Hunter x Hunter

Now that all of the cards on the table, Togashi will surely start to move his pieces. Right?

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>Muh planning
>Muh gathering of information
>Muh alliances
Outta my way strategists fucking shits.

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It took me like 5 minutes to notice the cammylicious and shitsoka


someone make chrollo linkin park AMV

Yeah. We've had set-up for more or less everyone. The only characters Togashi still could introduce are support casts for Hisoka, Leorio, and Mizaistorm, as well as the strongmen of the Shu and Sha mafias. None of those need their motivations explained.

>two days passed

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Beyond Hisoka when?

depends if the lions are hungry or not

Was Shalnark OP?

Did you just make this?

>all cards on the table
watch as togashi introduces 20+ new characters every few chapters just because he can't contain his autism

can't access it without nen. help

post the image

Theoretically if I'm a Manipulator, could I develop a hatsu that makes someone want to do something so badly that they'll willingly sacrifice all of their future nen and turn super powerful ala Gon-san in order to achieve it?

this one?

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You need 250 posts to become a Nen Master, 1000 to become a Calamity.

with an appropriately extreme restriction, yes

Looks cute but why do we need this?
I see some problams with this, namely that nen abilities, especially ones that sacrifice your fufure, come from your own willpower. Can you manipulate someone else into developing something like that?

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so we can have actual discussion instead of plebbit's karma whoring and Sup Forums waifufagging

They'd have to both be extremely susceptible to hypnosis/manipulation (like Pouf's scales) and have a great Nen potential, but most great Nen users have strong personalities in the first place. Most manipulators we see force their target to DO something, but it's harder to force someone to WANT it.


so it'll be boring?
to be fair, I can into wall of text in burger

Hm, yeah.

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I get we can have sexy NSFW chrollo?
I'm in

moshi moshi

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>will surely start to move his pieces. Right?
Forget it. 4 more introduction chapters coming in, 350+ new characters and then hiatus.

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hunter x hunter was a mistake

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I can't wait to meet the captain of the ship and his nen-using crew.

This. If you think there'll be a payoff before the next hiatus, you're dreaming.

2 more spiders will die before hiatus. Screencap this

Just like Halkenburg's guards, Gon is in a state of semi-awakening and can still use his aura, he just can't see it.

Not that it matters though, given this arc won't even be halfway done when Togashi kicks the bucket

I read that as
I leave this thread disappointed.

What happens if c*mmy killed herself?

so, does her power only gives others a hatsu or does it also make them able to use ten, zetsu etc?

I wonder if there are porn hunters in the HxH world. Hunters that search for exotic sexual positions and situations.

You should kill yourself desu senpai

What happens if c*mmy gets an abortion?

>developing hatsus to enhance sex
can't wait to test that with cammy

a matrix bug, leading to a black hole

Cammy is pro-life!

>brainlets face when Togashi introduced 30 new named characters in the next 2 chapters before going on hiatus

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kek oh that's what that was.


There’s definitely no shortage of homosexuals, trannies and pedophiles that’s for damn sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if porn hunters existed with all of the aforementioned sexual perversions that can be found in the world of hunter x hunter.

why haven't they gone to Space yet? I'm sure they could get a real good look at the DC, and the rest of the seemingly ridiculously large planet, from above.
The first Hunter to go to space ought to just get slapped with 3 stars immediately simply for just doing that.

We're on Day 4 Spee D

There's barely any homos, trannies, and pedophiles in HxH's world compared to the real world

Why didnt Hisoka clown Machi anyway? Is she that special to him or does he enjoy toying with her that much?

What happens if c*mmy dies from a botched abortion?

Would the cat kill the unborn child, or the doctor?

In-story logic: She stayed behind to honor his corpse and patch him up, also showed some concern for him so he probably found it hard to kill her then. If she wen't off with Shal and Kortopi I bet she would have died too.
Outside logic: Togashi needed a messenger.

well, assuming the cat attacks whoever caused her death, then it would suck off the doctor's life force. i dont think an uborn child's energy would be enough for revival

What happens if c*mmy dies from a firing squad?

>Outside logic: Togashi needed a messenger.
I think decapitating Kort on the shitter and staging Shal on a swing should've given the other spiders a hint as to what was going on even if no one went back to check if Hisoka was still a corpse afterward

Then the fucking cat is a fatasss

Technically yes, but first, you'll need to find people with Gon potential, and second, convince Togashi to let you do it.

she was not angry towards him
she was pissed he blocked her
now she's angry and he likes to see this in his opponent eyes

Yea, shalnark getting strung up like a puppet was an obvious signal to them.

There's obviously something Togashi wants to happen between mochi and hisoka. I don't really get it, since Illumi seems to have filles that hole now.

>originally a charismatic fighter chasing skilled fights and strong opponents
>now sneakly killing people in their sleep
Is it the worst character assassination in all shonen history?

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If you get someone like Gon, yes.

change in a character is not the death of the character

After a two year hiatus

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>hitting Oito

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>originally a charismatic fighter chasing skilled fights and strong opponents
>is seen killing random non-nen users for fun during the Hunter Exam
When are you people going to learn that it's not just the fights that he gets off on, it's completely breaking his opponent as well. Chrollo was a strong opponent, Hisoka tried to break him in a 1 on 1 fight but got his ass kicked, now he's going to break Chrollo down by killing off spiders before going for round 2. Hisoka is a sadist through and through.

Sauce? I've been waiting for these, where are Morena fanarts starting to surface?

stop posting that ugly edgy tranny

How come Hisocucks don't even understand their shit clown's character?

You are retarded.

>killing spiders 1 by 1
then why didn't he do it first? they often split and live their lives

Nobody is posting Cammy

cammy a best
morena a shit

Nipponese artists post to twitter earlier usually

You're making Cammy look bad by association, you do realize that, right? You dumb Cammy-poster


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But I don’t wanna go on hiatus Togashi......

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are spics invading hxh now

el hombre...

>exploding fists

Thanks lad, I've said it before but it's a shame Pixiv is becoming less populated at least for HxH, I know there's more content on Twitter but it's so hard to find anything on there, it's terrible for archival content or looking for something specific

Hunter X Hunter? More like Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter X Hunter

>Hisoka exclusively interested in shota asses throughout most of the series
>randomly asks an adult woman to stay the night out of nowhere
What did Togashi mean by this? That Machi is secretly a prepubescent boy?

this post will be underrated

Hey guys, shittier but still enthusiastic Vizanon here! (not og vizanon- the reread happy one)

Let's go!

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What did she mean by this