[HorribleSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 11 [720p]

[HorribleSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 11 [720p]
Critical hits are scary

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Takagi made so many good faces here.

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Okay I'm done. Gonna let the thread die or let people discuss.

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What did the animators mean by this?

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So everyone's expecting next episode to be "that" one tease, but I also expect the festival to finally happen. Should be cute.

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So they covered turning point. Nice.

Ahhhhhh this episode

ayy lmao

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All the budget went to the cat.

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>no more episodes of smug teasing schoolgirl soon

this is indeed the cruelest bully of them all

Nagatoro anime when?
Who should voice her?

this episode was so cute. it was great. i loved it tfw no season 2.

I'm expecting the episode to open with that chapter up to the part where she looks at the picture, then they cut to a regular episode and at the end of the episode she teases the audience.

This is still my favorite chapter because it shows how Takagi isn't strong at all, Nishikata was straight with her just once and she had to put all her effort into not letting it show on her face that her heart was about to explode from beating too fast.


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>the festival
They're not going to make anime-original segments.

You may not like it, but there's no way this isn't happening.

I said Houjou-san wouldn't appear, but she actually had a cameo in the art class in this ep.

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Takagi stroking the cat's tail was very lewd

I like that extra white spot on her eyes. She was really happy.

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God Takagi is gonna be such a 10/10 when she's older.

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The two friends who got replaced with the fat one and the buck tooth one last week actually showed up this week with a spoken line too. Making it even weirder that they were replaced last week.

Adapt the chapter where she buys a swimsuit and runs into the background girl and her boyfriend doing the same. But don't adapt the actual pool episode? I don't get it...

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She was really begging for it

He probably means the chapter where he asks her out to the festival.
It'd be nice if they animate that one because then you really get to see Takagi super happy.

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yeah at this point the pool chapters aren't happening.

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thank fucking god, i was worried that this chapter wouldn't appear in the anime

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Another issue with that chapter is that while the timeline in the manga is out of order, with chapters going back and forth between different seasons, the anime hasn't been like that and adapted everything so it'd go from spring to summer and now to fall. The festival invitation chapter was set during the summer, and we're already past that. I'd also like to see it though.

Missed a spot

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Lame. And it kind of makes having the background couple in the anime pointless.

>exposing your feet to each other

What a couple of sluts.

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I guess they thought that chapter had too much movement to animate.

>le budget meme

I thought he was going to end up making her cry when he showed her his drawing of her.

Shouldn't the pool chapters have already happened in the anime though? I mean, they were further along in the manga, but like you said, that's because the manga isn't in chronological order.


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>having this much of a shit taste

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Yeah, they should have... if they were adapting them.

That would mean she would lose, and it's impossible for that to happen. He probably can't even make her "cry" in bed, and she has to fake it to keep their marriage together.

Someone make a webm.

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What are the chances for a season 2?

It's going to be in the OVA, obviously.

I love it so much. And if history as taught me anything, it's that me loving a show guarantees it doesn't get more than 1 season. I jinxed it for everybody, I'm sorry.

Have we seen Mina's underwear yet?

I wouldn't mind if an OVA adapted the chapters produced by Rie Takahashi and Yuki Kaji, it would make sense and they were extremely cute.

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Yellow or Light Green with period stains and skid marks

>with period stains and skid marks
Wrong. My wife would never wear stained underwear.

You really think an idiot character like her could keep proper track of her cycle? As for skid marks, it happens every now and then, even to the best of us.

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this is her peak desu

Her mind is more advanced than Takagi's. All Takagi thinks about is an idiot. Mina at least has a wider variety of thoughts going through her head, one of those is probably about her cycle. Even if she ruined her panties the first few times by now she should have some mental track of when it's coming. Even if letting shit into panties does happen to everyone, she wouldn't not wash it off.


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don't cats hate that


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The perfect tease.

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I wish I was that cat.

>that critical hit

my heart

I can't believe how they fucked up when picking her VA. She doesn't even try to sound young. Paired with her basically outsmarting him at every turn it feels more like an office lady reborn into the body of a middleschooler while she grooms some poor retarded boy next to her to become obedient and dependant on her.

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>it feels more like an office lady reborn into the body of a middleschooler while she grooms some poor retarded boy next to her to become obedient and dependant on her.
That's anything but a fuck up.

Do we have any idea what chapters ep. 12 is gonna cover?

Bullshit. Nishikata gets his revenge by replacing the push ups with womb pounds.

>Takagi-san secretly likes muscular studs
>picks wimpy loser and teases him mercilessly
>said loser retaliates by building the perfect /fit/ body
>Takagi-san teases him some more
>guy turns into a ripped greek god
>"I want to bear your children."
She's a crafty one, that's for sure.

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My god she's playing interdimensional 5D timetraveling chess at this point!

>This will never happen to you

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we're approaching levels of faster that shouldn't be possible

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>No way, fag

The manga is adorable but how do you make an anime out of it? 99% of the scenes are just them walking home from class.



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So who's exactly is this girl?
She had a role in one of the omakes

Oh (you)

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I wouldn't get your hopes up.

I like Mina, but you're retarded if you actually think this.

I have one, and she's fine with it, depends on the cat.

Will we get flashforward chapter?

which omake?

Takagi is definitely more intelligent than Mina, but Mina has the better mind simply for hers not being a one-track mind of lust for an idiot. Also stained panties are a huge turnoff, so it's easier to fap to Mina if she doesn't have them, therefore I will do any and all autistic mental gymnastics necessary to keep her underwear clean.

Unless they are 100% certain they're doing another season then it has to be the last segment. If not and they realize they won't get another after it's too late to make it episode 12 then it needs to be an ova on the last bluray volume.

It's the perfect ending for the last episode since the entire premise is Takagi teasing the audience. It shows off that she truly is the teasing master.

>it feels more like an office lady reborn into the body of a middleschooler while she grooms some poor retarded boy
That sounds kinda hot

>long legs, handsome type
of course yukari would be into clamp

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