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If you could only choose one to save, would you save the left or the right, Sup Forums?

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Just give me my Aho-sys. Either is fine.

I would save myself from watching this shit

Can we stop with the fucking general posting?
We just ended a thread last night. We don't need another one this soon.

>fucking a retard

This is a loli goddess.

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Absolutely disgusting.

reminder that my wife shino is best girl

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Your wife is literally a boy.

i disagree!
she is most definitely a girl!
and a cute one at that!

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Left has both best girl, and best Ahosys
But real answer is both, you pussy

Not anymore.


t. Digibro soyboy

>being this contrarian

factorverse is best gameverse

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>donut and kirito join moonlit black cats
>donut saves sachi
>love triangle between sachi, donut, and kirito
>if sachi chooses donut then kirito goes back to asuna
>if sachi chooses kirito then donut can take asuna

>whatever happens, (You) lose

Wait, what the fuck am I looking at?

If that were an actual thing, then that would be pretty fucking cool, though considering you already have a girl shoved at you from the start it sounds pretty impossible to get into a love triangle with Kirito

As much as I hate generals, we might as well get a few comfy threads in while we can. SAOA:GGO begins in like two or three weeks and I'm assuming Alicization comes in Summer or at the latest Fall.

So we will go from one fairly decent thread that maybe feels a bit general-y to 3-4 threads at all times full of garbage shitposting like every other remotely big-name franchise gets subjected to every time something from it is airing.

Let us have at least this while we can

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we will see when the 30th floor gets implemented

>Hating on SAO

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This but unironically, the less content we have, the comfier the threads are, and vice versa
Is this a game you’re talking about?

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Integral Factor, the latest SAO mobage, this time being a full fledged MMO that looks like something straight out of 2006.

7th floor comes in april with 1 floor per month so march of next year should be when the event where sachi and the black cats could possibly die in integral factor would happen.


So Hollow fragment comes to pc on friday, so I can finally get into the gameverse. Are there any beginner's tips that I should know about? Shit I should avoid/aim for?

jp players complained that the 5th floor was too hard so they nerfed it this update. but they also made floors 1 through 4 harder.

Best girl Kureha obviously

though if you didn't get the true end your a massive fag like Itsuki

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Oh boy, ain't that a blast from the past.

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Itsuki is Donutsexual though

>though if you didn't get the true end your a massive fag like Itsuki
I’m like 45 hours in and I haven’t even completed the cards quest
Grinding affection is hard

I want to complement Kureha nonstop on how cute her avatar looks and watch her squirm because it's really based on her sister's looks.

different skills in HF use different stats to calculate damage so pay attention to that when planning equipment sets. increasing weapon strength isnt always best when you use agility based sword skills etc. i think theres a way to auto equip items when certain skills are used but i cant remember. also clear a few aincrad floors before venturing into the hollow area. you get powerful really fast in hollow area and that can make the experience of the early aincrad floors less exciting.

What would happen if I cut off Kureha's side tail?

It would be extremely painful

most overrated character in SAO

If you want Philia group shenanigans finish The hollow area before advancing Aincrad
you'll be overleveled for most of the floors aswell

That's not Asuna

t. I can't like shows some anime elitist reviewer doesn't appreciate

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speed run aincrad several times without entering hollow area and get to New Game +++ where the enemies in aincrad become more difficult than the hollow area.
enjoy hollow fragment prepare to die edition

Get with the times, gramps
We love Asuna now

Fuck you
your not Sup Forums

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Your wife is shit and so are you.

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Says the DDLCfag

btw enemies in hollow fragment aincrad go up ten levels every time a new game plus is completed. a book in kiritos room can reduce all enemies by ten levels if you think its too hard but then you have to clear NG+ again to make it go back up. I'm not sure what the limit is on NG+ difficulty

Is HF better than HR?

in some aspects
HF has way more post game content
HR has a more advanced fighting system

>1 floor a month
Jesus Christ, that's slow
The game will be dead long before Floor 75

>talks about shit waifus
>posts monika

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I will remind them

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one of my disappointments with IF is that each floor is 3 areas instead of a large explorable HR style region with a labyrinth. You pretty much finish a floors main content in 15 minutes. They could have made at least a weeks worth of gameplay content per floor but nope.

>missed two whole threads because of sudden hayai

hopefully they speed it up because thats 8 years to floor 100
kawahara might finish progressive before them

Kureha's sister DLC when REEEEE

How much affection do I need with LLENN, Pitohui and the others?

How soft is Strea?

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For what?

Good end desu

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You only need Itsuki, Kureha, Aho, and Bazalt at 4 75% and the original SAO/Gameverse cast at 2. The alternative characters don't matter.

Don’t forget Zeliska, friend

>tfw no qt cake to snuggle with

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SAO: Alternative: GGO characters don’t need any Affinity for the True End. They are still fun though

>The giant [M] who had fully equipped and was holding his large gun, the M14 EBR, was like a robot from SF movies.
>‘It seems it would be fun if he’d let me ride on his shoulders.’
>LLENN thought, but left it unsaid.

Your breadwinner wife


Aho-Sys aka Barf-a-Sys aka Arf-a-Sys

Klein calls your AI friend Aho-Sys (pun on stupid) in Japanese and it was localized to Barf-a-sys in english

>Sup Forums is fine with SAO
Holy shit, where did all of these newfags come from?


Ecelebs hate SAO now so we're obligated to like it.

You're the only newfag here, retard

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To be young again.

Here’s your (You), newfriend

What the fuck are you talking about? Sup Forums hated it before celebs jumped on the hate train. Why can't you cancerous faggots stay in your DBS thread of fuck off back to whatever shithole you crawled out of?

Name the shows you like. I guarantee they are as bad as this one, boyo

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Posting superior version

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>stop liking what i don’t like!
Fucking cancer

I "save" Kureha by telling her me and her sister are going out. Then I save Zeliska.

It's not about the show, it's about the fanbase that these shows attract.

Like I said, newfag

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>doesn’t like the show
>doesn’t like the fanbase
>still posting in a thread about a show which he doesn’t like

>caring about the fanbase, not the show
pretty gay

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Seems about right

Is it gay to play as a girl

>play as female donut
>have joe, agil and M in your squad
pretty gay

>Not playing as a girl and being a dyke with Kureha while raising your adopted retard daughter

>bothering to change names when you save from google images

>bothering to breathe when you’re gonna die anyways

I would save this miracle of the universe

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Threesome with Premiere, Tia and Zero would be fun

I've been lurking sao threads for a little but still don't quite understand. Who the fuck is donut? MC of one of the games?

Not enough Lizbest in this thread

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Yes, she's the MC of SAO Fatal Bullet, the newest game released.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.

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I'm always surprised by how busty she actually is