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Best boy, best saga.

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jose capo was a mistake

New Toyo art

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You. I like you.

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Will episode 131 be as sexy as 130? Because my dick is still red from saturday.

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>Blue hair

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Reminder that any newfag that watched Joe Capo's video will never join the beloved CHADforce

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This is going to be a good thread.

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We can only hope.

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Reminder that Vegeta and Gohan have never been in close contact with Saiyan women and their breeding instincts will go fucking nuts if they ever interact in close quarters with Kale/Caulifla/Kefla

Nobody knows who that is stop shilling yourself fag

>Reminder to all newfags this is the true canon

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yeh its gonna meet the same fate as u6

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Getting wished back? Nice.

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damn shes really ugly.

You're no prize

Take me with you 18fag ;___:

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Hello my fellow ningen.

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Oh yes it will. Yes it will.

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Were the spoilers for 131 wrong?

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Yes but not by much.

no spoilers were wrong.


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Where is El Abuelo?

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>I am sorry, Jiren, but I'm the speediest there is. A speed that goes beyond strength. Super Speedy Eggbert. Prepare for the Blupimania.

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S-Sauce? I'm asking for a friend.

does she have down syndrome or something ? she looks retarded

well she is half kale so yeah

Nice digits

Reminder that Hit is over 1,000 years old

Where's his scar?

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Okay anons, question for you all: how would you fix Super? You can change a lot of things, but here are two rules:
>U6, Black, and ToP must stay as arcs. Filler can be kept or cut. You can even add your own filler of you so wish.
>You can't flat out remove characters. Though U7's ToP team is allowed to be changed.
Besides those rules, go wild.

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>I hate ningen but I need the ningen monkey superior body
shit villian, both in manga and anime

Not canon, cover only

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This seems like a lot of effort for a meme. Is this shit really made by Mexicans or Americans larping as Mexicans.

I would have included an intermission from the ToP where it shows that Yamcha defeats an alien threat to Earth but nobody believes him when they get back because they didn't see it happen.

Buu and Trunks and Goten are asleep or otherwise not avaiable

Get rid of the Jelly Vegeta thing

This really reminds me of Raoh. The anatomy of jiren in that ep. was really similar to HnK

you want filler???
you are worst than scum

I would have less of the pilaf squad. I get they're supposed to be some sort of comic release but they're just annoying.
I would take cell into the tournament of power and leave tien behind because he's ass
When goku had finally beaten Jiren instead of having his body break down from breaking his limits I would have had Frieza death beam him in the back as a final fuck you.
>Fusion between UI goku and SSJB vegeta when?

Nothing in Super was filler

We need to see the Chilean and Peruvian of this

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New wallpaper in V-Jump site

I also made a SSGSS version

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Merged Zamasu crashes the ToP in the last episode. Goku and Jiren join forces to vanquish this new threat.

Cell in the ToP would have been ridiculous

Couldn't he just make a ton of Cell Jrs?

stop being a speedwatcher you brainlet. everything in super anime is canon

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Gohan and Piccolo trained with SS Goku? Then why did the filler have Goku training in base?
Also, they had 3 years. Why didn't Goku teach Gohan how to become SS then?

>any less ridiculous than girl broly or fucking god roshi?

look buddy, in this side of the river whenever you interrupt an arc midway with any amount of episodes that you can 100% skip because they didnt contribute to that arc, we call that filler
understood? nice so thats what i meant

People who get hard for Caulifla just want to fuck Teen Gohan

They're the same thing

Was Joe Cappo really the original Gohanfag? Is he truly responsible for GODhan shitposting and Blanco?

Cute thread?

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well that's not what filler means so you're wrong

You tried this in the last thread please stop shilling yourself Joe

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I try not to compare, but man Toyo's art is just isn't good enough to be in Jump. Everytime I see Toriyama art like this I just immediately think of the current manga and eh.

Trunks is better with blue hair and makes more sense

They should've changed Kid Trunks' hair for consistency though

We cute thread now

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Literally the same character


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Yes we are.

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Name on episode of Super that was filler. You can't because they were all canon.

This isn't up for debate, this is a fact.

I heard this thread needed a GOD.

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> Toriyama released a design for Caulifla. None for Kale or Kefla
> Recent interview: Toei created Kale, and Toriyama added Kale into script. No mention of Kelfa.

Kefla confirmed as a Toei-created fusion.

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The entire thing is fanfiction-tier deviant art trash

That's not really what filler means the filler in the anime still happened in the anime, it just wasn't there in the manga and was only created to take up time. Therefore, filler

Yep looks like SS2 Teen Gohan just like I thought

You have no idea what filler means, because you're a moron
Every episode that's in between the Toriyama arcs are filler. They're simple padding as they wait for Toriyama material

Best girl not in the manga?

NONONONO...say it isn't so

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Best thread

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ok then what do you call it when in one episode nothing of what you wanted in the previous episode happens
because we here call it filler or "relleno" because its filling space, with nothing of worth
and that really angers me, it gives me flash backs of waiting weeks for filleruto waiting to have the conclusion of what was cut short last episode but instead some inocuous bullshit happens

i hate that

Would they go out of their way to spoil the manga outside of the episodes?

It's exactly what filler means. In the case of Super, the anime is primary canon and the manga is lagging behind as promotional material. We all know this.

A reminder that she's literally fucking dead

Toyotaro already said that he borrows content from the anime and vice versa

He could always implement Kefla later on

Nice headcanon. Caulifla was literally created to complement Kale (aka make Kefla) because Toei's hulk retards sucks

>ok then what do you call it when in one episode nothing of what you wanted in the previous episode happens
An episode that you don't like

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Ngl, SSB looks pretty cool looking with the old style version of the Super Saiyan hair.
I wish the old version came back more in the series and games, it just looks so nice.

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We must eliminate ningen sister, starting with you.

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If you think Caulifa is best girl then you're gay and wrong


Then who is best girl?

>anime is canon

>manga is promotional
Epic headcanon, post any official source calling it "promotional". Go ahead
And no, Kanzenshuu isn't an official source

Every universe gets a minimum of one SSB tier character. These would be

>Maji Kayo
>Hit, Kefla
>Jiren, Toppo

That's it. Every universe should have one top tier character to give the allusion that they have a chance to win the ToP or at least be a threat. At the very least you've created a bunch more characters that can stand toe to toe with SSB Goku, meaning they should theoretically sell more action figures be useful in things like filler characters in video games, etc because it's more fun to be a fan of canonically strong characters than literal jobbers.

then i dont like it
no no


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If you find Caulifla attractive then that means you are a pedophile.

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I'm sorry for your loss

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>Caulifla was literally created to complement Kale

> Aka make Kefla
Nice headcanon

By your logic:
> Toriyama made Nappa to compliment Vegeta, aka make Vegappa
> Toriyama made A-18 to compliment A-17, aka make A-35


>I'm multiversal level
>you're only galaxy level

lel oh lel

Bless the filters

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