can't also never learn the language of the other since they can't never hear the other group speaking in their own language.
so the single solution is for something to learn the opposite language by reading alone
that's like taking a book from a language you have never heard before and trying to learn it, with no teacher
if fluder sucsed, and teaches ainz their language, then ainz can learn any spell of the NW. even more, if the new spells are intiutiv, and not only from a list of spells which some devs created, then with that information ainz could invent or discover his own spells, by combining everything he knows
for example I don't know if he can create winds, air, water or whatever, but he can use [Control Wheater] (or how ever it was called), and if he learns how that spell actually works, and not only casting it because there is a character sheet which says he can, he might backengineer it and learn new spells, like how to control different atoms with different compositions, and thus, different elements
and let's not forget he also knows summoning and transforming spells, if he would backengineer those, he could theoretically learn proper resurrection too, since transforming a death body into a Death Knight is basically a resurrection which alters the original

What kind of kusoge would have flavor text that would break your immersion by reminding you its a game?

Same kusoge that has PvP and yet allows wallet warroris wear 10 rings instead of just two if they pay shitloads of shekels.

like when they first entered nazarek
the darf or who sad they cant read whats beneath the statue, the only thing they could read was "2.0"

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off by 1


PVs out?


will we have the

Woah, slow down.
I don't think Ainz would go around creating new spells knowing that somewhere there is the spellbook WCI.
Besides that, there are already a lot of plot elements for it like unknown spells from the game, martial arts and wild magic. Also finding new uses to old spells is more interesting than suddenly generating asspulls.

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>finding new uses to old spells
isn't that what I was talking about tho?

>I don't think Ainz would go around creating new spells

can he create spells? or learn? and not just by clicking

I thought it implied creating something new. I mean stuff like infinite undead summon glitch and Chair abusing her summons.

Haven't yet read the LNs but is Jaldabaoth Demiurge's real identity or is it just some ruse he puts on that Ainz is aware of?

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We will never know, it's a part of 10000 years plan and layers upon layers upon layers of feints.

He got mindcontrolled againt by those faggots in the ST, every season they have to spice things up because it will be too boring.

Jaldabaoth real identity is Demiurge

So his Jal persona was part of his character creation when he was created?

he just made that up on the spot

Yes, his character background says he has multiple personalities. Jaldabaoth is a super evil one that wants to usurp Ainz

I am not talking about using hacks, here let me put it in a different way

casting spells to the NW might be like singing a song. to know a spell, you have to learn it, to learn a second spell, you have to learn it again
but to the yggdrasil players they simply had a list of songs which the game gave to them and casted the spells by a simple press of the button, without them actually knowing the song, they simply used a recording of the song to do it for them

ainz learning to sing his spells, would means that not only he has a wide range of songs to choose from and play, but also be a composer, making his own songs by combining what he learned, by combining rhythms, notes and such from different songs

overlord more like QUALITYlord


what's the deal with her youngest sister?

T-They just saving up the budget to the last 2 chapters.

This whole season was absolute dog shit and I hate everyone involved in it


she have no skin on her face

Unironically this.

What's so quality about it? Looks fine.

He would just believe Ainz is a god playing with the mortals of this realm for his amusement.
Just like greek gods pretty much played with humans.

>Lupusregina finally gets some scenes!
>She looks completely derpy

So that's why he killed Ainz in vol 13

delete this


Wait, let's get back on track. I was mentioning creative or completely unknown uses for known spells and it has nothing to do with composing spells.
I could see it happening, but I like my Ainz incompetent and just using metamagic.

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>The Book of The Dead
>Book of The Dead
Fluder has ancient egyptian fanfic, it's not racechange item.

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will best girl #GETS

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Speed Translation
Demi:Ainz-sama has given, I Demiurge, command of this situation!
Albedo:Yes, Guardians Mare and Shalltear, as well as all members of Pleiades excluding Narberal.
Albedo:Use the servants as much as you see fit.
Demi:Understood. I will definitely produce satisfactory results for Ainz-sama! Wait and See!
Demi:Next, Jaldabaoth
Demi:Ah, I'll be returning Shalltear.
Albedo:Use her~
Not gonna translate Ainz's version because he's doing the low voice again.

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Is this the first and only time Shizu is seen outside the tomb?

72 more

DUBS and overlord will get 3rd season.

>take 2 common used words
>used them as a title

best girl

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ainz get

Ok fags im gonna get those 9s

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At least have six tho

how does it feel to get a 9 while between 2 guys who tried the same?

not the nein i wanted tho

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>get is incest
Never change Sup Forums

Its not fair bros
fuck you

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Even the runes are different.
Give it up racechangefag, the strife was long and bloody, but you lost.

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I agree with book being mundane, but I would be disappointed if it had some boring result in the end. Do you doubt Ainz's unconscious hypercompetence?

>lizard sex
*smooth jazz starts playing*

friendly reminder than in one of the side stories, ainz get's transported in the NW alone, and the first one who he mets is evileye, and the place seems to be the country he destroyed

we could have countless ways of starting the same story if the author so wants

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best girl

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you get transported into the NW and the last 2 digits are your level 00 is level max how fucked are you?

sorry for the (you)


How many players have been transported into the game, before and after momon?

also, how far are the light novels from the ending of the history? or is the author milking it until he stops getting money?

Ainz should just make Pleaides the new all female team of Adventurers to explore lands and make contact with different nations and races. Im sure nothing bad will happen.

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perfectly safe

All Yggdrasil fluff is real in NW. Ancient Egyptian magic from Earth have same chances to work in the hands of NWer, who is not limited by rigid Yggdrasil mechanics like Players and NPC are, than regular Tiered or Divine magic. In fact NWers do have unique magic that didn't exist in a game. I wouldn't be surprised if Fluder indeed does advance his magic studies.

Was this the case with dwarven runes too, or I remember it wrong?

Well yeah, Ainz confirmed they're from Earth mythology.

>some faggot finds Crowley works left by one of the Players
So that's where missing kids go.

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>All Yggdrasil fluff is real in NW
So Shub-Niggurath is real too?

She probably is.

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lets see

It's not like there's much too trash, it's a shit scene for a shit character

That's great. I can live as an adventurer in low-profile and live my life while Nazarick crumbles under Ainz's autism.

what level is climb?

Madhouse, where's my nigga Lockmyer?

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>I can live as an adventurer in low-profile
If you are too weak, even a bear can kill you.

You saw nothing.
Right here

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I'm sorry, he got splatted so hard he died retroactively.

Yuri just needs to smack them on the head if they do something bad.

Isn't Gazeff around level 30? I can't see a bear killing me.

>Demi:Ah, I'll be returning Shalltear.
Such a bully

But what race?

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