Left or right?

Left or right?

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Freeza mah nigga

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17 because Goten finally gets to be train away from his mom, thanks to him.

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How powerful will the ankle biters be after an hour of training on #17's fantastic island?

>outlasted jobhan and jobgeta
The Absolute STATE of Soya-jins.


Right because I liked 17 and 18 character designs and the androids in general

Right, but only if he ditches the black hair and goes back to his natural blonde.


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he's fucking ded jim

Didn't follow Super, I only saw parts of some episodes.

Is Goku blanco real now?

Yes, pablo was right.

Death is relevant in Dragon Ball.

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>powerful but chaotic
>evil at heart
>selfish and prone to be an oppressor
>90% chance will betray you
>probably gay

>promotes family values and hard work
>wants to save the planet and all living beings on it
>puts others over self
>do not care about material things unless they give experiences and good memories
>was evil but not is good
>white straight male

never go left user


Why not both?

por que no los dos?

they will both reach ssj god
screen cap this post

>meanwhile, in the manga, Goku will just ring out Jiren and none of this filler crap will ever happen

>tfw you live long enough to see Frieza and Android 17 fight together
I'd laugh my ass off if someone told me that this shit is gonna happen 5 years ago.
I don't know how I feel right now.

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Many things in Super are kinda fucked up. Makes me actually want to watch it.

DUDE EVIL GOKU was a staple of any fan fiction since forever