tfw another site is dying
> tfw another site is dying
T-thanks gov

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I've never even heard of the site.

It's a site for anime ost and stuffs,been around since 2012-2013 sth

Is this Killing Bites?


I only used them a few times if I had to, because fuck and anything like it. High risk of malware.

>Otonomai down
>Now hikari no akari
Man that sucks.

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Well, I hope someone takes them and sets up torrents and shit.

I'm downloading everything that I can , thanks for the heads up.

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It was a private tracker and I had no user so I never used it for anything.
Still, it sucks.

Fucking hell, I'm on mobile internet this whole month.
Fuck me
Any alternatives beyond nyaa now?

A shame but that's what you get for hosting mainstream stuff like fucking GHIBLI and Final Fantasy stuff

Final Fantasy Shrine's forums. This page also has quite an extensive collection of OPs and EDs including hard to find stuff, but it's a little ghetto because they're not really proper releases:

Thanks mate

Imagine my disgust back when both and Nyaa Pantsu launched and one week later they had fucking Game of Thrones torrents.
Fortunately they eventually put them down.

my fucking eyes

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Literally who

good riddance
nobody needs cashwhore sites

>can't register
fuck you too

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Fucking Daiz

it's like they ask to get into trouble - just stay in your own nerdy parameters and nobody gonna give a fuck about your chinese fairy song remixes

I don't even know that site, but that just looks like his adfly account is being suspended. So he's closing the site because he can't cashgrab anymore for the stuff he stole?
Seems like he deserved it.

Why cant they rework a new site under the sadpanda mechanism?

Is it open source?

Never heard of it, I've always just used nipponsei or Jpopsuki for OST's, even bakabt has decent collections so never needed anywhere else.

That's pretty sad

A simple seedbox would be enough, this way we can gradually kick the phoneposters off the Internet.

Did he strike again?

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What was even the point of telling us if he was just gonna shut the site off early anyway?


this gif can be used to tell someone they're wrong

Im assuming this was the only place for DDLs of music? Do we not have a DDL alternative?

Crap this was the site i used to keep up with anime ost releases or related stuff in general what do people use anyway?


Fucking hell

Bad stuff right there. I used this site several to times to find stuff that you couldn't really find elsewhere. It'll be missed.

Damn. At least there's still music on private trackers, Nyaa, and Nipponsei, but I liked Hikarinoakariost for some odd reason. It would have the odd thing that nothing else would have on occasion.

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Reading that DMCA, it looks kinda fake. Now ive never seen a real one, but is the guy just doing this in an attempt to get money? Fucker even put a paypal link in the page.

How the fuck do you even download manga

Can anyone log in right now? Forum says it's in maintenance mode.

There's a chance, especially if they didn't reach the donation quota. It's not like it matters though. Only people who don't know how to find other resources pour their money into donations. As much as I liked the site, I'm not paying for it to stay up.
Not yet for me.

I mean the downloads are laced with adfly, you tell me.

This site had more music for vn games and idol groups.

"Laced", as in every single fucking one includes an adfly if the DDL has been up for longer than a day.

Even if he has DMCA's it looks like it's for the adfly affiliation links, not the website itself

Well the site was well designed and simple to use. That and the fact that it notifies you when new albums come out, is what made it so good. Does any other site even do this?

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How many times does this have to happen? Intellectual property is judicially, morally, economically, theoretically etc. wrong. Art shouldn't be made as a means of sustenance in the first place (that's how you get normie garbage anyway). People should VOLUNTARILY support the artist's work IF they like it. Fucking disgusting, gruesome retarded nigger faggots wrote the DMCA and will burn in hell (if there is one) in the hottest of fires. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ANGER

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Nyaa is an option but isnt formatted as well as their main page (altho u did have to deal with shitty ads)

Nyaa doesnt have game OSTs, which youd see on hikarinoakari from time to time.
Sadly, hes just holding the links ransom in an attempt to increase his revenue. Even if the DMCA is legit, its just his adfly thats fucked. Whatever DDLs are up still work, but until he feels hes made enough money, hes locked the site.

Bakabt should do something to have bigger allowance, I'm only allowed to mooch off 10gb anymore

Fuck off crossboarder.

Now is the time we need to come together. What are the alternatives available to us? Torrenting is always an option, yes, but theres a convenience to direct download links that cant be denied. We need to pool our efforts in an attempt to find places that have such links. Is anyome privy to other such sites?

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That's a real fucking bummer. is the only one that I can think of. All the other alternatives I had no longer exist.

Fuck, I liked this site not only for the anime OST but also because it always uploaded idol/games stuff quickly.

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Fuck, so many OST that were only uploaded there. so much music that was only in lossy format on nyaa, or was there but with no seeds. So many op/eds that would be uploaded to nyaa weeks late but would be on that site they day they're out. And it's all gone in just 72 hours?

Does this site have non-anime Japanese music like J-rock? There's still some stuff I lost from Otonomai which I can't track down because I'm not in any private tracker.

Its gone now technically. Owner blocked access to bait donations.

Yes, it also had japanese games OST, idols, seiyuu stuff, drama CDs, Vocaloid, etc. If you had a forum account you could even download stuff only available in chink secret clubs. It was a very convenient site.

So I'm going to download nothing even I visit the page now?

Fuck...I was interested in some vidya ost and drama cd...

Ive also found