Dagashi Kashi

Where in the world is Hotaru?

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Working in a brothel like that one doujin.


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She's coming back in the next episode.

She made an appearance in Takunomi. I assume she got lost.


That girl who likes candy


In the manga.

Which one

With me.

On my dick

Give her back.

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We know exactly where she is.

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Good, I'm getting sick of that old hag.

She's not that old.

Delete this please

I hope.

I raped and killed her, she cant have Coconut


Sugita best boy

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>all they are doing is spoonfeeding them


She was so cancerous from all those sweets that she needed a mastectomy and time to recover. Tune in next week for delicious flat Hotaru.

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She's probably younger than you.

>older than the "older girl" character

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didn't notice someone made the exact same post...

why can't I have a mommy gf

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Ahem, My First Errand (cough)


>old men for ribbons

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Yes, and

new ch up in Korean - wasabisyrup.com/archives/Ba31UBFK3UQ
Looks like it's time for everyone to start saying their goodbyes.


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Life sucks

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Earning ribbons to save her dad's company. Again.

it's over, Hotaru end fags btfo

You can't have nice things.



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Kinda looks like Coconuts might be leaving the town because his manga got picked up.

and what happens with Hotaru? is she going to go with him?

No idea, m8.


iirc, the last panel was posted in Japanese earlier (because it's also letting us know 3 chapter are left) and someone translated it as her saying goodbye. So it looks like everyone is going their separate ways.

How do you know it's Hotaru saying it?

She seems to be the only one talking at all on the last page.

poor Hotaru

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Dammit, this is gonna have an open ending. No one will win.

Bet a timeskip and then Hotaru is gonna win.

If Hotaru loses I'm gonna be fucking mad

Here's the panel and the translations of the text bubble and sidebar:

say wut?!

translations when?

On Wednesdays like usual.

and when is that?

I've seen the raw translations go up between 7-noon Pacific on Wednesdays.

The protagonist was checking out a candy store when suddenly a shadowy figure walked past her

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is this kid Hotaru or teenage Hotaru?

i never finished season 1 because every damn episode felt exactly the same

did they ever flesh out a story or is it still a candy ad?

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wide-mouth expression Hotaru is cute

So I do avoid Dagashi threads for the next year or something? Since the last chapter will be in 2.5 weeks.


Serious question. What is the appeal of this show? I tried the manga and show and it just didn't stick for me.

>Serious question.
Serious answer.
If entertainment doesn't appeal to you, stop trying to figure out why on a rational level. That's not how entertainment works you stupid autist.

Sucking my dagashi.


I don't care too much for the premise but the art style is comfy and I like the characters, their designs and their interactions with each other

>it's comfy
>it's endearing
>it's educational
>girls are cute

Fuck the shippers though.

Season 2 is much less candy add like after the first few eps. Hotaru doesn't look nearly as good though

That was so fucking good

Kokonotsu and Hotaru are pretty good together, though.

>tfw want to talk to bros about Dagashi but scared the last chapter will be spoiled

feels bad

Of course someone will.

>>older than the "older girl" character

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She's always cute

Is Coconuts looking at her like that?

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10/10 Doujin

That's Pochi's.

I can't read loli rape.

Pochi's aren't loli rape though.

>all they are doing is spoonfeeding them
yeah, those fags need to search for source already


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Cumdump where she belongs.

No, Coconuts. You don't have her.

Based best girl.

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Hotaru can't be with any other man. She is too devoted to her love of novelty snacks.

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He actually pretty much does.

Why do they all want his d?

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only Saya and possibly Hotaru want his D

Best girl wins!

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>implying Hotaru doesn't want his dagashi.

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She totally would do that high school kid ssu.

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