Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Marriage with loli soon. Also, refrain from shitposting.

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>Marriage with loli soon.
Living the dream.

>marriage with loli
As if it matters in an anti-lolicon adaptation.


I still love hindrance-chan no matter what

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>Forget your fucking title
>Let's continue where we left in Hawaii and this time fuck me real hard
>Fuck off slut, you're a hindrance

Ryuuo is a fucking asshole. He doesn't deserve Ai and Ai.

>you get no loli service
>nope, nothing, but maybe some cute little scenes that nobody raises an eyebrow about
This series BTFO's the lolicons very fucking hard.

True lolicon service isn't obscene. The cute scenes are the fan service.

Unless you get lewd fanservice of someone else, because then the moralfaggotry ruins everything else, by gloryfing an older girl, while depicting lolis as unattractive little pet-things.

Best girl Ginko will take mistress position. Just believe.

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The only one Ai will remotely even allow as a mistress is the other Ai.

First Ai, and now Ginko. At least he is aware of it.

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All those jealous bitches.
Then again I hate that fucking faggot, he'd be better off paired with the trash on the far right

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Friendly reminder, do NOT take LRD's bait and be sure to ignore THK's shitpost.

Ginko a shit


>Eternal Queen isn't even pro player
>strongest female player in history is a hindrance amateur player
the absolute state of women


>LRD's bait
How is it bait?
Ginko got all fanservice.
Ai got big fat nothing.
It is a bad thing.

Wait for the Ais, they're just starting, they both will put to shame all those hags

I'm guessing they didn't do this part justice.

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Me under Gino-chans skirt!

You're guessing right.
Director doesn't care about Ai.

They haven't done justice to any part, they just want to shove ginko in your face, deal with it

Go to the middle east and shout that.
Come back when they listen to you.

I see I'm not the only one who noticed it.

Watch the show before shitposting please.

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>he's basically right
Buzz off Ginkofag.

Sorry I want to drink ginkotards' tears some more.

>That sounds like fake spoilers
>Now, I don't think Yaichi is that much of an asshole, I could have believed it until the preparing for a match part.
>This sounds and smells like really fake spoilers.
>implying Dragon would diss and treat his aneue like that
>Why are you lying on the internet?

>implying ginkofag
>implying you are right

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The moment i saw that face turn this way, fresh tears welled up in my eyes. A blindingly brilliant angel entered my shaking vision. I ran with all my might towards that angel. Ai too, came running this way. I hadn't run in so long so my legs would almost trip across themselves but still I ran, knees scraping upon the ground.

Pathetic as my figure may be, I embraced the grade school girl.

The people passing us by shot surprised looks our way but I couldn't give a damn how the world saw us. What mattered... what mattered most was in these arms.

"I'm so sorry Ai..."

Protecting Ai was just a convenient excuese. I was just trying to protect myself. I was just letting my insecurities get to me. I pushed my reason for losing all onto Ai.

Did they kiss?

Even better.

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They slept together.

I am right.
>oh yeah let's get this shit over with quicky too so we can focus on Ginko more
Just like always. Fucking Ginkofag director shows god damn hard.

>marriage without romance
How to spot a losing girl.

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Mann i hate this loli show

older Ai when??

You have the other thread. Stay there please.

I'm not sure I understand. He didn't really learn anything nor did he get better, so how is realizing he was an asshole and getting married to a loli supposed to close the gap between him and the Meijin after he was thoroughly btfo effortlessly?

Ginko a shit.
I'm glad she got BTFO hard, again.

>loli show
It isn't.

How can Unko even compete?

The power of not just love, loli love.

>How to spot a losing girl
Easy, just turn the camera from behind Yaichi

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>loli love
Wrong series.
It's a child's (gender doesn't matter) admiration.

Ahahahahahaha look at that trash can

She isn't the one who just had a marriage without romance.
She is on the other hand, the girl who gets all the fanservice, so her fans already won, while lolicons got fucked very hard.

I wish that were me

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Why are the seats so massive?
Have the artists never ridden a train?

Yes watch the episode you dumb fuck.

He kissed the fucking loli

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I'm too nervous to watch it. I probably will never watch it. I'll cry tears of joy, and I don't want to cry.

He's really deep into lolicon now. There's no going back.

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All the girls are great. You know what's the shit? IT'S THE MC. God, I know MC in a harem anime can be dense as fuck, but he's purely retarded. *watched cake's match* " Oh shit, I've been so wrong." *cried* Like everyone would forgive this nigga if they're irl. He'd be all alone with his stupid retarded shogi research shit. What a cunt.

Even if he's right about unable to help, sperging and taking it out on Ginko is an asshole move.

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I wish I had a yandere loli

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You are so gullible. No, he doesn't kiss her, not that kind of show.

Someone shop goat pupils in there.

Time for marriage

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Did anyone else laugh?

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Ginko was just trying too cheer him up... i hope he'd lose the title to Meiji

>that golden watch from Yaichi's father

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Let's take turns laughing at Unko!

It was much better in the LN. Everyone on the train thought they are going out.

No, was too angry at how much more the director cares about her emotions than Ai's.

Shitko deserved it for being a cunt to him all this time

>gets all the fanservice
Like the cheap slut she is.
>marriage without romance
Not even in her more remote dreams, let alone marriage with romance

>Everyone on the train thought they are going out.
Of course it wouldn't be even addressed in an anti-lolicon adaptation.

No. I felt so bad for Ginko. In the end, she's just a fragile girl who needs warmth.

Telling someone to just forget about the meaning of their life and have loveless sex with a person who treated them like garbage for years is not really gonna help. It would have literally been more helpful if she just shut her trap, gave him a hug and left.

>they sold out Yaichi so that they could have free accomodation of future shogi matches on the best inn in Japan
Fucking kek

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>you'll never eat Ginko's cooking

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post sexy shogi moms

>ywn be married to a loli
It's not fair

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Aside from regaining his loli that always supports him and gives him power, he has actually been studying pretty hard when the slut Unko interrupted him.

At least I won't be a faggot who doesn't actually feel any romantic feeling to said loli.

They also want Yaichi and Ai to breed a new superprodigy for the future.

Jokes on you. I already married my waifu.

You faggots are too fucking ridiculous
>h-he was mea-mean to muh loli
>what a fucking faggot!
>muh self insert is broken!!!!!!!!!!
And let's not even talk about this absolute retard whinning every thread about this show being anti lolicon and ginko being shoved down our faces depsite her having even less screen time than cake.

They should breed while young

She can't cook though. She burns water.

>the mc being an asshole is really killing my enjoyment of this show

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That was only ever implied.

She can't cook anything except burnt omelet anyway. Yaichi hated it before and she forced him to eat it. Meanwhile Ai has been preparing delicious bento for him every day with his favorite food even after he treated her harshly.

The irony is, Ginko is also right. Seeing Keika's little speech gave him the reality slap that he needed.

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Who in the name of everloving FUCK are you quoting?

>how dare anyone dislike how the anime focuses on Ginko and gives her all the fanservice, while it shits on loli?
Fuck off. It IS anti-lolicon, and I won't ever forgive it for that.

>She felt bad about it
Wow. That's the first time you admitted it. Congrats, Ginkohaters. Did that took every fiber in your being to state? She doesn't want him to get weaker at all, but doesn't want to be left behind either. That's the complex feeling she has. You're just twisting shit.
>Stop twisting my words
Irony af. It's not twisting when it's literally what you've been saying for weeks.
>So basically exactly what I wrote
Like how I wrote. Read it.
>stop twisting my words
No such thing. You're the one who needs to stop twisting shit because you're butthurt and want to sperg like as a hatertard.

It's LRD, mate. IGNORE him.

>only what I care about matters, nobody should dislike the show being an anti-lolicon piece of shit
No, YOU fuck off with your shitposting.

>can't cook anything except burnt omelet
[Citation needed]

Ginko a trash

>That's the first time you admitted it.
No, I was the one who wrote it the first time while arguing with you in the past.
>you've been saying for weeks
>one person
>You're the one who needs
You're the one who needs to shut up, learn nihongo and read the fucking novels before arguing retard.

Then drop it and move on to something you enjoy.

You will never be this lucky

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Stop bringing arguments from old threads. She's a fucking selfish cheap whore, nothing else.