Dragon Ball becomes subject of international incident

Embassy of Japan in Mexico sent a letter to a Mexican governor, asking him to suspend the public airing of Dragon Ball Super's last two episodes.

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That sounds dumb. If the Japanese government doesn't want Mexicans to watch it, then just forbid Japanese companies to offer the data to the Mexicans.
Why go to the trouble of trying to making Mexican governments forbid stuff they have no interest in?

>implying spics won't just download it with vpn

Why do Mexicans and african americans like Dragon Ball so much?

what can they even do, realistically?

quite right, you can't just go publicly screening shit without a license or at least discussing it with the licence holders.

Crunchy in deep shit


More like shonenshit in general.

But then what's the point of talking to the governor about it. They're already breaking the law.

>Why does everyone except 56%'ers like Dragon Ball so much?
FTFY. One of the threads during the night 130 was aired showed that a lot of Canadians and Yuros watch DBS. Makes sense since fucking leaves are known to be unhinged shitposters.

Probably greater pressures to be masculine. I mean, it's not like you have to be Einstein to follow what's happening in K-On or a highschool romance.

Based spics keeping dragon ball alive

DBZ isn't that popular in Europe tho


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can someone translate it?

Spics BTFO.

Basically they are asking not doing it illegally.
Asking for an agreement.

Translate it, Pedro.

That letter was from before the episode aired
Didn't stop shit

Why doesn’t Toei take advantage of the high demand and licenses the rights for a public airing?

They was told not to do this stupid shit.

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Shounenshit and DB are popular in general, and there's a trend of being a nerd these days, so they just watch what is more popular on jewtube, add to that it's more or less acceptable to watch two people fighting each other with pew pew lasers or some other magic shit, and you can figure it out easily.

it says ching chong in spanish

Leave Japón to me.

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Japan should be tried for crimes against humanity for allowing Super to be made in the first place.

Toei truly hates its fans. This is a time for good publicity and support.

>The call that saved mexico

Muito orgulho dos irmãos mexicanos! Continuem a jogar merda mole nos olhos da Toei, serviços de streaming e cia! Tem mais é que piratear mesmo pra deixar de ser otário.

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>implying that he's not the El Hermano of Forneverworld Blanco

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I'm not much of a Pedro, but it says that they know DBS eps are going to be broadcast in public spaces in Mexico without Toei's permission, and are urging the Mexicans to rigorously enforce their own laws in this matter, just like they do with drugs and sex trafficking (I added that part)

You guys do realize that Mexico proceeded to stream it publically everywhere anyway, right?

Are you kidding? DBZ is HUGE here.

"The Japanese government found that the episodes 130 and 130 of the Dragon Ball Super anime series, belonging to Toei Animation, will be exhibited on public places and squares without the copyright owner's authorization. Toei has expressed its concern on its official announcement attached to this letter."
"The Japanese government wants this issue to be addressed as soon as possible according to copyright law and the respective Mexican laws. If the exhibition is found to be illegal the Japanese government wants it to be stopped"-
"Based on the above, we'll wait for a quick answer by the authorities who want to exhibit this TV show so we're aware of the final decision".

And my name is Juan.

They actually achieved an agreement,so this is old news.

Will we have Mexico and Japan going to war over DBZ?


That's a different letter but dealing with the same shit.

Quick and shitty translation:
>Jap government understands that episodes #130 and #131 of Dragon Ball Super, whose copyright belong to a Jap company Toei Animation, will be shown publically in plazas and other public places without obtaining the required authorization from the copyright owner. Toei has explained their concerns in their official announcement, attached to this one.

>Jap goverment has an interest in having this matter dealt with in accordance with the copyright laws and it's regulations in Mexico. In case the exhibitions are to be done in an illegal manner, Jap government wants them suspended.

>Per the above, we await a quick response from the authorities who intend to exhibit this program, so that we may be notified of the final decision. Sincerely

>Yoshi Tacos

Also, for some reason they (Jap government) keep referring to themselves in the third person, so it sounds as weird to me as it does to you.

No this is just taking money away from people who work on the anime. you can't just give out shit like this. The Spics are out of hand and something need to be done about this.

>they (Jap government) keep referring to themselves in the third paerson
It's called "being kawaii", like the girls in my chinese cartoons

Obrigado irmão João dos Santos da uma delicia hue kkkkk

Mexican newspaper.

Why those retards at Toei don't just license the damn shit properly and finally get a damn agreement?

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so fake news then

>Taking money from people who work on the anime.
The animators are already dying and living in Korea.

oooohh, of course, I see it now!

Oh, so it's basically the same legal brouhaha as a Superb Owl party.

If people collected money here then this is a crime. If nothing was collected directly from it, then there's nothing they can do. You can do this shit in your home and they can't do anything.

does toei even get money from crunchyroll subscriptions? makes me wonder why are they throwing such a tantrum for such a big ad for the dbs spic dub

The face of dragon ball super threads spammers.

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Mexico now won't get anymore Dragon Ball video games movies manga anime and toys. Dragon Ball is done in Mexico.

Nothing like a good bribe to any Mexican in authority and throw this problem under the rug.

Authorities themselves and the fact that the stream already happened without problems.

You've got to have very low IQ to like this stuff.

They have to do this. Part of holding a trademark or copyright is actively defending it

Lmao what a fag

Just localize Heroes in Mexico. It’d so profitable.

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They'd like to but mexico just wants to pirate.

You can't let people get away with this. I hope toei rip them a new ass Hole.

No more dragon ball for Mexico.

Yes, but this has nothing to do with the trademark.

Nope, there's absolutely no requirement to defend anything to keep your copyright.

>Mexican authorities
top kek still fake news

Why are South Americans obsessed with such an outstandingly cheap and uninspired show?
Do they like Sailor Moon Crystal too?

Japan can eat a dick

Cause we didn't summit to the Moe menace, go watch your kawaii little girls or your trap shows.

Is Japan our enemies now?

You mean that Mexico will pirate even more Dragon Ball products to the sole detriment of Toei?

Dragon Ball has now become a global treasure. It should be public domain. Toei can't claim its right anymore.

Far as I know Sakura and Sailor moon are pretty popular on Brazil.

Japanes licenses are crazy expensive and Mexico can't afford it

>Asking for a TL that late in the thread
Well no wonder dragon ball shit threads have been popping like fucking mushrooms these past few years, the board's full of spics.

It's not about licensing, it's about regional governors in Mexico trying to use their IP for political campaigning. Why would Toei let that happen?

>Cause we didn't summit to the Moe menace
Lol check again retard.

Can we get Dragon Ball ban off of Sup Forums it needs a 3 or 4 Year cool down.

>And then LA declared war on Japan, who promptly lost as tens of thousands of hispanics flooded across the Japanese ports (Theyre really good as crossing large bodies of water)

fucking cancer really, both toei and spics

I'm just laughing at this shit . The problem with the dragon ball super threads and the spics spammers are coming to an end this weekend.

I might have some sympathy for Toei if they hadn’t been so cheap with their animation.

japan needs to build a wall to keep the mexicans from getting their stuff, a firewall if you will.

>subhuman spics are stealing shit again
Wow what a surprise

>Says the faggot that torrents anime bluray off nyaa

You buy all your anime and manga?

it appeals to low IQ brainlets and poorfags. Its not a coincidence that niggers and spics love a badly designed shounenshit like dbz super


This is from a PSG game last mont.

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>Toei truly hates its fans
Seriously they do. Aren't they one of the biggest offenders of getting youtube vids taken down?

Can you imagine going all the way here, only for that cliffhanger to happen?

what are they gonna do
send the yakuza to deal with the cartel? might as well do an OVA about it

why do spics have to ruin everything?

ITT:Wh*te hypocrits

What is wrong with enjoying DBS??

>With the power of the Dragon Balls, we managed to fulfill the wish of the Juarenzes' youths. Negociations between CR and Toei A. were successful. We have permission to stream Dragon Ball on the X (plaza). We are going well.

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i'd watch it

aw those kids look so happy

That's just normal diplomatic language so it's clear who's asking.

he is right though

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What's the smell like?

Literally everybody watched it in Germany

Question for the Spics, are you watching it dubbed or subbed?