Would you allow you teenage son to leave the house looking like this?

Would you allow you teenage son to leave the house looking like this?

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Only after I fuck him.

I'd dress my son up like that.

>not fucking him until he can't walk every time he attempts to leave the house dressed like that
What a shitty dad.

no, I'd probably be arrested if I tried to stop zir

Am I cheating on my husband if I fuck my son?

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user are you gay?

No, he'll only be allowed to dress like that inside my house. No other man should be able to gaze at his sexy body except for me.

Only if he can beat me 1, 2, 3.

No, he wouldn't be allowed out until he put on this thigh high stockings

is it cheating if your husband has the same face,height, weight,eyes and hair as your son?

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If you're including step-son, ask Guinevere. Or better yet, don't.

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Yes, but I doubt that I'll have Mordred for a son
Funny story actually, my husband wants to cosplay as Mordred for me.

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How mad would Saber be if I impregnated her and our son?

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That would make her twice a mother, a grandmother, and you would be 4 times the father.
Pretty mad I would assume.

Its kind of sad that fate has completely coopted arthurian legend to this point in popular culture by being some shitty gender bender fanfiction.

No, it's too cold and wet outside. He'd catch a cold.

Not really. The number of good adaptations of Arthurian Legend in pop culture is virtually nil, Fate isn't the worst one by a wide margin.

Considering the state of modern Britain, if they make a BBC show about King Arthur, he'd portrayed by a nigger or paki, so cute gender bent anime girls seem like the better option of the two if you ask me.

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>*notices her bulge*
>she says this

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No, I only let my son dress like this.

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I want a son like this.

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I didn't raise my son to be a slut

How shamefur. Commit sudoku.

not pregnant? absolutely not

Is your husband cute?

This. You have to make sure you satisfy his pent up sexual frustration before he leaves the house so he doesn't fuck random men

probably because you didn't raise him at all you deadbeat

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That's my sonwife.


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Only after I get full custody over Andrew.

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You don't deserve custody for naming him that

>New on BBC, the Legend of King DeArthur and the Knights of the Multiracial-but-not-white Round Table

>wearing clothes
Not on my watch.

They did make a modern BBC show about King Arthur (Merlin) and he was white.

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The late-90s TV show with Sam Neill as Merlin was good. That was an NBC production, mind you.

They also made one with Lancelot and he was black

>looking like this?
As in, without my cum dripping from his ass?
Not a chance

Well he is the Black Knight

I won't post him but he's the cutest man I've ever met.

Please user, I resist the rest of the thread, but your obscene post gave me a boner

>become a girl
>get knocked up by the biggest beta ever

lost all respect for the betrayer right here

pic related?

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>allowing your teenage son to leave the basement when he looks like that

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That image is also relateable as I have to make it known that he's mine a lot.

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I want to be someone's teenage son and dress like that


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I want to go to the beach with my son to have fun together.

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No, there's no dick

dumb homopedos

woooow he looks just like my boyfriend

but Mordred has a vagina

That's a man hole.

somebody told me
you had a boyfriend
who looked like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year

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No but not because "lel traps are le gay cancer" or whatever buzzword is popular this week. I wouldn't even let my daughter go out like that.

Yeah, this user gets it. My God while they're in my care no. But when they turn 18 I don't care.

what a KEK , having a child at all is a bad idea , each time i think about children i remember my younger days and remember that it is a bad idea

Probably not, he'd probably get arrested

Nigga you gay


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My teenage son wouldn't be allowed to leave the house, because id be too busy filling his ass with my semenal fluid.

My husband can dress however she wants.

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What if I get both of them pregnant?

I wouldn't mind my son to dress the way he desires when he's all alone by himself.

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Still, Saber would be twice a mother, a grandmother, and you would still be 3 times the father.

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I want a papa like Artoria and a nii-chan like Mordred

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Only if his mistress allows him to.

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To be frank, the only way I would let my infantile son our daughter out is out of the womb by means of an abortion.

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That's hella gay

Would a lancer Mordred have massive titties? He is basically a clone right? Is there any art of big titty lancer Mordred?

Oh God,I think I would make him look like that.

>complete opposite of his father
>no manners
Only if Saber wasn't a dead beat dad.

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All the more reason to share you cunt


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Yeah but they made Gwen some kinda goblin