I'm putting together a team

I'm putting together a team

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I love you Altair, I wanna go anime-hopping with you

>got her waifu back
>defeated everybody against all odds
>didn't even apoligize, got away with everything she did
Most based villain since Orochimaru.

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This show was fucking stupid.

Altair basically supervised the plot for this entire show, she had her priorities in check

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Did you guys celebrate Meteora's Day?

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I was in a 3 hour lecture at college so yes, I did.


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She IS the team.

All hail Meteora.

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That's supposed to be november right?

I don't get this show. So her creator is the most unfortunate soul in history because she was bullied to death by some mean comments?
What about other bullying victims, or people who have it even worse? How is that appropriate revenge? Is Altair fucking stupid?

Setsuna got lucky and Altair received a lot of acceptance from nip audience which gave her UNLIMITED POWER.
Also, Altair is an edgelord.

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I like her haircut

It's every month.

Altair cares about both Setsuna immediately, if she would end up having a bad in a world like this she'd rather see it destroyed as it is, so in a sense it's about everyone else

What the fuck were you even trying to say

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She calls the world cruel.

I think I know just the guy

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Will we get a sequel?

What will it be about?

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Do you have any candidate?

>give me uhh... one of those main characters you people like... oh yeah and one of those magical girls that i could shank later for disturbing my precious chair-bonding time

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>a battle royale between the different anime genres by the creator of black lagoon
>somehow one of the most boring anime of all time
This is an achievement in of itself

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My theory is that he and Aoki duked it out behind the scenes and that's why the show ended up a mess.

Fucking yurishitters ruining everything Altair did nothing right

Except literally win everything.

Not a battle royale

Each of the creations universes after they've been meatgrinder'd by Meteora

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Altair is so cute


It was incredibly entertaining.

Altair Figure when
Gigas Machina model kit when

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Colors when

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That's from the wonfes before

>we never got to see Altair blushing
truly suffering

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>literally chose characters from the 'most popular' section

Altair was a fucking casual.

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She was also chosen from the most popular section so it's apt

Casuality is not a choice you say, hmmm

Sota is now BLACK.
Does the show get better or even worse?

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You ever read Marvel’s Secret Wars? Do that but with anime and play with that whole scenario, plus delve more into things like villains or monsters instead of protagonists/heroes. Altair could actually be with the good guys this time around.

>Altair raises Setsuna’s daughter instead of plotting revenge

>dicks Selesia, NTR's her from the MC of her story, she has no regrets and casualties are prevented

>Sotyrone-kun, do you think I should dra-
>I think you should jump on dis dick
>Setsuna gets blacked and then pregnant
>still commits suicide

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the art in World Etude was disappointing

>became self aware of her purpose of creation and lash out that she failed her purpose.
>try to find new purpose by bring in her creator favorite characters from her favorite fictions, only to realized that she failed to convince them to go along with her revenge.
>spills out in frustration to the point that she threatens to destroy everything and nothing.
>only to finally fulfilled her purpose as a messenger, as the receiver finally man up and send a late reply.

That's the story of Re:creators.

Theres no Villains and Heroes, only Messages to be sent and received.

It turns out that Setsuna created Altair (and the MV) as a cry to Souta to help her with her depression; only for him to ignore it due to his jealousy over her works. It wasn't until the last moment that he finally realized why she's there and send a late reply in the form of a resurrected Setsuna.

At least, that what I believed.

Souta is the one responsible for the events that unfolded in Re:creator as suggested. It could've been avoidable, if he didn't give her a cold shoulder and instead defend her as a friend.

Altair is too cool to like anime in the first place (except for what Setsuna likes).

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No, Souta's the reason this all happened and he made so that fiction can no longer overlap with reality (in term of physics, at least).

All fiction being real is how the re:creators multiverse works, so other creations can still come as long as another character capable of connecting and fusing universes starts caring about that universe in particular.

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My theory is that Magane and Meteora staying in the real world is already creating some kind of a paradox because they literally shouldn't exist.
There's no way that's not progressively fucking the universe up somehow.

There is nothing exactly wrong about normal humans existing though, they satisfy the rules of the universe even if they are foreigners. But then the universe was pretty butthurt about having a human who was dead to be alive, so who knows (at the very least it's certainly less of a damage than Altair keeping anime real there).

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They're normal people but their actions are continuously affecting the reality they're currently in, especially Meteora with her being an author. Their existence irl came from nowhere and is not supported by the universe.

Selesia GK coming by this guy in the summer

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I remember towards the end of the series someone managed to knock Altair's hat off and everyone went fucking wild in the threads
someone actually managed to touch her
most OP character ever

Why didn't they just undermine her character by using the Apparatus of the State to force-meme content about her being retarded and undermining her power via comedy?

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Nobody knocked her hat off, it was what was left after another special snowflake character absorbed her.

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Technically she got completely destroyed a couple times by Sirius. So in terms of powerlevel Altair >= Altair.
She already has comedic content, and there is no way paying a considerable number of artists isn't going to leak (and that Altair won't realize they are fucking with Setsuna's legacy and go berserk before most people change their minds about the character).

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Am I a brainlet? to this day I still dont understand how come Sirius was stronger than Altair, especially if she had no personality.

Sirius is calm and had the initiative, Altair completely lost her composure again because they were fucking with Setsuna's legacy there. They are otherwise equal with Altair having the advantage in terms of acceptance.

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How does her losing her temper make her any less powerful?

>Demonbane Piloted by Setsuna
>Aquarion Logos Piloted by Sirius
>Madara Uchiha

It's not a party of five, but I think they'll manage.

I dropped this shit after 7 or 8 episodes after hours of boring infodump and nothing of note happening. I hope I didn't miss anything.

Add the Freshmaker
Or any of the top tiers in Medaka really

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If your opponent is exactly just as strong as you in everything but only you lost your focus during the fight then you're in a disadvantageous position.

Any other character would be murdered if they got Altair mad (though Hiroe says Magane could win by making Altair lose her calm and act impulsively, but he also said that Altair could be hurt by the other characters in the ECF).

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She's called the dawn of Holopsicon basically they steal the origin of Holopsicon from Altair, and you know how it goes with the deus ex machina elder character.

>I'm putting together a team
to travel to another world with me. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.

If fucking bootleg shitty All Fiction could defeat her how could she even hope of beating best boy. I wonder how long it would take him to make her angry.

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I was going to add Kyubey just to make it anime rule #36 Compliant for the irritation factor alone, but what the hell, he turns into a kid at some point so I guess he could work.

>>Demonbane Piloted by Setsuna
>not Vortex Destroyer

Altair literally devoured Sirius entire existence from inside. I wouldn't call that Sirius victory.

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I was talking more about the Magane win by making Altair mad. Magane is some shitty sideshow villain with a relatively overpowered ability, Kumagawa managed to make the person who can't hate anybody hate him, He also has Book-Maker which will probably be able to seal Altair if All Fiction fails at erasing her.

But hey, let's not turn this into a powerlevel debate before I start getting told about real fiction.

If Altair basically had the Sharingan at one point, Why didnt she do something to prevent Sota from writing Setsuna into the story as the last option?

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Because she's retarded.

>doujins literally never ever

She has a eeeeh one but def deserves more

I feel like Hiroe is always making some damage control about Altair not being unbeatable because the ECF would be anticlimactic otherwise, and also it wouldn't be as clear why the gods considered Altair a hero winning against multiple challenges if she had it easy.

Considering Altair could break out of conceptual attacks such as Vogelchevalier infinite gate (that was made to fight Altair) and Sirius holopsicon by traveling through all possibilities and finding the one she wins even after being erased, it's hard to think a simpler reality marble ability with zero effect in the outside world would overwhelm someone capable of destroying and creating infinite universes (and that everyone become human the moment she is not there to keep the universe in check). Though very possibly Magane could manipulate her into losing acceptance in the ECF and therefore losing to the higher power of the gods through the other characters.

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It had already been established that pic related would mindbreak her into literal oblivion.

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Excellent, why is it that ex-villains always so much more likeable than both heroes and villains?

「All Fiction! Your acceptance is now nothing!」
Rip Altair

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Any character who can simply apply it's reality warping over all the writers in the real world can beat Altair, in the same way Altair can beat anyone if they are from the same level and Altair uses her ability to travel to their creators world.

Powerlevel over meta characters are dumb anyway, wins the one that has the true writer's support.

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Let me tell you about something called DOUBLE FICTION, the counter to Real Fiction.
Altair is actually a doubly fictional character as all she managed to do was travel into a fictional universe that she assumed was real. She can't somehow influence the real world directly.
Does she ever break the fourth wall or does she just spend the entire series thinking she already succeeded?

>thinking she already succeeded?
But she did succeed? And it's the best case scenario for her with no sequel to risk her paradise.

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>tfw Altair tampered with the sales so that the show wont have a sequel and her ending will never be changed

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Bit too succesful when there's hardly even philistine pictures of the two.

>a team
In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit.

That's some Hypercrisis shit right there

>Altair STILL not real
How do you cope?

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How do you cope with saving art that looks nothing like her?

She is though, she has been sitting in my sofa ever since the anime ended. The only issue is that no one else is allowed to sit in that sofa anymore besides Setsuna.

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It looks cute so I saved it.

Can you turn Yatoji into literal Kubo?

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why when Nienami is literally the strongest character in fiction

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The Kubo that got trolled by his own character

Because Freshmaker would get more acceptance due to his power being easy to understand

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>implying it isnt a take about the actual Kubo being controlled by Aizen's keikaku for the past decade

Give me more requests to edit, I'm bored

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>sounds promising to me, where do I sign?

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Is your team a crack commando unit that gets sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit?