I don't understand. This show has

I don't understand. This show has
>good character designs
>great visual
>fun story
Yet it's still considered one of the worst KyoAni show, if not the worst. Why? What was wrong with it?

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These days you need a meme girl like Rem or Megumin to sell a harem or romcom anime. The girls were shit and forgettable.

You forgot good animation, the thing is that is was still shit for some reason.

I liked it
This and Amaburi are my favorite kyoani shows

>meme girl
Your life is a shitty meme by the way.

Garbage character writing and ugly oversaturated colors.

Ugly character writing and garbage oversaturated colors

Maybe the protagonist is too handsome for a harem anime thus otakus couldn't self-insert.

Fujo wanted more swimming half naked boys, moefags wanted more K-ON!, people with insomnia wanted more Hyouka. Regular fanservice? You can get that from any other studio.

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Chuu-2 was the worst but it sold well so fags will defend it.

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>anti-lolicon pioneer studio puts in a loli
>just to shit on her and lolicons even further by denying any fanservice of her

W-what about Nichijou?

No demand whatsoever for the genre.

Monster of the week show with weak writing. Mary Sue protagonist surrounded by a shallow cast. Premise is ironically generic because of how different it tries to be, bleeding it into shitty battle harems when KyoAni is at its best somewhere close to mundane.

:( It's one of my favourite anime ever made, and the manga/anime franchise I've spent the most on to support it

Only S2 was the worst. S1 was pretty good with a proper ending. S2 failed to follow up and fucked up everything.

>Fun story
No, and half of the designs are bad and boring.

Nope, both were terrible.

The Fairy was the only good thing about it

Don't use emoticons on Sup Forums

I hate reina and kurumi is a shit tier loli

I dropped it after 2 or so episodes because it was boring me, but I want to get back to it at some point.

The Fairy was the best thing about it.


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Same difference

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>good character designs
>great visual
>fun story
Just admit you haven't watched the show at all.

>fun story
It didn't, though. If you're going to blatantly lie, then you can make any trash show seem good.

Better than VEG

It's a fun show and the LNs are fun and engaging as well.

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Forced loli.

Funny enough, this anime is way better than VEGetale.

I bet you hate Ryuuou no Oshigoto as well.

Kurumi was a token loli. Also KyoAni lolis are more the daughteru type. And even then, you got to see her in a swimsuit.

>Forced x
I want this meme to die

Everybody who loves lolis won't be certainly pleased with an adaptation that tries to shove a piece of shit down your throat

>Also KyoAni lolis are more the daughteru type
They are more the "look we can't lewd lolis, fuck off lolicons, they are just like pets" kind of shit.
This too, Ryuuou no Oshigoto adaptation is pretty anti-lolicon itself. KyoAni's influence rubbing off maybe.