Sup Forums needs to make an anime. What should it be about?

Sup Forums needs to make an anime. What should it be about?

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Cute little girls.

Daicon V.

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Doing cute little things

Also they go to school

With mechs
And grand strategy
And eye powers

Slut little girls are the owners of the world and have enslaved man and woman alike to serve as breeding sows and amusement tools, one shota rises to bring freedom to everyone, he calls himself Zero.

Lolis on skateboards.

Earth-chan. Don't really care about the setting, plot or whatever, just have Earth-chan as the MC.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but they're all little girls.

52 episodes of KanColle CGDCT featuring DesDiv6, Yasen, Tamagoyaki, Shigure and my wife Amatsukaze.

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Cute little girls playing Vicky 2.

Lolis doing drugs with old men.

World War 2 but now with little girls

I would unironically watch this

I wish newfags would stay out

Something like lucky star but they're all heroin addicts. Call it something dumb like "Kōkō Naked Lunchroom"

Literally anything, but MC is a faceless fat old man.

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but user, how would you know this meme's on facebook unless you yourself go there?

Legend of the meme queen

Who is fat, and has oiled skin*drools*

Let me explain for you newfag
>Someone posts a shitty facebook image with a facebook filename
>Reverse image search points to facebook along with Reddit of course

Katawa Shoujo.
it's obviously going to be a Hentai NTR ova

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Katawa Shoujo.
With no NTR whatsoever.

google the term to see what the fuck is that user talking about

Hot blooded shounen anime like ghost slide

Aniki wrestling every male mc there is. Obviously, he only wrestles for a bet.

>not world war 3

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I want to see Aniki's isekai adventures

If we assume that Sup Forums manages to do some 20 minutes of animation, then WW3 might be the better choice, because we'd be able to cover the entire war, from beginning to end.

that's dark

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the struggle between the leftist and the right supremacist with poor little centrists in the middle. With an unexpected ending with the bad guys winning. Made by Anno.

i would pay good money for this

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The basic concept of Keit-ai, except every character is a JC or JS, and the premise is taken about as seriously as Milky Holmes takes its premise of being a detective show, or Teekyuu takes its premise of being about a tennis club.

like getting pregnant

Sup Forums draws an anime episode when
something short like TQ or whatever

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Cute girls doing cute things with their cunnies

I'm reading it right now. Please don't tell me has NTR.

30s becoming a magical loli and steal loli pantsu to protect the loli harem

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OL idols.

There is kinda but in only one of the routes.

Now we're talking

preferably something depressing.

Fuck off fag

NEET lolis with mechs

Loli nudists.

Saki Sanobashi.


AMV-inspired noire with a ton of improvised world-building, some zany side-characters, and a cute girl as the protagonist.

Main character's hair turns white when he powers up.

>All major characters are lolis
>Victoria era
>Battle strategies
>Grand Strategy
>Plots to take the throne
need i say more?

Aliens that are disguising themselves as lolis and trying to live normally on Earth for research. They eat napkins and stuff, hijinks ensue

Change it to classical antiquity.

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A bunch of dense harem anime MCs became real and were Isekai'd in to my world and now I, a genderbent dense MC, have a sudden reverse harem. We are collapsing in to a singularity. HELP!

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Cute girls doing cute girls