New anime cast and characters for "Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS" to debut in April. The new ending theme “BOY” will be performed by uchuu

Haru - (CV: Ryoko Shiraishi)

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Soulburner - (CV: Yuuki Kaiji)

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Flame - (CV: Taku Yashiro)

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Bowman - (CV: Kenji Matsuda)

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and new soul fusion

pic related is new shonen jump promo

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I hope he plays Fusion to be a blatant Sora reference

They shouldn't even try to hide it!

thats a dude?

she's ugly as fuck

Summary calls Haru "a mysterious boy."
We know how it goes thanks to Vector and Sora.

is this a boy or a girl?

It's a shota. Kinda reminds me of Yuya's mom design wise though, which is weird.

He gives me Tron vibes

His hair looks like a bird

And Bakura and Lucianno and Martin. there was Rei though.

Haru (Spring)
A mysterious boy who works with Bowman for an unknown purpose. Maybe he's holding the key to a new story?!

Although his expression is rich and cheerful, appearently it might vary..!

Is this Animu Xavier?

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His VA is 46, Specter's VA is 35, but this would be stretching it pretty far if he's one of the people from the lost incident.

Hi Haru
Hi Bowman

Aoi, Go, Akira and Ghost Girl will be your fodder since you and Soulburner make them irrelevant now

new girl when?

Sora 2.0 confirmed maybe with a dash of III

Revolver is the best!

gay and not in the good way

So this guy will be Yusaku's new rival now that Revolver will go all dere, right?

love interest

you mean like baira?


I'm wondering the same thing
Looks like that, why do they have to make shotas so cute?

They all have the same eye colour ?

Vrains's version of the vetrix family?

no girls allowed again

So is this his regular, non-Link Vrains avatar look? Or is that a mystery for now?

Maybe not Homura, but Bowman ad Haru seem related. Other than eyes, they both have similar design elements too, with that hair color and four pointed star thing.

I doubt he'll wear that cyber skin outside of VRAINS

Yeah, I guess that makes more sense.

>Play Maker
>Soul Burner
I'll be disappointed if the next one isn't Dick Grower

He's a backstabber maybe?

This better be headed to where I think it's headed.

If he is the Sora of Vrains then yeah

I hope we get more insane shota faces

Grass smoker

With a name like Soul Fusion, I have expectations.

Ah, so his Irl form has glasses.

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>BA haters desperate because they know no new girl means BA is getting the blue AI

You better give up already.

Soul burner better be using Fusions or I'm going to be disappointed.

I want him to be an asshole so bad.

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>silver haired guy has glasses
Durbe just keeps coming back.

>you need a girl for the blue ai
try again, aoifag
just wait and watch till hotdog bro's bro get it instead

speaking of asspulls
>aoi's mother wears a white jacket with a thick trim like hanoi and kitamura
>died in a car crash 10 years ago same time the lost incident started supposedly
I wonder if she was a SOL scientist who had objections to the AI experiment.

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I want him to annoy Yusaku in the real world, and then join Aoi's club so that forces Yusaku to interact with them to keep an eye on him.

I don't.

Naoki is gonna be all over this guy. fujobait all around.

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So now that it's almost confirmed that we are getting other summoning methods, who of the gang do you think is going to use xyz/fusion/synchro/pendulum? Rituals seem to be yusaku's

She will never be relevant again.

Dude's avatar looks like a god damn buddy fight character.

What happened to revolver? If he's gone I'm dropping vrains

we're going on episode 7 out of at least 9 episodes with focus on him, we're gonna burn out.

He's one of the only few entertaining characters in Vrains. He also did nothing wrong.

I'm more concerned with how they shafted Akira.

With his VA, I knew this guy is gonna be annoying af but damn his design is so cute.

Finally, s.o with a good taste in designing his avatar.

Soulburner's design really put PM's to shame.

Akira will be SOL relevance.
You should be warry of Aoi.

tell that to the cage.

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>Sora 2.0

Is it time to pick up Vrains now?

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I like his design.
I wonder how he'd act with AI

This. Aoi's status as a proper character was effectively murdered. Expect a cameo and cheerleading from now on.

He looks like that type of character that constantly pushes his glasses up followed by some pretentious sounding common knowledge comment

Why are Aoi and Go now irrelevant? Just because of new character?

You mean what has essentially being hot dog bro's role since episode 1? Also Akira.

Why? Reason?

Why are you taking shitposters seriously?

Don‘t mind them. They just hate Aoi and want her being irrelevant

Odds on any of them being a chess piece? Because there is going to be a lot of characters if they're not.

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0 IMO. They are more likely some kind of Tokusetai ranger team that'll have a role similar to the Tron family.
Chess piece will be Gozaburo-like corporate guys.

I bet they work for the chess pieces, and they are like mercenaries hired to get rid of playmaker

Yeah i can see something like this. Soulburner will talk about justice a thousand time and will understand that Playmaker is actually a good person and will oppose his sentai team. Bowman will stay "evil" and will continue to fight, while shotaranger will hesitate.

At the moment he ended his everlasting turn, i knew what i had to do. My body acted on itself, and as i didn't even had the time to think, I stuck two of my finger together and stared at him with menacing eyes while pressing down my affor-mentionned fingers on the top of my Deck. This action of drawing felt like a symbol of destiny, a sign of the gods.
As i flipped the card i drew thanks to my swift yet intelligible movement, i saw it.
It was really it, in all of its glowing and reflective majesty !
My secret shining power, my ultimate hope-ending trap !
My brutal and perfect weapon of massive destruction:
Mirror Force.
At the very moment i saw its glory through the Mirror Force-shaped mask of my avatar's eyes, it was like if time stopped...
The synapse of my brain reacted and sended thousand of very small but precise and calculated messages to every fiber of my very being.
These minuscules impulses awakened me.
I was alive, again.
I felt my head, my eyes, my mouth, my torso and all my limbs revigorated. Every single one of my fingers and appendices were filled with a new electric-like feel, No, every single one of my cells, every single one of my atoms felt like unique thinking entities connected together, LINKED together.
I was one with myself.
One with my cards
One with the world.
Everything was finally co-linked.

Finally... I had transcended human intellect itself.

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Have you watched other Yu-Gi-Oh shows? If 1st season characters end the season being irrelevant they have high chance to become useless/irrelevant or flat out dissapearing from screen to focus on new season characters. Aoi and GO ended the season as jobbers without any deep connection to the main plot. At least expect them to sit down and do nothing for the next 25 episodes.

GX season 3 is a fucking curse.

Yu-Gi-Oh! main character nip popularity poll.

1. Yugi Mutou 58.3%
2. Judai Yuki/Yusei Fudo 12.5%/12.5%
3. Yuma Tsukumo 7.6%
4. Yuya Sakaki 7.1%
5. Yusaku Fujiki 2.0%

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Not him but the difference between VRAINS and the other shows makes me rethink this patern: the thing is that the first season was only 45 episodes long this time around, and it was only a "battle the evil dude" arc for the most part, without a single character centred filler.
There is still a little chance for them to be relevant.
Revolver might have a more minor role à la Kaito for a little bit though.

They tried to fight the notion n of irrelevance in Arc-V with stuff like the Lancers and connecting Yuzu to the main mistery but halfway during synchro the got tired of pretending and throw her into irrelevance for the rest of the show.

We already saw this.

At least my boy Yuya is still more popular than Gaymaker.

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though it wasn't true for the first series, Kaiba and Mai kept relevance after duelist kingdom.

i've been out of this since blue angel got shafted; can someone explain me why cyberse are getting a ritual monster and why It has ace's stats? what happened to the handsome dragon firewall dragon?

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Only in the anime, They never saw Mai again after duelist kingdom until she showed up randomly to get destroyed by Yami Marik and after that, she never showed up again, Same with Kaiba, Priest Seto was the only thing in that arc in the manga, Anime wank threw Kaiba into the mix just out of sheer popularity power, especially with having him be able to hold Zorc for a couple of seconds with Ultimate Dragon.

Revolver is pulling is out the extra link strategies supposedly.

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Vrains has barely done anything with its current characters though, I predict these new fuckers have a higher chance of fucking off after this arc

>i've been out of this since blue angel got shafted
Me too. Thinking on watching Revolver VS Yusaku final then watch the next recap episode to fill in the blanks.

He is as popular as Yuma which is weird because I expected Yuma to be higher than Yusei for the nips

what of the flame AI?

I like Yuya but even I admit his growing EGAO autismo during Synchro and XYZ was a bit hard to swallow.

so we are getting now ritual and fusion?

its almost as if screen writers can be good.

Maybe soul burner will stick but the other two I doubt

So do the japs like the soulburner VA that yells a lot enough that they will throw praise at the show as long as he on screen?

probably, otherwise they wouldn't have spent that much money hiring him for a main character.

Then again revolver got a relatively popular VA and they aren't swarming him with adoration.

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She was never relevant to begin with