Why do you people like her so much?

Why do you people like her so much?

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her feet.

Because in our hearts, we are all heroes.

I love feet so she's the best.

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I almost want to watch it just for her feet.


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>02fags are all Sup Forumstard crossboarder
Really makes you think

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virgin used good

Takes one to know one

>tripfag with shit taste is ALSO a footfag

it never ends, does it?

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Do you browse other boards all day just so you can find instances of 02 being posted there?
>really makes you think
What's that supposed to mean? You probably post more outside of Sup Forums than within Sup Forums. Please lurk 2 years before posting.

because people like quality.

I have a few reasons.

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I find her interactions with the MC to be entertaining.

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The horns, right?

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She is my hair inspo


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Darling, come to bed.

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Because she's the best girl.

She is an arrogant bitch
I hate her
>UGU Daling am I kawaii desu
Her character design aren’t even original
Literally just a copy of that F/GO Oni slut

>so mad

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Her carefree, rebellious nature is juxtaposed against the sterile, cold world she's rebelling against (an analogous world to the lives of most of Sup Forums)
Specifically, the world she lives in is obfuscating physical intimacy to the rest of the main cast, and she introduces it to the MC in a chaotic, sporadic and exciting way; kind of like most of Sup Forums wish their teenage years unfolded.
On top of that, she has a layer of mystery surrounding her origin, so I suppose you add all that together, and you have a potent formula

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Because people are Philistines.

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Honey and feet are a powerful combo

Because my queen loves her

They've been infected with Dino aids.

Kill yourself

>That image

Nice Devilman reference :^)

I want to lick her fangs while I french kiss her and tell her I love monsters

>Cool design
>Smug as shit
>Not a tsundere
>Thirsty for love from her husbando
Is there a reason to not like her?

>nigger lover
this explains so much