You get to spend an entire day with a character in a city of your choosing

You'll also have as much money as you need.

Who will you chose and where will you take them?

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Will she be magically reassembled when the day is over?

I'd go to Nashville or New Orleans with Sawako Yamanaka.

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They will go back to their world.

C.C., Tokyo. That way I can knock out two birds with one stone

Kuzuma and raid Las Vegas.

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Venice with Misaka 10032. I bet she'll love it, even though she's speaking in third person the whole time. I choose Venice because it's smaller than a major city, but still a very important and memorable place. We'd go on a gondola ride, get some Italian cuisine, I'd buy a bottle of alcohol as we head back to our room, we'd drink and then be lewd. Plus, once it's all said and done, all of the other Misakas on the Misaka Net would gain the experiences, so it'd kinda be like giving thousands of girls a trip to Venice, but I only paid for one.

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Queenstown NZ with Chtholly, just a stones throw away from all that (surface) nature.

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Beyond the mountains

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Yang Wenli

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I'll take Takamori Aiko to anywhere we can walk and chill in a cafe

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I'd take my wife on a wonderful date to somewhere modern like New York or Tokyo, she's never seen a 21st century city.

>OP says any character
>Almost all answers are about their slut waifus.
>Well golly jee what could be gained by spending a day with someone like Spike , Maes Hughes, Archer, Saiyans, Fontana, etc...

Well at least you guys seem to chose interesting location and activities


anywhere she wants to go.

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That happens in one of the books (or is that what you're referring to).

Sup Forums just got better. What do you think would be over there, anyway?

Mine would be Juvia and we'd go to Melanesia and explore every tropical island and reef for hours and hours at a time, do things no diver ever could, and also have sex in a bubble surrounded by giant shoals of rainbow-colored fish and glittering sunbeams filtering through the water and huge sunfish and mantas circling around our shimmering sex-bubble of breathable air she'd make.

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>speed metal band death devil
>New orleans
no, just no

So, waifu thread?

>t. homosexual

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Well, the thread hasn't been completely lost to waifufags. Yang wenli and kazuma have been mentioned.

Vancouver. Day of the rake.

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It's a proven fact that Gay men have a more understanding and fulfilling relationships.

Not gay but I would like to meet kenshin. Though I don't know what kind of place he would enjoy.


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Only when compared to relationships with 3D women.

Just take him to a place where there's a lot of fun and exciting activities to do like an amusement park like Europa park or the N number of Disney and universal studios parks.

I think it would be a change for him to be surrounded by so many people having so much fun and happiness.