Märchen Mädchen

What happened to this show? Episode 8 aired 3 weeks ago. Where are episodes 9 to 12? Did they cancel the production? They can't let it end like that. I need my dose of Kagimura.

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It took a break to fix QUALITY. I'm pretty sure it returns this week.

Delayed until 22th.

I'm a fucking retard, I meant 22nd.


The studio is not very good at working continuously.

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I forgot I was watching this

Which is it??

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Show is so garbage not even koreans want to draw it, fucking hilarious.

Hazuki is a cute dork.

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the studio is composed of dorks, just like this show! Hahaha!

Does stuff like this even happen? lmao
How low on a budget can you be


It's not exactly low budget, Shirobako explains this but the tl;dw is poor work schedule.

It's a matter of schedule, not of budget.
And yeah, it happens. But often the studio doesn't delay broadcasting, they just broadcast shit, and hope that people will buy the BDs to see the anime as it was actually supposed to look.

it took a break so my cute autistic wife hazuki could have lots of sex with me

I see you missed out on Girls und Panzer.

Do they battle America next?

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Holy shit, why so long?

Because it's a Thursday show.

To fix the QUALITY I presume.

Do you feel happy about your life, my friend?

You can't fix work delays by throwing money on the problem. They're a matter of not enough manpower. Working in more staff looks like the obvious solution, but it takes weeks until they can work properly. And, even worse, you need to assign staff to work them in. Staff that you desperately need for the production.

Watch Kare Kano 19 to see what can be done with zero budget but sufficient manpower. They literally used cardboard cutouts on popsicle sticks as animation method.

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Old Gainax was the best.

I always thought the studios finished the whole show more than a month in advance and then they would broadcast it.
Am I retarded?

Yes, you are.

Just ignorant.

Adorably naïve.

I think only Kyoani does that and I would not bet on that. Apparently, back in the 70s, kids sent letters to the staff working on the yatterman anime with the ideas for the robot of the week.

They actually confirmed this in the original announcement.

That's the optimal case. In reality, things are a bit different. In the pic you see part of the "next episode"-preview for the final episode of Flip Flappers. One week before the airing date. Nothing but raw sketches. I wouldn't have bet on a punctual delivery. Death by overworking is a thing in the animation industry.

Forgot pic

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Muricans are boring, dumb and noisy. A fight against China would be much cooler.

I bet the finale will be against glorious 独国.

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Germany loses against Britain.

Why would a studio do everything at the last minute?
Considering all the money that goes into making any anime, wouldnt it be better to do stuff before hand? Animes are announced months in advance, they know their timeslots and the amount of episodes to make, arent the final weeks/months of a project just post production?
Any good source on how stuff is made because it seems very counterproductive and wasteful to leave everything so unfinished.

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>Why would a studio do everything at the last minute?
Because time is money.
>wouldnt it be better to do stuff before hand?
They start working long before the anime airs.

Watch Shirobako.

Watch Shirobako, my man.

>Apparently, back in the 70s, kids sent letters to the staff working on the yatterman anime with the ideas for the robot of the week.
That's pretty cool.

Translation of next episode preview and translation of audio drama preview quite a bit in recent years togetter.com/li/1042114

You can't fix delays by throwing money in, but when you don't have enough money to staff up it would cause problems like this to occur

they are dorks

>show about dorks made by dorks
Is the audience supposed to be dorks?

Well, yes.

Are you implying you're not a dork?

We're all dorks here

>Missed out
Pick one

>got tired of this in episode 7 because was too boring
>series hasn't aired cause QUALITY

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At least people stopped Umlautposting. These threads were unbearable recently.

Fück yöu.

>Which is it??

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