Older women are the greatest thing in the universe, prove me wrong Sup Forums

Older women are the greatest thing in the universe, prove me wrong Sup Forums
pro tip: you still cant

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Only 2D

I have tried very hard, but I cannot think of a single thing wrong with that statement.

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No shit

Tall Girl/Short Guy is the best.

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It's odd why you tried in the first place.

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Damn right they are

>mfw im older than most cakes now

>183cm tall

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Taller than me

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Only 2d tho.

>older women
So, like 25 year olds?


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I'm 28, these are women in my acceptable dating range.

Especially when they're paired with shotas.

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otaku laughs at you

>eating filthy rotten steak instead of a juicy fresh one
Old hag fags, everybody. Disgusting.

Yes, as long as they have loli bodies of course.

Can't pat them on the head without consequences.

I am pleased by this sudden influx of good taste on this board.

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>wanting bonedry used up and desperate old hag

I would let Ozen molest me

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What does it mean if I'm older than these older women?

that your a pedo

Mommies are patrician taste but it's better when they're smug few hundred years old with prime age body like these ladies in pic related.

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>show introduces ara~ara~ old lady character
>she's younger than you
>by almost a decade

You're not a shota so Ozen has no interest in you.

I hope we find out in R3 why C.C desires pizza so much.

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Enjoy it while you're young, once you hit 30 the "older women" thing goes to shit really fast.

Japan has notoriously bad taste.

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i will spend thousands trying to make myself a cute little boy again if Ozen would molest me

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My dick is the size of a shotas.

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You fucking crybabies need to lighten up.
>But I'm 34 and these 26 year old girls aren't older than me
She's not real, just fap to the archetype. I mean, if you're already inserting yourself into the scenario, what does it matter if you're not actually a shota?

You aren't Japanese either

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I want an Elsa

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