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Where do I find my own elf loli

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>being an anti-lolicon prostitute fucking piece of shit
>surrounded by lolis
What a shit situation, and flop of a show because of it.

She's hiding somewhere on Sup Forums.
If you can identify her behind her veil of anonymity and send her your address, she will happily come over and spend the rest of her life on your lap.


I wish there was an isekai about a monster eco system. Like orcs abducting female humans to rape them and reproduce, but succubi also pretending to be regular human girls because they want to eat the orcs. And then the MC destroys one fucking monster race which changes the whole ecosystem to break down and to clear up his mess he has to go on a genocide crusade.

Seems legit

> "Mwu, adult."
>"Of course I know. I mean that other people wouldn't know that you're an adult from appearance."
>I soothe Mia who's insisting that she's an adult by patting her head.

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Somehow I forgot that just Satou's blood isn't enough yet.
>Apparently, the problem is with the blood coming from the arm that has been encroached with the divinity from the Divine Sword.
>I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about something like high human appearing after having some night life.
>Now I can visit the pleasure quarter during the journey without hesitation.

How old is she again?

Canonically, she's 130 years old at the time they meet for the first time.

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Too old

If 130 is too old, you really won't like this one.

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isnt Mito even older than her

Kill yourself and hope you end up in some magical world?

No, Mito should be only a few hundred or thousand years by now. Aze is 100 million years.


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Throw yourself in front of a truck and hope for the best.

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You have that backwards.

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this show feels like a dishonest harem

Mia stronk

I think 130

130 years old and still zero maturity.

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That's alright she can stay perfect and cute forever

Well first you have to find an Elf and rape them. then wait 9-13 months and then dump her body and the body of the son if your luck was not good.

She doesn't have a choice, but Arisa is probably corrupting her.

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It would've been a better show if it hadn't been done already hundreds of times. All of the characters are completely void of any personality and the MC is once again completely overpowered god-tier pushover beta fag.

I want to see Karina animated.

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What a homo.

That's not the problem.

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It's not even a problem. He's a normal adult male who doesn't want to fuck little girls. I know that's unusual on Sup Forums but most men aren't pedophiles.

That doesn't explain why he doesn't want the ones that are at least 18 years old, or why he doesn't care that Nana is 0.

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>Arisa is corrupting her
I'm not sure if I should be thankful or mad


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As long as she doesn't corrupt Pochi and Tama

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I hope they animated Arisa's origin story as an OVA and then make a comfy SOL cooking show with Lulu and Liza with their sous chef's Tama and Pochi

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im more interested in my own shalltear look alike.

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they're not used goods right

Both Arisa and Lulu are untouched. That includes Arisa in her past life. It's also the reason Arisa is thirsty as fuck.

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Lulu is considered unattractive by that culture, and certainly doesn't know how to act around men. Arisa though is a filthy slut, even if she's a virgin.

Body of a virgin, heart of a slut, mind of someone born in Showa era.

>That includes Arisa in her past life. It's also the reason Arisa is thirsty as fuck.
There is no justice in this world does aging magic exist in isekailand? Maybe she can make physical self look more like her mental or past self and that'd probably good enough for sa2 right

Only deaging/stop aging medicine exists. It's why Hikaru/Mito still looks relatively young. And with how Lulu is developing, Arisa is going to have a nice body.

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>100 million years
She's older than the average dinosaur? For real?

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tfw really like the direction Lulu is going in the novel
Damn shame we'll never see any of that in the show

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>>That includes Arisa in her past life.
>not just having to go through one life reaching Lich status but two
What did she do to deserve that?

Plus Mito was in cold-sleep or something for much of it. Aze's just doing that elf thing where they upload all but a thousand or two years of their memories to the world tree so that her mind doesn't implode into a black-hole of pure senility.

This anime would be less of a flop if they had more budget and a better seiyuu for Satoo.

The elves in this are very much the "it takes that long to mature" (unlike 3.x D&D that handwaves it by claiming they reach adulthood as fast as humans and then magically spend like the next 110 years doing fuck-all and learning at a rock's pace compared to their sudden explosion of capability 'round 120 without ever daring to touch on what the fuck they were up to for a goddamn century).

Elf couples here take decades to even get to know each-other, eventually marry, and then usually spend like a century once married before they try to have a kid, who takes another century or two to grow up and move out both physically and mentally. Mia's got what is very much a 12-13 year old girl's room and mentality (not to mention body). It's thought that this comes not just from their longevity but from their lack of survival drive; they take forever to get decided on something and need about double the xp of humans to gain a level too, so when they DO put their minds on something it still takes twice as long to learn it right.

try a decade. maybe just five years if a half-elf were to really have half gestation time.

>doesn't care that Nana is 0
Would YOU refuse to fuck a bio-bot just because it's fresh out of the factory?

Can't wait for Satou to have a son and since all his loli gfs can't get him they settle for the next best thing, however, by the time he matures enough the reverse has happened a teenager surrounded by milfs. Truly kino

>willing to fuck whores
>not willing to fuck any of the girls who basically beg him for the dick
what's wrong with him?

A few of them are inexplicable(Liza, Lulu by volume 15-16) but most of the girls after him are small children and he keeps getting cockblocked on the Nana side of things.
He'd probably be okay with Karina, Sistina and the like if it weren't for the fact that they're not after some fun but trying to hook him into a marriage.

>he has not married Lizard-chan yet
clear sign he's an homosexual in denial

So if he wasn't being cockblocked he'd destroy Nana in bed?

I know quite a few anons on here like Liza (I think she's best girl by far across a lot of Isekai) but is she popular in Japan?

You mean charge Nana with Mana.

So besides sex, kissing is the other way to transfer mana right? Or are there other non lewd methods

Nothing, he likes them older.
Like physically older, something arround 20~30yr old.

Liza = Saber with a Lance

hand near heart but he was force to do it from the back

Actually, though they call it a spear, "Magic Spear Douma" is a Glaive (I say closer because some Fauchard and Vouge designs would match also depending on the exact decade). Most definitely not a lance.

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Already a thing.

Quite right.

The sharpened blade-like portion of the insect materials makes it look like Guan Yu's glaive.

inb4 only a few Lancer Servants actually use lances
inb4 only a few Archer Servants actually use bows

- eats plenty
- has Prana Burst/Mana Edge
- serves her Master loyally

Oddly enough, Liza's physique matches that of Saber Arturia, but not that of Lancer Arturia.

>>but he was force to do it from the back
>have to donate your mana
>don't even get to squeeze some boobies in exchange
what a shit deal

it gets lewd even from behind

It's even worse once she learns the secret to making milk so she can feed young organisms too.
Arisa's pure evil to get in the way like that.

Elf pussy is magic.

She listened to feminazis and got a man's jeb. Also she's a fujoshit.

Normie adults don't usually fug realdolls.

agreed, but there's none of those in here let alone in isekai.

>secret to making milk
does she start squeezing her tits like a water gun or something

No she wants his young organisms

Homunculi like Nana can be fugged, but I forgot if they can have kids.

Or maybe their firmware just need updating.

He is afraid of commitment.

She isn't human, so children should be impossible with Satou. But Satou isn't normal, so that should change in the future.

>New Skill obtained: Cross-species impregnation

Gaining that will require the same-species version first, which will be even more difficult than Satou getting the chant orb since he doesn't want that one.

>Satou isn't normal
What even is he at this point

So ugly

A future god.

Have Truck-kun send you isekai.