Has anyone ever caught you watching anime?

Has anyone ever caught you watching anime?

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>implying I'm hiding it
nigga I watch hentai with my sister-in-law

Do you fuck her since you're not blood related ?

Of course. I watch it with the whole family. Daddy kept posing and referencing Saint Seiya is a part of my childhood.

That would imply I put myself in a position where my focus on my chinese cartoons can be broken.

Funny thing was that when I was watching through NGE the first time, I remember I was watching that one episode where all the children were doing sync tests naked. Dad came in to ask me something so I paused and talked with him for a bit, then afterward looked back at my screen and saw this.

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I watched anime with my aunt all the time.

>Has anyone ever caught you watching anime?

Depends on the kind of anime no ?
These days even late night anime is kind of mild. But you wouldn't want your parents to catch you watching Urutsukidoji (if you're 13 years old that is). That one is better reserved for a teen party with plenty of girls. Of course these days even Urutsukidoji can't hold a candle to the sexual shit you get exposed to on Youtube so...

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I used to watch anime on tv as a kid so my parents would often see it on the tv after 7pm. Whereas now I keep it to myself but my mum has seen my anime games and manga as has my dad, and they kind of encourage my yugioh hobby.

pretty much this

When I was a kid and watched dragon ball and sailor moon on tv they knew. Now I keep it to myself but I’m sure my parents have seen it at some point.

Jesus found out. He said I should watch pigeon blood. Fuck jesus.

Nah, closest thing to it was when my cousin saw my desktop with Kurisu wallpaper for like 1 second before I could open foobar and pretend I'm just listening to music

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Its not that I’m self conscious about liking anime, but if my parents knew that I’ve spent the past decade watching chinese cartoons and posting here they’d probably kick me out

Those days

>Blog thread
Back to Sup Forums

My brother walked in on me watching devilman crybaby and I asked if he wanted to watch with me (he said no)

Almost, but I managed to switch it to porn in time to avoid embarrassment.

What's this? Did you misspell it?

My mom once walked in on me fapping to those 30 seconds sample hentaiclips you'd download from Hentai mushroom or whatever.

I think she pretended not to see.

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i skipped prom night and graduation because literally no friends to watch stardust crusaders season 2. my parents laughed at me when they found out i was watching anime instead.

Almost everyone I know knows that I watch Anime why should I hide anything? Friend of mine even bought me one of those titty mousepats thinking that would embarrass me. Been using it ever since.

Yes but im not autistic enough to care

no, i live alone and only leave the flat to work and buy groceries. at work i don't talk with anyone beside saying hello and goodbye and when buying food i force a smile on my face and say thank you when she hands me the change

My sister is a weeb and yelled at me for watching Konosuba and Fate

>live in weeb country
>literally everyone watches or has watched anime
>mostly entry level shit
>I've a mediocre amount of anime watched by Sup Forums standards (>150 anime) but anime-god compared to them
>somehow chad bros find out and now everyone knows it
>everyboy asks for recs now
>tfw I'm the anime authority at college
Pretty cash, honestly

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let's see how much of a faggot pleb you are, recommend me 5 anime and i'll judge your taste

t. el especialista de anime

More than once since I'm a neet who lives with his parents. I don't really care anymore, probably going to kill myself soon anyways

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where do you live?

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>tfw no-one left to catch you

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Lucky Star


>tfw no one left to catch you

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My dad introduced me to anime.


Spot on

is it true that everyone there loves dragon ball?

let me guess, mexican?

The most normie of normies knows or watches DB here
DBZ is still broadcast on the daily on public TV
A number of cities are publicly broadcasting the final episode of DBS on plazas, squares and stadiums

Just so you get an idea

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Why though? is it just normie Japan over there?

>living at your parents place.

I did

>not living at your paren'ts place
>not hoarding neetbuxs
>not constantly reminding your parents the failure you are
I guess not everyone can be so lucky

Spirits and other entities that live around me probably notice that.

mexican watch any cartoon show that is on the TV; you can get to any taqueria and they are watching any shit that is on Channel 5; you can even see some Car workshops watching my little pony.

No idea. We're just genetically prone to loving shounenshit or something

if theres any anime to skip out on life for, its jojo

>all these open power-level fags
I am taking my anime interest to the grave with me

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A true Saiyan warrior displays his full power at all times

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Hello Alabaster

>Dad's visiting for a few days
>Watch SRW while he's out and he comes home in the middle of an episode
>"What are you watching son?" he asks as he sat down next to me
>Super Robot Wars
>little into the episode he looks at "I think I know what makes this war super" and jokingly elbows me a bit

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bros don't cuck bros, senpai
she's straight so it wouldn't work even if I wanted to

>hiding your power level
man up faggot

About 12 years ago, I had the urge to move out for that specific reason. It's surreal to think that anime was what originally motivated me to be a responsible independent adult

Some dude accidentally walked in my dorm room while I was decensoring my waifu's penis. He apologized, left and I never saw him again.

>my waifu's penis.

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of course
and getting caught watching Gurren Lagann is far easier to explain that getting caught watching Gochiusa
i think my old roommate saw my cache of loli hentai though, glad he didnt confront me about it

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never. In fact just this week 2 girls I work with talked about Dragon Ball Super for a half hour and I kept my power level hidden and disdain for those harlots hidden
truly i deserve a medal

>Playing some counter-strike
>Notice some lag
>Check router to see who's hogging up all the bandwidth
>It's my roommate but he's not home
>Open up his torrent to limit the download
>Nothing on the file list except hentai

When I was 14 my mom came in my room and tried to catch me looking at porn on my laptop
In reality I was watching Attack on Titan during the training arc

>was watching Attack on Titan
underage b&

No, and hopefully no one will ever find out.
Though I do sometimes wish I could link my friend some Yoko Kanno

One of my best memories of college was watching some Code Geass with friends and getting drunk. So I guess we all caught each other watching it?

Attack on Titan was five years ago.

no it wasn't

Get lost, beaner.

2013 is when it started
that makes user 19 or 18

My dad walked in on me drunkenly watching Please Rape Me with friends in Discord. Does that count?

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n-no it i-isn't

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You're old user, someday I will be old too, and in denial that last years shows are old

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Fuck I remember witnessing the first wave of cosplayers at my local con like it was yesterday.

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my whole family knows I watch anime, but they won't dare tease me about it because they know I'll tear their taste in shitty sitcoms and netflix movies to shreds, so the risk simply isn't worth a quick quip about japanese cartoons.

Yes. I don't watch much of the nsfw stuff.
It wasn't a problem.

this - parents are dead, no relationships in 15 years, live in a house with my two brothers and we all watch anime.

He means Urotsukidoji. The first tentacle rape anime ever iirc.

Who here is alpha enough to not need to hide his powerlevel?

Nigga i listen to weeb music in my job and discuss anime at lunch, the only bad part is that i live in a spic country so DBS is a hot topic and i couldn't give less of a shit about it.

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