Spotted Flower ch. 22

I miss my cute pregnancy manga.

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>tfw you are so autistic that you end having sex with a tranny the day your son is born

It wasn't that bad.

more like the tranny had sex with you

Japanese trannies get fake tits? I thought they just were traps

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getting fucked in the ass is not passive thing, user

They go to Thailand to get them.

if you only dress you are a trap, if you have technological augmentation you are a tranny

That one Transgirl in Moyashimon just wore a dress.

Cuter than his wife, good choice.

The wife was a slut, though. She ate some dude (or dudes)'s cum, but wouldn't do it for her husband.

She did try to blow her husband but the guy couldnt cum. Dude is just pathetic.

Does being fucked in the ass by a trannie while your wife is in the clinic with your new born baby count as a cheating?

It's an anal so it doesn't count.

>She did try to blow her husband but the guy couldnt cum
No, she was about to start, but her blowing, as in blowing out a candle, on the penis made him so excited that he prematurely ejaculated.

But, aside from that, she acknowledges that he's never nutted inside her mouth, while other guys have, despite him receiving blow jobs from her occasionally

>MC faps to trap porn
>people are surprised when he turns out to be a homo that gets fucked in the ass
You have no one to blame but you if you thought it would go in any other direction.

So he can now write a book titled as "How I become gay because I couldn't cum inside my wifes mouth".

I fap to JAV porn, it doesn't mean I'd go out and fuck some Japanese lady while my wife was giving birth. Especially when my life up to that point was a charming tale of a quirky married couple with no crippling drama even hinted at.

Yeah but the guy was clearly gay. It was just a matter of time.

She(he) still identifies as a man. What a shame. I root for her(him).

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He calls himself a girl trapped in a guy's body, which is tranny talk. She also uses the woman's bath

Nobody ever talks about how poor Yajima also got cheated on.

Her husband was a piece of shit for the whole manga. He blatantly refused to understand her sexual needs, and then had the gall to ask for a blowjob.

I want to go back to the anime club.
From a bunch of otaku doing cute otaku things to Madarame cheating on his wife with a trans.
What the fuck is the deal with this author, man?

Yajima is the ex-fatty that is in a relationsip with Hato, not the wife.

I have to admit that I could never get into Genshiken

Enjoy your vile NTR drama.

I think it's more important to know if it's gay or not

man, this chapter made me recall that porn video of Wonder Woman.

Yeah, pretty gay, since you're smuggling someone's cock up your ass. Arguably not gay if he fucked a tranny asshole, depending on if he gave "her" a reach around or not

>sequel was fujoshit
Lord, tell me why!

>genshiken was full of bullshit NTR drama, but this work by the same author with the same characters will be good and pure for sure
You fucking idiots

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Which one is the gayer side, the one that fucks the ass, or the one that gets fucked in the ass?

The getting fucked, obviously. Fucking something that sort of looks like a girl is way more straight than getting fucked by a pOnOs.

Getting fucked in the ass with a girl with a strap on is 100% not gay, though

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Yes it is. Submitting to a woman is ten times as gay as submitting to a man, and a hundred times as gay as dominating a man.

>The getting fucked, obviously.
user, you gotta realize that in order to fuck someone in the ass, you need to get hard first.

men weren't made to take things inside their asses. BTW women neither. Anal sex is a social construct.

I'm assuming the sex is consensual. Obviously, getting raped by a tranny isn't gay.
A woman is a woman, though. A man having sex with a woman is straight, even if she's sticking a footlong plastic dong in your colon.

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The husband is so fucking vile. The wife went above and beyond to try and get him to fuck her while pregnant, even trying his cosplay idea to have it blow up in her face. She literally just gave birth to their child and yet the fact that her ex was congratulating her is what stuck with the husband the most? How insecure and childish. Then he proceeds to get fucked next to his newborns crib. Literally kill him.

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Then why the fuck is prostate stimuli a thing?
Is an involuntary reaction a social construct too?
Did our ancestors stick things up their butt in hope that future generations would feel pleasure in having a schlong shvoed up their poophole?

>Then why the fuck is prostate stimuli a thing
Because it's tied into the process of ejaculation.

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A coincidence exploited by human creativity?

And as such is incredibly sensitive to outside touch and pleasurable?
An organ that for all intents and purposes should be out of reach in copulation because who the fuck would stick a finger up someone's butt when you just want to make kids?

if you need prostate stimuli to get hard and cum, you are not gonna make it

That's exactly why I'm asking

I don't even know what you're arguing for. The intelligent design of Sodomy?

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I'm not arguing for anything, I'm legit wondering why is it a thing

The prostate has smooth muscle which when stimulated help a man ejaculate. Some men's prostates can significantly react to mechanical stimuli, like being poked with a cock, enough to cause an orgasm. Not every man can get off by getting buttfucked. It's not like a clitoris, the sexual gratification of direct prostate stimulation is completely coincidental.

>Not every man can get off by getting buttfucked.
I assume you actually tested it thoroughly before making claims like this?

You assume correctly. Now, bend over

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What a fucking wild coincidence then

>being this butthurt

For science

I don't need to taste shit to know I won't like it

Like all of life is a big coincidence. The fact that stimulating an integral part of the ejaculatory mechanism can stimulate an ejaculation isn't really that big of a stretch.

You don't even need a prostate to like anal. Plenty of girls like it

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This garbage was a mistake.

Madarame has always been a garbage human being.
Not surprising, honestly.

I thought people were trolling here when they talked about this earlier. The manga is completely ruined

Traps aren't trannies

But he's been fucked by a trannie. In his ass.

How is that related to traps?
!Hato is a Newhalf in Spotted Flower

Its kinda funny how Genshiken used to be on recommendation list, until part II.

Now I think about it, she wants to just write Yaoi and Genshiken at start was a fluke.

>she wants to just write Yaoi

I was pretty sure the author was a women, I was mistaken.
Still stands, he just wants to write Yaoi

Reminder that if Madarame can cheat on Saki in this timeline, he’ll definitely cheat on Sue in the original timeline.

The lack of references in part 2 for that part pretty much shows the author couldn't write it even if he wanted.
So instead we got the weird not being able to draw it unless wearing female underwear plot.

>translator quit after the cheating chapter
god dammit

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Where’d they say that?

Well, the manga stopped being translated right after that part.

it seems like japs think that all gays are "girls trapped in a guy's body" thats why they are portrayed as okamas,so I dunno

Madarame deserves a punch on the dick, but I’m still curious about what’ll happen next because in Genshiken, Saki’s always found a way to bail Madarame out. This time the person he fucked over was Saki herself, so how’s she going to take it?

it's kind of weird when every chapter the author keep reinforcing that 'she' is a he.

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After this, Hato brags about cheating on her girlfriend... to her girlfriend. And the girlfriend kind of brushes it aside for fujoshi fantasy than reacting like a human being who’d get mad if their significant other betrayed them.

I really wonder what happened to Kio Shimoku or if he just doesn’t consider fujoshi as people who have feelings.

>his girlfriend

Fujoshi are rotten

>he just doesn’t consider fujoshi as people who have feelings
He's right, they don't.

I remember in the first Genshiken, that Oguie had a whole arc about how shipping people in real life had consequences.

And now it’s like Kio forgot all about that.

The child isn't his right?

He wants to believe it isn’t his so he can justify getting fucked in the ass because he couldn’t handle his wife having an ex-boyfriend.

No, it wasn't at least the first part, nidaime was a mistake

I never asked for this.

Genshiken was absolutely fine and beloved. Nidaime fucking shat all over that. Spotted Flower felt like it was comfy and drama-free, for a change, but of course Kio Shimoku will drop the ball on it too because he just can’t let his fans be happy. His new choir series will probably devolve to cheating and teen pregnancy too.

a lot of GenZ kids are saying the same

I wonder if he's bitter that no one except Hatofags liked Nidaime.

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Not my proudest fap

>cute pregnancy manga
>ex hanging around the wife despite not appearing for most of the manga
>convinced the kid isnt his
>fucks a trap for some reason

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>How is that related to traps
Traps are dudes. Hati despite the funbags is still a dude.

Fapping to traps is gay. This means you are OK with bringing gay shut into your bedroom. We now see that a man who likes traps specifically called a transexual friend over with the intention of having gay sex with them. Ultimately this resulted in his sodomy.

Right next to the crib of his newborn child. Traps lead down a dark path

its just a joke/ribbing that gets lost in translation, culturally I mean.

If even posible to recieve a dick correctly in the first time ?


Nonhato is not a trap, he is a full shemale now.

The side chapter with tranny Hato complaining about his fake tits sweating was the point of no return.

Yet another reason why I'm so glad Spotted Flower is an alternate timeline.

>Oh geez it seems people really enjoy my manga about a cute couple of an otaku and a pregnant wife that wants to have sex. HOW DO I RUIN IT?

>I know! Let's make it so he's a COMPLETE AND UTTERLY spineless faggot that not even once ever tried to have sex with his hot wife, all the while masturbating like crazy to anything that moves. Oh, and when the baby is born, he gets fucked in the ass by his tranny friend

Why do japanese authors always do this shit?

To be fair, the most intense ejaculation I've EVER HAD was when I fapped with a finger on my butt. I literally, not even kidding here, had my hips moving on their own.

It was hilarious to see people here actually defending his cheating

>w-w-w-w-well she had an EX-BOYFRIEND! That means it's fine for him to cheat on her! Also getting fucked in the ass

That's what happens when you watch too much porn user. As unpleasant to read as it might be.

With how terrible Nidaime is, does it even matter?

They didn't do anything to prepare for it, so Hato got shit all over his dick and made a sludge of shit, cum, and probably blood because Madarame was an anal virgin and tense as fuck.

>It was hilarious to see people here actually defending his cheating
It's because some people who come here legitimately forget that for all the shitposting, you don't actually have to subscribe to the "used goods" line of reasoning. Obviously some people were memeing, but you really have to wonder just how many that came to any of those threads were.

>yasuhiko yoshikazu
Isn't that Mobile Suit Gundam's character designer?