Tokyo ghoul :re 165

Spoilers out how will ishida ruin her?

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She's dead

I wish, she is too good for this manga

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The Dragon that the Clowns pulled out looks somewhat like Owl, so it could either be Eto, Karren since she had some of Eto's Kagune in her body when she died and her body basically vanished, or Hairu since there's the calendar art of her with a wing.
>She's dead
Doesn't matter anymore since there's probably going to be 7 major Dragons or revived characters, she's coming back to life if she's dead and if she isn't she'll be back soon.

If so I hope Touka kills her so Sup Forums collectively loses its shit


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wtf happened to her eye?

She's retarded.


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God I can't wait for the HQ scans. The usual shit messes with the art so much, but some of this does look like Togashi tier scribbling. Can't be helped when you have to draw 15-20 pages a week though consistently. He probably adopted a simpler art style so he didn't strain himself. Cochlea art was top tier, but there was only like 15 pages a week.

Is that el ghoul de tokyo?

>Kaneki talk on the rooftop
>Eto esque Kakuja mutation falling from the sky
>V agents swooping in to derail the situation just as soon as the situation looks peaceful, similar to how Aogiri swooped in when the Anteiku Raid was ending
>Clowns gathered up to have fun once again
>OG TG ended, TG anime followed, :re about to end, anime coming soon
>Volume 15 didn't come with a release date for Volume 16 of :re like the previous volumes typically had for upcoming volume releases
Yea, we're getting Part 3.

Me on the far right

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What are Touka and Nishiki fighting about?

Why is a fodder like Hirako able to hold off Kaiko dammit.

>Stated to be one of Arima's arms alongside Ui
>Casually blew apart Uta's head and hardly ever flinches at wounds
Yea, no.

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S level is fodder now thanks to the powercreep.

>"Hey man it's looking like the end of the world"
>"Wanna grab a beer and have an orgy with me and Kimi?"
>"Fuck off Nishiki!"

so is kaneki's natural immunity to the poison gonna be the cure for ghoulism because theoretically that should do the trick

>s level

those aren't power rankings, they were never power rankings

>Using ranks as a perimeter for power level
It doesn't work like that, this manga doesn't even have power levels to be honest. S tier ghouls hardly ever mattered. It's always been at least SS tier relevancy.

But you know what I mean.

Wasn't the poison created from the giant ghoul body of kaneki? If so isn't that the reason why he's immune?

Some translation for the text came out and
>Kaneki, Ayato, Talker, maybe Hide, Hinami, and the rest of Goat are going back underground to find a better cure for ROS/Ghoulism, led by Ayato
>Clowns overlooking the destruction show, Donato & Uta talk about sending "her" out to buy time for something
>V squares up with the CCG/Goat
>Presumably sent by the Clowns, a gigantic Dragon beast falls from the sky (Either Eto or Hairu since it's a female)
And that's where we land. I don't think Kaneki would be a proper cure for ghoulism anyway, they don't even understand his body or how it might react to other people.

>Going back underground
It took Ayato like, a fucking arc and a half to come back. Or approximately over 20 chapters, imagine if they somehow come across the Sunlit Garden while they're fucking around down here, that's like another 10 chapters. Part 3 is basically a guarantee at this rate. Still glad we might hit up the Garden though

Tsukiyama isn't fodder. Naki wasn't fodder. Kurona isn't fodder.

Uta was simply toying with Hirako in their fight.

>Either Eto
She's been long dead, when will you faggots give up?

The monster is obviously Rize, but Eto isn't confirmed dead.

Speedreader. See , why the fuck do you think Dragon exists? If she's dead she's getting revived. If not she's fucking off somewhere and will be back whenever. Her character arc wasn't even over and her supposed "death" was stupid anti climatic. She didn't even get a death monologue, you'd have to be brain dead to think she's gone for good when she drove the story so much.

well yeah and since he is they can create a serum or some shit from his blood to cure ros since it's just a poison so that should do also he should be able to eat normal food again unless the new organs get in the way

Hajime destroyed Tsukiyama. Powercreep boi.

She is not dead but the monster here is Rize obviously

>Obviously Rize
No? Why would they use Rize to stall time when it was basically Furuta's life goal to get his perfect waifu the way he wants her? For all we know she's still inside the egg or being taken off somewhere by him.

It literally can't be Rize for a couple reasons. Why would her mini dragon Kakuja thing resemble Eto's? Not only that but I'm sure she'd be something way bigger since her body was a central part of the main Dragon that was connected to Kaneki.

how is that powercreep? hajime is a perfected kaneki. he was don-kaneki level. the oggai all had rize's kagune.

>hello rize, my dragon

It's her. He's the magician controlling the dragon.

he doesn't care about having a waifu lmao. you get he's a le epic troll right? She is his weapon. The "final boss to make them piss their pants" he talked about.

it does not resemble Eto's. It has droopingg tentacles and, what looks like, 6 eyes (not one)

>"final boss to make them piss their pants"
Exactly. The final boss wouldn't be some underwhelming Eto ripoff to "stall time" for the Clowns enjoyment. And Furuta isn't even related to the Magician, that'd be Hide.


they are stalling for time for something to do with the poison. His goal is to turn everyone in tokyo into a ghoul.

Eto best girl
Talker fags can eat mah ass

Eto had 6 eye marks on the sides
That thing has 6 eyes on the sides
Eto had 4 horns
That thing has 4 ""tentacles""
If you cant see the similarities you are pretty blind
Also sending rize, the main organism there to stall time? That wouldnt make sense even for ishida

Someone made some good ass comparisons to her Kakuja in the other thread, I mean the thing literally fell from the sky as an intentional parallel. Not to mention the obvious horns and eyes on the head. There are no tentacles.

What horns droop downward?

>btw boobs the character is in the chapter guys plz no hate x))

Maybe it's Yoshimura ?

You’re sad, fujo-kun.

Nah best boy Urie's opinion would matter more than yours. And Urie says Mutsuki best girl.

You’re right about the anteiku raid parallel, but it’s completely irrational to believe it’s eto. Especially when dragon “birthed” rize just now, furuta says “hello my dragon” and then this monster appears when the clowns tell souta it’s time to use “her”.

If it’s not rize, you have to admit it’s a hell of a misdirection.

Is this the newest meme around here?


Itori this chapter

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And I think when they say “it had the opposite effect” they thought everyone would hide from the poison, not rush out and fight.

It’s still not clear to me if the clowns are working with V however. This might all be a ploy by the clowns to defeat V.

Now that I think about it, it’s probable. When uta congratulates furuta, he said “!o flattery. The washuu just haven’t started making their move yet”

Maybe furutas plan was to ally ghouls and the cog together to fight V

It cannot be Eto because logically Furuta shouldn't have his gay hands on Eto's corpse. Last time we saw her she was dying before Kaneki and his group so they probably took care of her somehow. Logically.

But then again this piece of shit and the hack faggot behind it doesn't follow any reason so it might as well be Eto for the shock value and the autistic roar of the thousands Etofags.

Man, anything is believable at this point. This is a giant mutation after all.

>I-its rize retards

How so

Why are those V grunts so damn useless? They never achieve anything and get cut down like nothing.

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Why don’t they just use gas masks?

Based Hirako

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So do regular CCG grunts with the guns. Then you have CCG investigators.

Maybe these are V’s grunts. The “special investigators” and kaiko seemed to be much more capable. When they chased Kaneki he said they were just as fast as Arima.

Rize is the source of the virus so it cannot be her. If it is indeed Eto this piece of shit will get so much worse.

>Its rize lads I swear!!!

>rize is the source of the virus

No, Kaneki is. Or specifically, the nucleus that was in furuta that Kaneki ate.

Kimi mentioned that only some of the kagune mobs have the virus in them and those only appear near one dragon bonfire. Connect the dots.

>only one other person besides Kaneki called “dragon”

>not them

Maybe it's hairu

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We haven’t seen furuta. Maybe it’s him? The reporter footage last chapter was a recording.

>I'll be back
Kaneki confirmed dead. That's the reddest flag of them all

Furuta is the omnipotent mastermind behind all this, it would be idiotic if it is him. As a reader you are able to see a lot more than the characters in the story.
We know Furuta managed to revive/revitalize Rize, the Goat characters have no idea about it.

Yeah, but they're not sending out Dragon. They're sending out "it".

There's dragons popping up in every ward of Tokyo so, who even knows anymore? It's a "she" though and is reminiscent of Eto so there's only really 3 candidates.
That plot point of Shuu forgetting all about her can be addressed, plus Eto did pump her full of her Kagune during the Rose arc.
Calendar illustration of a wing by her back which may be an obvious Ukaku hint, and Ui specifically wanted her to be revived, Furuta waving her head in the air, etc.
Body was left in the middle of the Cochlea and this thing has the horns and eyes, and fell from the sky to match.

Rize is in this chapter?

>"Send her (it) out"
Yea, it's not Rize. Uta even sounded hesitant when he said "after all, dragon is...". This thing is probably Eto.

Last page

Nah, the useless clown is.

You're all ignoring the fact that there are 9 oviducts. That means at least 9 dragons.

>useless clown
which one of them ?

Kanae had her role in the story, succeeded in what she had to do and is no longer needed.

It would make zero sense if the Goat group didn't help Eto somehow given the fact she risked her life for them plus it is Kaneki and he helped a lot of characters already.

It might be Hairu but it would open a new jar of worms because if it is the case it would imply that everybody can become a dragon/huge kakuja blob if they chose to do so which only several characters were able to do.

This being said even though the scans are trashy it appears that it is missing a head/has it cut so I'd say it is Roma on Rize steroids.


It will be fucking zombie Arima. Kaneki will have to fight him again.

They may take our lives, but they'll never take our fedora!

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Why would eto even help furuta and his clowns?

Sexual favors

What's going on with his eyes?

No you numbskull. Zombie Arima will be waiting for them underground as a guardian to the Sunlit Garden.

Guys, Liam here. Got the new text raws!!

Chapter 173 text raws:
>Flashback of Kaneki saving Eto back then in Cochlea.
>2 Weeks after the cochlea accident Eto says to Kaneki: "I will gather informations.. I'll be right back!"
>Eto visits the helter skelter is welcomed by Uta and Itori
>Uta: "And? Is this fool really doing this?"
>Eto: "Yeah, I played him and Arima like a card."
>Roma in the corner laughes her ass off.
>Eto takes her real mask which has the form of an ace.
>Eto: "Aogiri, Arima, Kaneki... everyone played out perfectly. Now we just need to wait and the fool will get cucked. Thanks to our brother furuta he belived that we were enemies. We even tricked him with the audio recorder thing."
>Eto smiling : "Now, my clown friends... lets have some fun and make everyone ghouls!"

Back to current state:
>The gigantic kakuja thing is ripping investigators left and right
>Eto comes out of it and instantly kills Hirako, Ui and Yusa
>She beheads their corpsers and hold them up while saying: "those 3 will be nice presents for my dear k-a-n-e-k-i-kun!"

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It's fucking Mutsuki I bet

What's going on?

Autism as always.

This actually sounds real for neo ishida, fuck you, please dont ruin her

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A Deconstruction.

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>Waifu and sidebitch sends you off
>Waifu's useless brother as companion
>I'll be back

Kaneki is fucking dead again isn't he.

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