ITT: Characters you will never forget until the day you die

Like Goku and Naruto even if you hate it

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Shinji, Elric brothers, Might Guy and Rock Lee, Okabe, Satou from NHK, and Rei. These are characters that I think about every now and then, and remember how interesting they were.

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>Yoshii Kazuho
>Yang Wenli

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Bunny (Usagi) because she was my first waifu when I watched the German dub of Sailor Moon


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Goku, Naruto, Luffy, ichigo, Edward Elric, okabe, Frieza, Guy, Bulma, Shinji

These guys immediatsly came to mind so i doubt i'll forget them anytime soon


This user gets it.

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Pretty much every shonen protagonist from Joe Yabuki to Naruto. We can bash shonenshit as much as we like but the protagonists are very memorable for some reason

This guy was badass.
I love how he just asked people if they want to join his religion of Jashin and he kills them anyway regardless of their answer.
I also like how he never actually died, he's still just buried somewhere.

this proud fucker

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Yagami Light
Sonic from OPM
Astro Figher Sunred
Kishin Asura

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The girl I most fap to

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Kirino and Kuroneko. In fact nekofags tombstones will say "I'm still mad"

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Pretty grim end, he might show up in 500 years or so when the worlds more modernised.

My main nigga Kyon. Also Zetsubou sensei.

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his death hit me in the feels alot harder then other deaths in Naruto

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The show had potential but sucked. Though this wacko I'll remember. And Shizuo and Izaya from Durarara

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These two. Just this whole show.

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Ill never forget the first that anime that made me cry

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>danger level: god

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but I don't even know his name.

That's not a bad idea actually.
Now that I'm thinking about it with that logic they could definitely write him into Boruto with zero problems.
I'd bust a nut if Hidan returned.


help me through shit yooo

Shinji and Gendo
Chtholly and Ren
Tomoyo Daidouji

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Aside from some of the ones already stated, Ash/Red and Pikachu are pretty burned into the global psyche at this point.

I will never forget about my goddess Aqua-sama.

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I wish I could meet her.

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Seriously Kumagawa is a perv with good taste

I'll meet her in hell when I die. So how could I ever forget her?

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I can't remember his name, but he was certainly a freak

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The one and only.

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Literally every Jojo is unforgettable

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she died for our sins

Johnston was your bland Heart of Gold protagonist. He was mostly interesting because he contrasted with Dio

She single handily ruined my incest fetish

Mitsuhashi is a treasure

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The multiple responses saying Naruto or Naruto characters kind of helps back the theory that a lot of haters ended up following it to the end and just didn't like what it became.


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>Misaki Yata (character that got me into watching anime)
>Tohka Yatogami (first and best waifu)
>Kurumi Tokisaki (introduced me to first and best waifu)
>Nagisa Furukwa and Ushio Okazaki (first characters whose story made me cry)

here ya go

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Main 4 of Hunter X Hunter plus Hisoka. They're really memorable.


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Warning, opening spoiler may induce a stroke due to sheer rage.

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El Hermano de Jiren

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Based Good Loser will always be remembered

Months of rape.

Plus Iggy

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Metal Cooler

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Pierce the sky and punch the stars

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I don't get the hit clone meme, how did that one start?

I'll never forget the day MD Geist saved anime

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never forget the dragon spooker

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