So, we can all agree that she is the worst girl?

So, we can all agree that she is the worst girl?

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Yes, season 2 ruined her.

I love Kana Hana (please marry me) but Charlotte is annoying AF.
> Dat Reverse trap in S1 had my dick like diamonds tho
I still think Houki is a best too.

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But the Best Boy

S(he) should have stayed a boy.

None of them were really the worst, Houki included.

Onee-chan has already won

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Houki is one of the worst girl ever

I want to beat Charlotte and Cecilia senseless!

Of course, she's french

We can all agree that you're a faggot.


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Don't know why the author tried pushing her.


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better than a Brit

>voiced by Hanazawa

So you wanted her to stay as a reverse trap?

She's getting pushed again in volume 12.

Again? I wonder how many this guy pissed off by constantly pushing her.

Preview has her getting kidnapped, and a new girl gets introduced.

>Houki gets kidnapped
>New girl takes the spotlight
And this is pushing her how exactly?

Waifu flag- she'll get rescued, leading to relationship points with MC of course.

>Feds talking shit about Zeon

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I finally watched S2 recently and I actually got really mad at how hard Rin got shafted. I was going to be mad for Cecilia too but she ended up getting an episode to herself near the end. Pretty much all the girls got an episode to themselves, except Rin and I think Laura. Laura still appeared constantly and made up for it with consistent screentime. The most Rin got that I remember is the school festival scene with her China dress, and a 5 second scene where she tries to show Ichika her modeling pics before his sister kicks her out. What fired me up the most was the ep where they all take turns pleasing Ichika on his birthday, but Rin's gets stolen by the Chiwa Saito girl, and no one even cares, not even her. They, including Rin, act like they all got a fair shot when Rin didn't even get one. When they are waiting to hear who Ichika enjoyed the most, Rin is waiting as eagerly to hear as the other girls when SHE DIDNT EVEN GET A TURN. HE LITERALLY CANT PICK YOU. Even in the first episode, everyone but Rin got alone time with Ichika, unless you want to count him inviting her to the pool as alone time, which all the other girls got as well on top of the actual alone time. Rin's not even my favorite girl so I don't know why thinking about this is making me so mad. It's just so unfair how badly they treated her. Fuck IS.

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An annoying waifu flag really.

Shinononono Hohohohoki is the best

>tfw you will never get married and operate an illegal noodle stand to scrape by.

Why live?

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Because Rin IS shit. 4/5 of the girls are tsunderes and Rin being a classic one doesn't help her case.

Back to OP, Charlotte is the best girl by default, but I have nothing against Houki be Ichika's endgame.

Suck a cock, faggot.

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I'm fine with it if it means more IS action and moves the plot along. Love mai waifu all the same.

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>girls wear one piece battle suit
>guys were 2 piece

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been putting this off for years, should i just watch it ?

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She's a good Char clone

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Houki killed this show for me, Masou Gakuen did IS better than IS did to be honest.

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Tatenashi was shoehorned into the plot so hard it made me dislike her immediately. The "she's so cool she can treat people like garbage and they literally cannot dislike her for doing it" broke the camel's back for me. It's unbelievable such person can exist.

royal jelly was the best fake spoiler ever

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Yeah but if your waifu was shoved into your face enough, you'd start to hate her too.

>t. Lindy


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Ah I get you. Be a reverse trap in public, be a girl to the one she loves.

now ya get it!

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Is Madoka dead/exiled/disowned or something?

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Evil twin, or a clone probably.

I prefer my girls insane and able to summon SAM launchers at will.

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> It's because she's Chinese...
Low key best girl for real. IS don't deserve her.

She ruined herself

Houki > Tatenashi > Maya > Ling > Kanzashi > Tabane > Charlotte > Cecilia > Chifuyu > laucrap

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>Unmatching bra and panties

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