Noah's Notes

Waiting for chapter 2

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also waiting for the owl

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Is that Mika?


Hey all, this is the Vizanon from the HxH thread, I'll dump Noah's Notes

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you're appreciated

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Sorry, it's what I have to work with

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your double or theirs?

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whoops, my mistake - didn't skip over any tho =

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I really like this shit and also dump

Has this artist done porn

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Someone please stop the Professor on bullying the Gyaru!

But that's the best part

brb with the last few pages

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Able to squeeze one more page in, brb

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can you dump Ziga as well? thanks for this

Based professor man

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gyarus are quick to recognize lewdness

In a bit, maybe in another thread, have some irl stuff to do lol - if no one else has once I'm done, I'll see

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Is this the final page?

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The lack of pantsu annoys me.

This looks to be the best series of all the new ones introduced. I'm actually looking forward to where it goes.
>inb4 dead last on toc

Fantastic chapter. Only point against it is that first half felt totally like Dr.Stone...which wasn't bad.

I hope chapter 3 continues to be solid

Don't worry, there's a demand for a new obnoxious ToC cockroach now that Spring Weapon is gone.

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where's ziga, vizanon?


Actually enjoying this one so far. Although the gyaru bullying and acting as nothing more than a tag along might get repetitive down the line.

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I can post Ziga if viz-user doesn't care.

we would appreciate it, make a new thread if you do

>doesn't care
Vizanon doesn't have time, not that he doesn't care.

Will do.

Cancelled after 2 volumes or actual life beyond 2 years.

What is more likely to happen?

latter, this one's a winner


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I love it so far

Please don't get axed ;_;

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Reading this for gyaru-chan.

reading it for Noah sensei

reading it for them fucking

Doesn't look like this gyaru wearing any pantsu. Why is she so lewd?

Gyarus are naturally lewd.

And she mentioned her pantsu in chapter 1.

I guess then better question would be what kind of pantsu she's wearing?

Pink pantsu with darker pink poka dots

She is, unfortunately.

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Holy hell, why is her neck a perfect cylinder.

Hello mister stone.

This wont get axed

>mister stone
>not Professor Stone

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Successful bait is successful

So are people right when they say this is like Dr.Stone but with history instead of science.
Either way this seem likely to have the highest chance of surviving out of the three new series.

it does have higher chances

So far yeah. As a plus, people seem to like the two MCs so far while nobody seemed to care about Taiju.

It's one of those series that's set up to tell a single story, though, so if it doesn't get axed, it's going to keep running for a year or so until it's done telling that story. It'll never be a long runner.

who says it needs to be a long runner you mong

Fuck I like it, please don't get axed.


I'm really enjoying the rise of the gyaru in manga recently

That subtle line where her thigh ends and her butt starts gets me everytime

even komi has a manba gyaru

It's the best timeline for use gyaru enthusiasts.

The lack of pantsu arouses me.

Gyaru storm

yare, yare

Picked up. They should fuck already.

Is this a buttservice manga? I'm obsessed with butts, but the last buttservice manga I tried to read really left me with an extremely butter aftertaste.

Why ask in a jump manga thread? Are jump manga a known source of the butt service?


The gyaru sends butt waves, it's not surprising that fag got attracted here.

This one seems to be.

any speculation for chapter three?
more exploration or will they get back to the service somehow?

>Not Indiana Stone

>Not Indiana Stones?

It's not really history though, more like natural sciences

Axe soon

>notebook is the only thing that survives
>she's writing in a notebook in the first chapter
They're going to fail, aren't they?

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The thing that surprises me the most about that page is the subtle fact that she is married/engaged by that point since she has a ring.

it's stealth advertising for foolscap notebooks