This might be the worst scene in anime history

This might be the worst scene in anime history

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I watched SAO back in high school or middle school so I don't remember much. Was SAO actually as bad as Sup Forums says?

I decided to watch it just because Sup Forums says it's so fucking shit but it's just cliche and boring instead for the most part. The production values are good though



You are but a whee bab. Watch this:

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I liked it, the elf world stuff was a bit boring until it beats you with feels, GGO was cool as was the first half of season 1.
I'm not sure if the show was predictable, I'm a fortune teller, or both but multiple times throughout both 1 and 2 I would say something would happen just seconds from it happening, example would be the tail grab scene during the Excalibur arc. I don't get the amount of hate that the show gets though.

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>Ideon reference
It's multi-layered and entertaining

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It was pretty meh

it was off screen so its alright

And to think it was preceded by the best.

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Sorry OP, hating SAO has stopped giving you cool guy points here quite a while ago. Try again.

Strong beginning and premise with a nice character arc for Asuna and some side characters. Starts to drop off thereafter, with increasingly silly villains and almost laughable attempts to make Kirito VR Jesus. The strong first half, unabashed waifubait that is Asuna and decent production values were apparently enough to let it have a lasting footprint. Going by the threads, nowadays its just lorewanking and posting your waifus from the gameverse.

based watch more anime poster

If he was in high school by the time SAO aired he would be in his early 20s now you mathlet.

>in high school when SAO aired

Jesus Christ

I was starting my Masters when that happened, and am now in the last leg of my PhD. But I've always seen that as one "chapter" in my life. The idea that people who are old enough to post on Sup Forums were literally children back then is fucked up.

no. it's a fine anime.

op, if that is the worst scene ever, you must have only watched masterpieces or something

yup 22

what is your PhD in?

>the show that help save anime or atleast made it become more mainstream

Sup Forums can be full of cucks somtimes as 2 of the 3 big three was endding shows like SAO help

Umm, no.

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Vertebrate Paleontology

Life goal is to name at least one new species after my waifu. Just have to decide weather I want to use the German or Japanese name

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ASADASAN and elf rape were worse.

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Is it wrong I want to fuck Kirto?

not at all

I'd insert myself into that if you know what I mean

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If you name something after Suigintou, I will pray for you every night until I die.

It's not the fucking worse thing ever, but its pretty medicore at best.
>Having the Blandest MC in a long fucking while and a equally paper thin cast doesn't fucking help
>Plot is kind of just there untill Fairy Dance where it just shits the bed forever.
>Great first 3 episodes leading into disappointment makes it a miserable experience

>Life goal is to name at least one new species after my waifu
Godspeed, user. Fuck, take me back to those days of shitposting and tripfagging as Junk on Desuchan.

Dude, people younger than me exist, lmao

Do they really though? Do people even exist?

Someone post it

So, she was undressing thinking they were going to have sex, yes?
That implies that having sex was possible in SAO, right?

>hating SAO has stopped giving you cool guy points here
Only newfags hated SAO here, its just a mediocre anime with decent music and animation there are plenty of worse anime every season.

And yet faggots keep posting about it.