Choose your onahole.

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>both of these girls are supposed to be extremely short
>they look average japanese women height, or even taller in Hestia's case most of the time they're on screen


the best girl in danmachi i recall was loki

How can she have those shapely titties when she's so small? Is it because she's not human? Are those titties human are unable to achieve?

>supposed to be extremely short
>they look average japanese women height
Checks out.

the second one is even less tall, meaning she is like 130, but there's still grabbable boobies

Bestia. It's right there in her name.

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>Calling my wife Hestia an onahole

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They are supposed to be extremely short compared to even japanese women.
Something like 120 and 140cm, whereas japanese women are 158cm on average.


Both are shit, but Lili is a bit less shit.

>one wants nothing but to help nurture and protect
>the other is a reformed crook who shows love and loyalty for what has been given to and sacrificed for her
>both shit
Oh yea, so much worse than the other female characters in that show that exist as not much more than fapbait for the MC.

It's because she's a fucking cartoon, jesus christ man grow up

>>one wants nothing but to help nurture and protect
Was she ever nice to someone that she just met that wasn't Bell?

>camera being close to short girls means they aren't short
this guy

who cares about someone that isn't bell?

You, you little prick, their proportions being completely different than when they are put in context means they aren't short.
Hestia has a typical well endowed, grown up woman's proportion in 90% of her scenes.

>>one wants nothing but to help nurture and protect
Really, this is nothing when it's only about the guy she wants to fuck.

I want to destroy lili's cunny

110 and 140. But both girls are extremely well endowed and Bell is only 165 himself, so it's tough to fully grasp just how short they are.

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Thing is they still don't look their height.


So any ideas when's the next season is airing?


The smol one.

That has more to do with the camera. It's always zoomed in so Bell takes up most of the length of the screen, which makes him seems taller than he actually is. And by making him seem taller, everyone else seems taller.

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They're both smol

Hestia is goddess of shortstacks

>Second-worst girl and worst girl
I choose Loki.
And if she's not available Hephaestus.

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I love Hestia but the smaller the girl the bigger my dick gets.

no you are just retarded, its fiction she doesn't need to have the anatomy of an ugly crippled real life midget when she can have logic defying perfection anatomy despite being 4 feet tall instead

4 feet tall

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all the cute girls

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No, YOU can fuck off, there's difference between a good looking short girl (many studios can do it, involving lolis), and someone who is drawn with proportions that make her look like an average sized adult, which is the problem here, you fuck.
That's a 5 feet+ body there.

Then lets extend this assortment.

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>cute girls
>posts elf

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>Then lets extend this assortment.
I want to becema a cute female elf and rape another elf girl with my futa cock.
Or fuck this story needs an Orc/Goblin girl who would molest Elf girls.

Even Filvis is cute.

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But thats a boy

Did she always had boobs?

you are fucking autistic

>knowing at least a little bit about female body and proportions
>fucking autistic
As expected of a shitposter.

yes she just wears a mantle that covers her top usually

no you are genuinely autistic and its annoying how you derail the thread with your obsessions for how girls should look when they don't have to fit your criteria, in fact if it means so much to you why not learn how to draw and create your desired ideal instead of trying to force your opinion on other people?

What I like or don't like has nothing to do with calling a studio being incompetent and drawing small body type out on it.
Point is Hestia and Lili have normal woman proportions, and it's very out of character for them.

wrong, she is literally perfect

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Perfect or not was not the point.
She looks like an average teenager, when she is supposed to be shorter than an 8 years old.

>Has a tail and ears
>Does not have a tail and ears
Great continuity, JC.

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iirc the tails and ears are fake

Or maybe she just hides the tails and ears, it's one or the other, I can't remember which. I know she disguises herself though.


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you don't know what you're talking about so shut the fuck up
filthy Sup Forums crossboarder

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The ear and tails are magic to disguise her from the lads that she was involved with at first.

The studio making DanMachi is called J.C.Staff, you uncultured swine.

Hestia is bestia!

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>the doujin where they're plowed by minotaurs
I can't get it out of my head

But Loki is okie-dokie!

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>plowed by minotaurs
Didn't the boobs one rip a minotaur in half once?

I want to feel her chestia around my dick.

That's a dildo not a onahole.

No webms?

When I say camera, I mean whatever perspective we're seeing the show from. It obviously applys more to a 3d environment, but the same principal applies in that wherever the audience is watching from is the "camera" recording the show.

Right was a treacherous bitch who only reformed when she was out of options, so I choose left.

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It's hard to compete with the goddess of hearth

And virginity. That's the important part.


right, because she can transform into any of the girls.

Right is always right.


That's only an optical illusion.

Does that mean if the girl is so small that she doesn't exist, your dick is infinite size?

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But that's a boy

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Lili is a hobbit. She is not a human.
Halflings have always had the general proportions of a normal person, just shrunk down.

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Lili is a traitor who was willing to let Bell get killed for a few shekels after he had been nothing but generous towards her.
Hestia on the other hand is willing to do just about anything for the people she cares about.

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>Bell in a maid outfit

I want Bell to end up with Hestia just so Lefiya doesn't end up killing herself

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they are both level 6, they could snack minotaurs for breakfast

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How about Lefiya ends up with me?

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That tavern greenie likes Bell too ircc so Bell just pulls bare ass.

Don't worry, I'll be nice and tread that elf well.

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Yeah, that's exactly the kind of stuff I feared.

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I want to get naizuri from her and then finish in her navel.

Anybody know why manga scans fell off? It was finally catching up with the anime and now there hasn't been a chapter in months.

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She is boobs

>boob ribbon even with bikini

Speaking of onaholes, is it gay to buy a futanari onahole just to see what fucking a dick onahole feels like? It's the least way way I can think of trying it, alternative is to just buy a regular dick one.

It's not gay, but it sure as shit isn't normal either.

Fuck that cunt. I hope she dies.

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Eh, straight men like to stick stuff up their ass as well.

I make Freya my meat toilet.