Nadeko is balding

Nadeko is balding

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as expected of worst girl

God she's so cute.

She'll get her white hair back soon, right?

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What the heck is she wearing on her feet?

She has prosthetic feet after she cut them off during one of her psychotic episodes.

Bird looks best with the bobcut.
Fite me.

Why is Tsukihi dressed like a Super Robot protagonist?

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Seeing her happy was so nice, I wish I had good friends like Tsukihi and Kaiki

All i need is more birb in my life.

You've never had sweatpants with elastic footstraps before?

It's cute, why haven't I seen porn of this?

>Sodachi with short hair

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Mangaka Nadeko has a really nice butt. Imagine what it smells like after a long day of work.

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smells like snakes.

I am going to marry Tsukihi!

Short haircut is balding? Sometimes i want to execute very idiotic posters. Just kill them.

Nadeko is still top tier.
First girl in the series to rock short hair.

go back

Literally who?

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You didn't watch this show and only saved reaction gifs from tumblr? Like many others i guess.

I'm sorry but she's already married to me

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Oh, you mean that one annoying stupid cunt voiced also by a stupid cunt? Man was I so happy we they finally got rid of her for good, I must've subconsciously erased her from memory.

She's coming back now? Fuck me.

Bobcut is pretty good, but sex hair is even better. Long and straight from that single shot in Hana was also very nice

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Damn I guess I am too late then.
First come first serve, I can respect that.
Then we are just going to NTR you!

You're missing out best girl.

Imagine what she tastes like.

Pig Tail isn't really a pig tail, but I always love this image.

That is literally a perfect body. Flesh in all the right places.

Oh damn, you're right. For some reason I always thought that hairstyle was called pig tail. She would have pigtails in Musubimonogatari, but unfortunatly we didn't get an artwork of 19 year old Tsukihi. If unbraided counts as well, there's still pic related from the Tsukihi Phoenix manga.

I hope the manga's gonna give us some more hairstyles and loli Tsukihi in Nadeko's arc

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Now those are some cute pigtails. It's a shame to replace the one you have in the pig tail slot since that bun is so cute.
Bird is such a cutie.

Yeah, I love that bun hair style, fits her really well. I guess I could put the bun in the place of afro since that one is just a chibi anyways.

All birds are a wonder of the universe

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No the afro is funny. Her hair is just too cute to be properly contained on a chart.

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I wish i had hair to make different hairstyles.

Are you bald?
Long hair is fun to play with but being 3D ruins most fun hair styles, I can't do twintails or anything without looking stupid.


Meanwhile rrrgi has kneelenght hair. Curious.

How else are you gonna develop a character?

>voiced also by a stupid cunt
You have crossed the line, faggot.

Man short-haired Sodachi looked a lot cuter in her Vofan art. Also is Ougi not in this?

Probably pretty bad dude.

Zoku when

It'd be weird if the human girls didn't cut her hair after a full year. Most of them have long hair as adults though, at least the ones that were shown or described in musubi.

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Character design and animation style just gets worse and worse for this

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bigger version

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That's clearly just waifu2x user.

big tits

Poor Nadeko

Is Nadeko still a slut?
I loved her as a slut, has that time in her life passed?

where is this from? is ther a new season alread?


Good. Her outside should match her inner ugliness.

Yeah, I'm still butthurt that she's the only character that didn't have to face ANY consequences for her actions. And don't give me that "bu..but she couldn't see Koyomi anymore" That's not a consequence, she never gave a fuck about him in the first place, he was just a proxy.

The "moral" of her whole arc is so fucked up. And they act like it's a good thing. I just don't get it.

thanks friend, i was missing out

Are these names just going to get progressively longer as they go on?

Are they going to animate Tsukihi "teaming up" with everyone's favorite doll to fight a giant slug? I want to see Tsukihi brandishing a naginata...

She was only 14 years old. It was part of going through puberty.

No, the next is Orokamonogatari and then Wazamonogatari.

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what do hairstyles symbolize?

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Sasuga Nisio

No that's just from normal Owari, they already used those designs. Zokuowari hasn't aired yet.

Ah yes, I remember when I was going through puberty and obtained the powers of an ancient snake god. Then decided I was going to kill my friends and all of their friends, because I was bored and it would amuse me.

But man, I sure did get punished for that. I got a bunch of money given to me by some middle aged man, and used it to start working towards my dream.

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Crab is like the least fitting character for gothic lolita.

pretty good unprocessed reaction images user

Okubo snake when? He draws good crazy.

No Crab shower and underwear scene? Not...not that I wanted to fap to it, it's a huge deconstruction scene full of symbolism, I just wanted to admire it in manga form is all.

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Oh my... That's some deep and rich symbolism alright. Thank you.

She almost ruined her own life.
The point of the series is that the supernatural curses realize your darkest desires against your conscious will. Also, she was completely mentally unstable by that point, considering that she was hallucinating a snake god. That sort of person needs help, not punishment
Do you hate Kanbaru because the rainy devil was trying to assassinate Araragi? Because that was the fault of her actual desire. What about Hanekawa? Same thing.

damn bro

>>She almost ruined her own life.

Yeah, so didn't most the cast.

>>Do you hate Kanbaru because the rainy devil was trying to assassinate Araragi? Because that was the fault of her actual desire. What about Hanekawa? Same thing.

No, because those characters faced consequences for it. Also, it helps that their actions weren't fueled by such petty nonsense as "being born cute is hard". Additionally, they weren't wanting to kill people because they were bored.

Monkey a best.

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It's a mirror world. The real Nadeko doesn't get white hair.

She appears at the end.

Dumb mirror worlds, always ruining my dreams.

Where did you get these btw?

You ignored my point about her severe mental instability.
>Yeah, so didn't most the cast.
>Also, it helps that their actions weren't fueled by such petty nonsense as "being born cute is hard"
What about jealousy, loneliness, lack of self-confidence? She has lived her whole life under the facade of, yes, being cute, but also reserved, meek, and obedient, when she really just wants to tell her classmates off for being pussies. But she can't because she's someone that has no idea how to assert herself: she locks her manga in a closet as if it's some horrible, dark secret, when it's just an ordinary aspiration.
>No, because those characters faced consequences for it.
Living as a snake god cut off from society as isolation turns you even more delusional and broken than you were before is not fun. She might have looked like she was having fun. But as Hanekawa pointed out, just because she thinks/says she's happy, doesn't mean that she's happy. I don't know what "consequences" would be sufficient by your standards. She was suffering enough well before she turned into a god, and probably a decent amount during it.
>they weren't wanting to kill people because they were bored.
Where are you pulling this "she wanted to kill people because she was bored" idea from? Even on a surface level, it's clear that she wants to kill out of frustration and jealousy. Kanbaru also wanted to kill Araragi out of frustration and jealousy.
Though honestly, boredom wouldn't even be that crazy of a reason. She was basically doing absolutely nothing for 6 months straight (And even when Kaiki started visiting, it was only once per week). No social interaction, nothing to do or play with other than snakes from her own hair, so much so that learning about cat's cradle blew her mind. She was just sitting in that shrine letting her mind rot away in idleness. That level of boredom can screw you up.

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