manga that were close to being a masterpiece but fell through

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All the masterpieces are made by a writer + illustrator pair.

It was a happy ending at least.

LO was far from it

BAA was close, the ending of BAA sucks ass

until volume 5 it was fucking kino then it sinks like the titanic, i was mad the first time i read it

Last Order really killed my interested in Alita with that overlength tournament arc even if it had a couple interesting things hidden in that pile of shit.

Zekka + Sechs fight and banter saved LO. For me anyways.

It literally was a masterpiece apart from the last couple of chapters. Even then it's just rushed, not that bad. It's easily at the forefront of action manga.
LO and MC are pretty mediocre, though.

>WSJ rejects saved a mediocre manga

>volume 5
How? The mid-to-late volumes are by far the strongest parts.

>happy ending
It didn't end at all

He's pretending LO and MC don't exist, which is understandable.

gunnm was not even close to being an average manga.

Billy Bat. Really flubbed it in the last chapters. Urasawa needs to get control of his Pyrrhic victory fetish.

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hat do you consider a masterpiece, or close to masterpiece then?

>Fire Punch
it got potential but it was a boring mess

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maaaaaaaaaaaaaan what happened????

It started as a boring shounen tier garbage and became a funny trainwreck not even the author knew where would stop. Aka it got at least entertaining.

Boys on the Run was really fucking good
but like said except cuck fetish

I liked Devilman until I read the 43534 sequels and side stories. it ruined it for me
Devilman Sage is recycled garbage

7Seeds had potential, but then one or two arcs reminded me I was reading a shoujo with the BL bullshit

Aku no Hana was a masterpiece until my second read when I was over 18

At least it was a fun trainwreck, trainwreck manga and anime are pretty rare and I love them.

I only read the first two chapters back then. what makes it a fun trainwreck? is it the absurd action or the plot gets ridiculous? I might pick it up again

Aku no Hana after the protag almost sudoku.

Grimoire is fun for the solve reason that Miki actually gets to do something.

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I think I enjoyed it because story constantly progresses and it's just something different compared to standart shounen #4398

Fire Punch was so absurd and that's why I loved it.
All different types of people with abilities, the main character Agni being literally too pissed off to die, Doma being a human torch that kills anything he burns, and all other regenerators thrown into the mix.
When the city burns was max hype, but even then it didn't stop the train.
There were no breaks built into this train.
The feels bout losing his sister and wanting to see the world when it's warm again.
The kid who pretends to be Agni's friend and film the entire thing, but really he's the one starting a bunch of shit. It's crazy.
The whole dang manga was a gosh darn "what happens next?" for me.

Was this the one where the mangaka died?

what's this from?

Fumetsu no Anata and Koe no Katachi.

Fumetsu had a greta first chapter, everything else is just a repetitive tragedyporn.

Koe no Katachi had a great concept (how a bully thinks), but the development was just forced drama with an ex-machina ending.

HxH and Haikyuu!!

Also there are a lot of plot twists but they are not predictable or convenient and boring like in some other manga.

I know your generation is dumb as bricks but have you tried using common sense?

>only read the first two chapters
Oh man, you missed out. The trainwreck that it is only had rails for so long then someone welded a plane engine too it and let it fly

gunnm manga

Shamo if you delete and forget everything after Sugawara fight

what are you doing on a board for young autists?

yeah, it should've ended with something less stupid and edgy. it was a great ride though

World's End Harem if it went the actual harem/breeding route and not become a soap box anti-government drama

You obviously meant before

Stay on your containment board, subhuman.

That author writing is that full of dramaporn. The first two acts of Fumetsu no Anata are great but when Fushi started to gain agency and became a character on his own instead of a plot device, it's now just ''all my friend is dead, dying or going to die''.
And I don't even know where to start with Koe no Katachi. The one-shot is fantastic and the first few acts are pretty decent on its own. Maybe the appearance of those annoying secondary characters that drop the ball for me.

Claymore for me, but at least ended.
MiA soon to be.

The worse part is that you're serious

He's not 100% wrong. The Alita we all know and love stayed on Earth with her love, right? Happy ending for her.
The one on Mars is just a copy, iirc.

Suffering Loli Erica aka Mars Chronicale is a Masterpiece.

This was a masterpiece in the making.... R.i.p

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come on aku no hana was shit the whole way through

I think series like that are great if you don't read the authors other works, because they write the same shit so it loses its spark

Don't know if you can call this a masterpiece but Bastard!! was one of the most entertaining manga I ever read until that bible/angel crap started and that whole genre, tone and style switch.

Is this the one where the mangaka died?

you are just too retarded.

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Sidooh had a promising start but turned shit once the MCs grew up

Literally could have ended the chapter before Kanna became the MC and it would have been perfect

Kenji turning hobo was a mistake

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The true mistake was asspulling a second Friend for no fucking reason only to drag that shit off.

>implying Kanna isn't your cool teenage dream gf
It went downhill after 2nd friend reveal but I still enjoyed it anyway

Indeed. But the pannel with Friend saying "Kenji-kun. Let's plaaaayy." near the end was pretty boner-inducing.
I'd like a Friend shirt.

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Urusawa just can't write endings. I don't know why or how it came to be but he just can't.

Tokyo Ghoul

Kyoko was.
They're all pretty great to be honest.

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Not even close, manga barely started and it's already wa full of annoying shit like cyborg races and shit.
I honestly liked vampire short part more, and it was so damn stupid and felt out of place, yet it it's certainly went out much better, because it's actually had more coherent storytelling.

you can buy them

hobo kenji was cool for a while.

I'll never understand why it the author ended it that way.

In what way this piece of shit was close to being a masterpiece?

It was obviously just too smart for you.

Back then, 15 or 20 years ago, when anime and manga was really new to most Westerners, cyberpunk stuff was awesome and deep and philosophical and other kind of awesome shit, because it was totally fresh and rare.
Nowadays, it's of course extended past its expiration date, and it never ends, just like eternal superhero cape comics.

Or in short, it was a different generation.

No, it was obviously too poorly written for me, unless you're capable of proving otherwise, which you're clearly not.

Pluto's ending was really excellent. I agree with you for all of his other works though.

What do you consider a masterpiece, or close to masterpiece then?

Reread it recently and i can confirm. Pluto's great.



I don't know? XXXHolic? I haven't read it in ages but I remember being content with it. Other than that Real, Me and the Devil Blues, Innocence. But none of them are finished, so they might shit the bad eventually, if they do end that is.

Another thing I hated with that series was how these popular figures were somehow in contact with the bat. it bugged me for some reason

Lee Harvey Oswald arc was great though.

Go read your Fairy Tale and Jojo, brainlet.


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I think I'll pass on recommendations from a retard who thinks that Alita was anything than an incoherent pile of hot garbage.

The ending was good, though. What else could be a more fitting punishment than having to live the rest of your life knowing you're a shit person?

>manga that were close to being a masterpiece but fell through

The original BAA IS a masterpiece. The ending is just rushed.

The sequels are shit, both story and art though.

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i loved it for so long, but it really should have ended around the fire punch

Pluto was mostly written by Tezuka AFAIK, which would explain that.

XXXholic is mildly enjoyable trash that becomes less enjoyable as it progresses

So basically Alita?

At least it's enjoybale at some points, can't say the same about Alita.

original was great.

Last order turned it into a shit shonen

Currently enjoying martian loli adventures. although those parts with shitty nova ripoff are big meh

>ending anything decently


I thought the ending to Punpun was great, but I could understand why people wouldn't like it

Spirit Circle
Fortuna was hyped up so much and then turned out to be super bland.

A weak villain isn't necessarily a weak ending, user. And Spirit Circle's ending was great.

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I drooped BAA when the human dude who could kill robots with his bare hands showed up.

Still was pretty nice, especially the way all arcs responded to each other.
I'd say the future arc probably lasted too long even if the pay-off was great.

so what you're saying is...
miura has a ghostwriter?

I honestly think the first half was better than the entirety of Blame! which was already great, but in the second half Nihei’s art went to shit and got way less detailed and what should have been at least another 5 volumes minimum was crammed into 2 volumes and it was basically just storyboards for what should have gone there. You could always pretend it ends at chapter 38 or 39 I guess.

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Might be the first time fp was not bp

you can tell he was thirsty for those fpbp (you)s

I don't get the hype for this manga

part 1 was 10/10
timeskip was 7/10
and that final timeskip to the end was 4/10 and the ending was so bad.

>I don't get the hype for this manga
>part 1 was 10/10

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