Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo

Stalker >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> President >= Childhood Friend

Chapter 5 dump I guess.{/spoiler]

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Oh shit this series, I thought this would never get updates.

Unfortunately these are google translated from spanish translations so... Things may be out from the source materia

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>Going for some pansy who cried over losing a game over clearly popular, attractive and slightly sociopathic MC
You fucking bet the stalker is better

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Reminder that the other two are bitches, the baseball guy is a twat and stalker and MC are the only two redeemable characters in the series.

To be fair it's pretty frustrating to have lost an important match.

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Ahh so you've read the LNs.

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My nipponese is pretty bad but I get by. And I can't into machine translation. I wished others could translate the LNs since they're fun

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t.Self insert fag.

That's a shame.

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Learn faster so you can translate them and be popular

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Where can I read this? Scanlations everywhere are atrocious.

It's a fucking hassle to do so though.

Unfortunately only spanish translations are up after chapter 5.

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Only spic language translations exist for chapter 5 and above.

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thank spics, fucking dammit, I can't even read chapter 3 in an intelligible language.

I fuckin knew it

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Make it popular

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Nigga be only after her body.

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How would you know that?

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Reading the LNs. God I hate his guts

Seeing him so buddy buddy with MC and seeing girls use the MC like some tool make me feel disgusted.

While I don't agree with his actions, I can sense his frustration.s

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The MC getting BTFO was hilarious, as were the threads when people read it for the first time

I'm pretty sure I read this chapter already a week or two ago and it didn't look like shit.

He's a fag for doing it to his bro when he himself did nothing wrong. Blame the bitch not him.

What did he exactly do in the LNs? I heard MC calls out childhood friend and the president for their bullshit but I don't know what the baseball guy does.

It gets revealed that Taiyou was an assshole at the beginning because he was using the feelings of Himawari and Cosmos to mess with the MC's life basically because Taiyou likes Panji and because long time ago the girl that Taiyou liked used him just to get closer to the MC. Long story short Taiyou wants revenge.

Well that got interesting.

Taiyou got cucked to death.

>good at tennis

Megane girl a cute!

is this the series where MC gets cucked to death?

No this isn’t go toubun

He actually cucks his best friend

Does the MC steal the two girls from him?

I'll dump LN covers by Buriki, OP posted first so starting from 2nd

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>Big ass titties

S-stalker girl?

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Ah I see, then she really is main girl then.

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Manga adaptation volume 1

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The other girls entered the race too late. Panji is pretty much guaranteed to win


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titty monster

And latest LN volume, no idea who is this

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Wasn't he in love with those two?

He got tired of their bullshit and they're both thots

I swear I read this chapter a week ago and it had better translations

anyway good to see this thread OP last thread about this series was like a year ago or so it was pretty entertaining with all those spoilers

>No LN Translations

Joro's too good for those two bitches anyway.

>Reading spanish translations
>This page
Stalker is playing 5D chess.

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How many chapter behind raws are English scans?

Like 7 I think

>Stalker >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> President >= Childhood Friend
Good man