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Here comes angst

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I used to be so happy that for the longest time, all that Lost shit was kept out of Sup Forums.
That only changed what, 6 months ago? Can somebody explain why all of a sudden this shit is being posted here?

It was just a joke about the new episode premise, calm down. Should I remake a thread if you're that offended?

So, how will they fuck this up next episode?

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Eh, they'll probably do something that will screw us over real hard, like a "nope everything back to status quo" ending

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I'll have to admit totty does look real good there

Not give Karamatsu enough scenes, and have it deny people their conventional character development and angst boners.
Maybe introduce another girl character so that one poster threatens to hack Matsubara's head off with a boxcutter.

Where's the full image of those boys?
Totty looks real good when in feminine clothing to be honest

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The last message left from the call event kekkomatsumaki.tumblr.com/post/171989294865/woah-i-managed-to-catch-one-with-all-the-boys-in
You have a bit of a hateboner for her don't you?

thread theme
this season was garbage and season 3 would be a mistake, I will miss the threads though.

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I have to admit I agree with your s3 statement, I've seen people be like "oh I can't wait for season 3" and it makes me feel off. It'd be nice to have a movie though

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Goddammit Anons, I'm not ready to say goodbye yet.

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Same here user, same here. This shit went faster than I thought

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Refrain from spoilers pics please? I want to watch this without knowing what's gonna happen

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Say something nice about season 2.

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karaposter stop whiteknighting yourself and thinking everyone who snarks on you has some burning hatred

Something nice about season 2

Not even them but ok

I read that in Karamatsu's voice.

>everything goes eerily well
>Osomatsu "omg I haven't seen my family in 8 hours" Matsuno has something to say

Then you should leave the thread until subs are out, like with every goddamn series

Someone please post spoilers

>Flowers falling for the end of the sakura
>Akatsuka-sensei's portrait being seen
Osomatsu's probably telling them they're going to have to go back to status quo.
At least Matsuzo didn't die.

No preview for next episode and the episode title isn't revealed.

I really liked both OPs and ED1. ED2 is also growing on me.

Sounds lame

They didn't reveal it attge end of the ep last week either, right? We will probably find out in the next few hours

The second cour has been fantastic, no need for qualifications. I just wish they'd have just done a 13 episode season so it wouldn't have been so inconsistent.

>Please post spoilers
Salty much? what's the point of watching it if you already know what's gonna happen? Some people

Only Karashitters hate season 2

Not salty, at work and simply couldn't watch it myself.
Just go back to tumblr because you clearly are not from here.

I hate Kara and still think S2 was really weak and forgettable.

Boys are still very cute. Less Kara bullying, more Totty bullying.

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Funny you say that, since season 2 threads have felt filled of tumblr crossboarders down to the type of fantasies and impossible wishes

Nah, I'm a jyushifag and hated it as well

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who is best matsu?
and why is it totty

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TV Tokyo site only listed next episode as the last episode without an episode title.

Because he knows he's shitty, even if he tries to act not shitty and isn't a Rising fappy nerd.


They've always been like this, I don't know why you've only figured this out just now. Just go to the franxx and want piss threads if you're that bothered by this thread's main demographic, you can shitpost all you want there.

True that. Some threads felt like someone was just copypasting posts from tumblr. The quality of both the show and threads went downhill.

Why are you here then?

No way, Ichikara and all the shit that it entails was still relevant in S1 threads.

Yeah, everyone knows suuji is the best pairing

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user, you obviously have a chip on your shoulder. These threads are for muppetfuckers hating Iyami, fatlust, bitching about people that post kun, and Iyamifuckers and shotaposters trying to fit in. This is a high class establishment not like FARXX.

Because I like Osomtau-san.
Why aren't you on tumblr?

>Both EDs are great - both have a really nostalgic feel to them that warms the heart.
>Gave us Summer Kamen.
>Eps 1, 2, 5, 17, 20, and 22 are all great as I remember and feel like s1.

That's all I can recall for now.

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Did someone call?

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They're way too vanilla for my tastes
Parka is the superior vanilla ship

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I meant suuji in a vanilla way too, I forgot to put that. The true best bl pairing is sokudo

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Even if it gets reset to status quo (and we all pray it will) it was a good ep with a lot of heart. I really liked it. The animation was super nice too

Oh my god they're so sexy what the fuck.

Status quo is to be expected, it's a nihilistic ending like "they all die and are left to float in space" that I hope we don't get again. If s2 is where -san ends for good I really don't want something so miserable.

I didn't like that ending either, it was way too anticlimactic for my tastes. But pierrot will probably do another one like that anyway

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He's not even cute and his episode was shit, why is this little fucker here?

Redit goes to Sup Forums, Sup Forums come to Sup Forums because Dragon Ball Super, Sup Forums (redit) see that Sup Forums is more than Dragon Ball Super and start to shitpost, simple as that.

That or user doesn't watch the show and doesn't get the context

Personally if they gotta end it for good they should pull an Oso-kun after 30 years and have the NEETs figure the way they can stay unemployed forever is by being kids.

>First two Cavematsu skits were funny
Adding that too.

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A Season 3 is possible, right?

Depends what they pull next week or what the staff intends to do. The BD sales haven't been amazing but isn't it still early to calculate if those affect it?

You mean shock value: the skit?

The animation was so good at the beginning of the episode, goddamn.
Also, good Osototo moment.

Ichibita > Karabita

>10k+ disc seller

By all means, unless they go for an "it's over" ending.

This episode was so good it almost cleared up all my gripes about season 2.
I know they're gonna go back to status quo next week probably, but it's episodes like this one that makes me realize how much I'm actually gonna miss this stupid show.

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I'm not calling them masterpieces, and I'm not including the last one. Just thought they were stupid fun and don't deserve the backlash. They didn't feel very long either unlike some AU skits (Osoma-chan was good though, despite the lackluster ending).

>Osomatsu went back to working for the chinese restaurant from the Black Factory skit
Nice, I was hoping for this.

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This episode was really good, it met all my expectations surprisingly! I hope the last episode can be as good as this one. Also I cracked up at jyushi at the breakfast scene, but then again I have a pretty stupid sense of humour

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Oh no, don't give people ideas

They could always do a movie if they don't want to do more seasons. Or an actual Kun relaunch but it's unlikely since the writer and director seem to be like oil against water when it comes to it.

>Sup Forums come to Sup Forums because Dragon Ball Super
there we go. it's another "Sup Forums blames its internal problems on external forces" episode.
Go chew on a glass bulb.

I just got to that bit and burst out laughing at that animation. Damn it, simple pleasures.

There's going to be so much porn of Kara getting gangbanged by those punk guys he was hanging out with, I just know it.

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I also loved how Kara said Jesus, I wasn't expecting that

I hope they don't mess up like they've done so far this season. I don't think I've learned anything new about the neets at all.

I wish they'd make up/reference other faces for his off-model moments but thank you for the webm of this beautiful boy.

Better than Karabita.

That hair caught me off guard, it's really cute

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i gotta admit i felt a little bit of schadenfreude when i saw ichi was the one working at chibitas and not kara.

Why is Karamatsu so big and fat?


What the fuck is he doing with his life anyway, to be hanging with guys like that?

They need more cushion for the pushin.


Maybe he's helping out at a music shop? I can imagine they let staff look like that at that sort of place.

I have to say seeing the brothers in these scenarios was really adorable. Yeah they won't get to goof often together as much, but I think it's really heartwarming. Something cute about how they're all "Matsuno" too.

Probably his workmates or something That's gold

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Spring kamen, perhaps looking more stupid than summer kamen

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Anyone know why this thread isn't getting bumped when someone posts?

There better be.

Cause they're not posting best boy.

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More like worst boy amirite?


I liked seeing choro slapping Oso around in that one scene, I need more cocky choromatsu

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That was a really charming episode. I couldn't help but notice they were finally using tracks from s1 again, which added to the nostalgia.

I don't see the fuss about them not seeing each other so much though. If they all saved enough and each got phones it wouldn't be an issue. Or they could simply set aside at least one day of the week where they'll all have dinner together or something, maybe another mahjong night.

Matsuyo is best girl! Though I will say it was nice seeing Totoko be a little kinder to Oso in this ep, while still being honest.

It's more of the fact that it's changing times. Most of Oso's day consisted of shooting the shit with his brothers but now they're all seem to be going their own seperate ways, and the reasoning wasn't even of their own volition (for the most part), it was due to necessity out of their father almost dying. He realizes that he and his brothers are doing better, but he's confused because he misses those simple days.