Darling in the Franxx

So if the kids can't become adults how come 02 was piloting with this suicidal chad adult in the first episode?

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Accelerated aging maybe?

1.acceralated aging
2. He was actually same age as Hiro but just fucking tall

Who said only kids can pilot the mechas? Might be a different situation on the front lines.

What did she mean by this?

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Why did that guy look like a Naruto character?


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The whole "don't get to become adults" thing can mean a lot of shit.
Maybe they have a short life/premature aging due to genetics.
Maybe they get progressively bad at piloting until they die on the field.
Maybe once they become relatively skilled they're sent to the front and never come back.
Maybe past a certain age when they're harder to control they're just retired and scrapped.

Holy shit, this is getting out of hand.
And it's still fucking monday

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Adults are a social class. You don't become an Adult by aging.

We still don’t know how many sexual partners had ridden in 02s ass before white-hair big guy, Hiro and Mitsuru.

Nana is in love with Hiro though

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That's what I'm thinking. Nana and the other dude who works with her and even Dr. Franxx are all clearly adults age-wise, but are distinctly different from the Adults living in the cities.

I haven't watched the last episode, but I'm glad it has given you something more to shitpost about.

>Nana touching 02 private parts

Lewd as fuck to learn

Fuck i just want the next episode already
This is annoying

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Sometimes I wish this show was picked up by netflix so that they would release it all in one batch.

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>Nana touching Hiro private parts

Lewd as fuck to learn

Haha no

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user, you wouldn't sell the entire industry to the devil to see Zero Tsu's smile a week earlier?

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>implying she will smile in episode 11

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>Zero Tsu's smile a week earlier?
Like this guy's

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>implying she would smile at all in the next 6 episodes

This. Adults might be even more than just a social class, like an entirely different subspecies. The medical device granny uses on Zorome doesn't even work on him until she uses "pet" mode, whatever that is supposed to mean. In any case we can say there are physiological differences between them.


Why not?

People pay a lot of attention to the pet mode and overlook how she just ouright told him that their bodies are different.

We're in for more suffering, user, and her whole drama can't be resolved in just 1-2 episodes.

>You know how your body and other things are a little different from ours?
What is that "other things" and notice how it's "their" body being different from "ours", they do think of them as beasts and/or aliens.

He's a big guy

For you.

What's the next step of his masterplan?

To appear again in the anime

Usurped APE

It doesn't have to be solved completely for her to smile. Darling didn't get in the Franxx at the end of episode 6.

>It doesn't have to be solved completely for her to smile
I hope you're right, user-kun

I genuinely wonder if the "Parasites are Bird Hybrids" idea is holding up.

>Parasites are Bird Hybrids
You mean Klaxo hybrid

The hell is a bird hybrid?

Piloting with 02 is succing his body's YBCs dry making him go grey and shit

P13 are a "hastily assembled test team" so a bit younger then usual parasite teams.

P26 have been operating for at least several years and don't look that young.

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over the fucking line

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P26 is truly the embodiment of APE philosophy

>All the same dead look
>Same FranXX
>Always the same tactics
>Take no risks
>All disillusioned with their chances of getting out of this alive
>Just trying to live another day without complaining


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It’s Adult Food, to Zorome it might as well be cocaine.

I hope Ikuno gets more screentime and will live long, happy life with a man or woman she loves!

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Real Otp

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>mfw Nana is getting more fanart than fucking Ikuno

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Is that a fucking midget in the end there?

Nope, she's sitting on a chair

Every squad gets a token Ichigo.

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There's some problem in the test tube

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So terrifying, so smol

I want to stick my dick in that

That's the first character of the spin-off, Katawa Pistils, she has her leg bandaged and moves with a crutch.

We know it already, Goro.

Are you ready for kiss of death in episode 12?

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I want Ikuno to feel lonely

what the fuck is his problem?

I think they're more likely going to play that vocal song that was in the PV and partially in episode 6.

Everyone knows shes going to "die" and the a miracle happens or she changes her mind and fucks over humanity because she didn't sacrifice her self.

You mean we are going to see another "O MY POWER OF LOVE"?

More like Hiro doesn't let her die and purposely fucks over humanity.

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Mentioning "pet" essentially provides more specific information about the differences and is as such more interesting even if not elucidating at this point. How exactly are they different that pet mode works? It's possibly a hint for something to come.

Are parasites supposed to be pets to the adults?
Do adults have some sort of actual pets which are physiologically similar to parasites (and as such to humans)?
Is "pet mode" just some more compatible setting for the device which works on a wider variety of lifeforms and as such also works on parasites, though its intention is for an owner to treat companion animals? It seems unlikely for them to have animals as pets when they worry about bacteria which Zorome brings in, so why does the device have a pet mode in the first place?

Their minds/mentality are certainly very different too. Parasites seem to act entirely like normal humans (given the conditions and propaganda they've been raised in) but the adults' way of thinking is almost alien and very far removed from current society.

I can see this happening

Yeah you know what that works. But who will they kill off?

Can someone dump all the drawfriend's drawings? This is insanely good holy.

>fucks over humanity
Papa's humanity isn't worth continuing anyways.

It's simple.
"Becoming an adult" is not related to their actual age but to their social standing. Basically due to their nature they will never be allowed into their society.

>not liking being stuck in virtual reality 24/7 and creating your own harem

If that's not worth it I don't know what is.

>you are not living your life correctly

I would gladly stay the fuck out from that kind of society

>"Let me go darling, at least I won't be a monster anymore."
>"Thank you for staying with me until the end. You are the best I could have hoped for."
>"We're getting out of here."
>"I am NOT letting you die for them! You belong to me!"

Someone of the Nines, I guess? Or maybe P13 starts a civil war? Or just random fodder?

DitF seems to shit on the idea of self sacrifice so I wouldn't expect 02 to sacrifice something of herself in order to progress.

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I think Hir02 might try to run away in episode 12. We have enough support as to why now and Hiro seems ready. Or maybe Zero Two will hijack Strelizia while they're pilot and try to run away with him.

They won't have enough fuel to survive

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02 will kill Hiro and soon get a taste of the forbidden strawberry.

She's done and bored with him.

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he's just a super chad teen with such high T that it makes him age 5x as fast

I didn't say they would succeed. The point is that Zero Two seems hopeless enough to try.

stap it i'm still at work

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Doc and 02 are planning to rebel when they reach Grand Crevasse. 02 hates it because she has to keep it secret from Dahlin effectively manipulating him.

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Too bad you need to be cute to survive the Oni, pure chadness doesn't cut it apparently.


But if that's the case the Grand Crevasse would have to be something more than a warzone. Her way of handling danger isn't being depressed like this, look at episode 5. This is more like episode 4 and the monster thing.

Ahoge fight!

>02 hates it because she has to keep it secret from Dahlin effectively manipulating him.
Well, if the whole mission is to bring 02 there to sacrifice her for i don't know what reason, of course she has to keep it secret from Hiro, he wouldn't let her do that

You need to activate dino motherly instincts if you want her to feed you honey aka yellow blood cells instead of consuming yours.

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Oh man.

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