If you're scrolling and you happen to look into Itachi's eyes, you've been placed under Tsukoyomi...

If you're scrolling and you happen to look into Itachi's eyes, you've been placed under Tsukoyomi. The last bad thing that happened to you will keep on happening for 72 hours. How fucked are you?

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>getting motion sick for 72 hours

>waking up for 72 hours
Man, what a drag

>read OPs shit thread
Fuck me faggot, I’d rather kill myself.

>last bad thing
Being late to school?

Happening to me right now. Fuck my life I should really stop drinking milk

>I dropped like 4 Oreos
The utter horror

>getting kicked in the balls for 3 days straight

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my entire life

>reply to a thread as it gets archived for 72 hours
Could be worse i guess

>Feel groggy and bloated for 3 days


I stayed up too late and I'll end up being late for work tomorrow. I've been in this loop for the past 3 years though.

>have to go outside and talk to people
It's the same fucking shit.

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>living for three days straight

>Another three days of painful constipation
I'd rather not.

I dont need 3 more days of this fucking hangover

>get drunk
>get in a fight
>get punched by at least 3 people in the middle of a crowd
>friends pin me to the ground and chokes me
>I didn't throw a single punch at anybody

I was told they were packing heat but that doesn't excuse my shitty friends, and I've known them for more than a decade now.

Yeah dude, milk is actually rubbish, I dont know why people willingly drink that cowcum

>Last bad thing
I was quarantined in a room for a week. 72 hrs doesn't mean nothing as I just shitpost on my computer, pissed and washed off radiation in a bathroom, and ate sandwiches while watching TV.

Max comfy.

>back and hip pain

Haha jokes on you, this has been my daily life for years already

>taking a bad shit for 72 hours
fuck, it was bad enough for 10 minutes

>reading this thread for 72 hours

>Have a sore throat and cold for 72 hours
Prolly already going to happen honestly.

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>Taking a bad shit for 72 hours.
My sides. Don't worry I believe in you, in 72 hours you'll want to shit out the bad shit.

>was quarantined in a room for a week
What happened?

>stuck at work watching with just apehoop to watch for 8 hours because people don't realize that employees have lives to live outside work

At least there's a bar at work, also do I get 88 (40+32*1.5) hours of pay on my next check?

Nothing realy bad happened to me in the past 3 days, I guess I just got bored on the bus today

>get poked with a shar knife for 72 hours
Fuck me

Cancer and had to take some radiation treatment that lasted a week.

If you're scrolling and you happen to look into Itachi's hand, you've been placed under Super Tsukoyomi. The last bad thing that happened to you will keep on happening for 720 hours. How fucked are you?

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Narutards bringing the best threads to [a/.

shitskins detected

>if i drink milk and i dont brap it means i'm white
la criatura...

Damn, I hope you go back to being your healthy self, user.

look at those digits

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Nice digits

I buy socks at H&M for 3 days

based quads of recovery

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>72 hours of me dropping my phone screen down on the asphalt
Eh, I guess it's not that bad, giving that one time was more than enough to break it.

>72 hours of a migraine where they only way I could feel better was the wash of relief from throwing up again and again
kill me now lads

Damn user, that also happened to me.

>Shitting my insides out for 72 hours

I can't even remember the last time a legitimately bad thing happened to me that wasn't some petty shit I forgot in 5 minutes.

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My heating broke recently, guess I'll be cold for a while.

>Constipation for three days
Please help

>listening to that African ask me how to do the work in my English Comp class for 72 hours
Jesus. Half an hour was enough.

>Get fired on the spot with no warning for 72 hours?
Eh no need to rub it in

>planning my suicide only to back out at the last minute for 72 hours

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>getting shit luck in Weiss for 72 hours.
Guess I just won't play!

>got rejected by my crush
Hold me Sup Forums

don't do it user i love you

don't even remember the last bad thing that happened.

let's see... I was pretty constipated for a week and when the mega log finally came out the friction scratched my asshole (shit was pretty dry don't eat Chinese food for a week)
it hurt and I bleed a little pretty unpleasant.

I forgot to clock in at work oh no!

so i'll be either jobless for 3 days or i'm in the garage snapping screws

72h of fap. Not sure if that's a good thing.

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underagefag b&

Why is everyone ITT having bowel problems?

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do a backflip

>Catching up to the last chapter
Fuck me, Sup Forums, I won't survive this if it happens with every manga, anime and novel.
Couple it with some small sleep deprivation I've experienced yesterday and hangover...

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