Manga With Great Art

Lets have a threat about top tier art. Especially titles that aren't already known by everyone, like Vagabond, Berserk, Blame!, Oyasumi Punpun.

I just finished Takemitsu Zamurai, drawn by Taiyō Matsumoto who also made Ping Pong. His art is unconventional but very beautiful and expressive, also he has great panelling. It's clear that the man has a good understanding of motion and anatomy, allowing him to distance himself from conventional styles and really making his manga a unique experience.

I would love to hear about other manga that are pretty much must ready simply for their impressive/unique artwork.

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Dumping a few pages from Takemitsu Zamurai

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another example of great visual flow

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last one for now

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The obvious

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Murata's character art is more appealing than any background shot he's ever drawn.

Sometimes I feel like a talented and dedicated artist like Murata is wasted on a story like One Punch Man. Not that I don't like it, it's just that One's version is all you need for a fun gag manga. I would love to see what Murata could do with a story that has more to offer than OPM, both in terms of visuals and story.

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>he make's Sup Forums his image dump board because he can't talk about his dead manga

Btw I read that he would be doing manga version of Back to the future? If I remember correctly.

I really, really like the art in Blame! It's awesome how the visuals carry the story. I honestly don't understand why it isn't more popular.

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For a fairly obscure manga with zero mainstream appeal that is only carried by it's art and atmospere, Blame! actually gets a good amound of attention on Sup Forums. Sadly Nihei drastically changed his art mid Biomega and keeps recycling the same concepts (GBE, Gauna, semi-immortal MC).

I recently downloaded the Fixed Blacks version from Nyaa and having the entire manga in HD is absolutely worth it. Can't post anything though because of image size limits.

Because compared to other japanese manga that was running (Blade of the Immortal, Gunsmith Cats,YKK and Eden) on Afternoon!, the magazine that serialized BLAME!, had more coherent plot than blame. Of course it wouldn't take off.

Maybe if BLAME was on shonen magazine (not related to the weekly cancer jump) or fucking Young magazine it would have been famous.

Not really sure about what to think of a Back to the Future manga. He did some Neuromancer art back in the day and I'd love to see him do a adaptation of that book.

Who are you quoting?

Maybe it's good it didn't get very popular because that might have lead to Nihei dragging the story on for forever, which would probably have ruined it. Now the story is a tight package with no repetetive taste to it.

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Witch Hat Atelier is the most beautiful manga I've read. Shame it's getting less scanlation attention than other series and so is going really slowly.

Glad you posted something from it since I can't right now.

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KnH has the best art I've ever read, only Vagabond can contest this

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Kengan Ashua also has great arts.

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I like Boichi.

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Educate me. What is this and should I read it?

kokou no hito

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This was good while it lasted

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What is the best place for high quality scans? Reading something like Kokou no Hito in suboptimal quality would be a waste.

Shinichi Sakamoto is God.

great manga

user and i recommand it