Which is the superior design choice, girls who look like boys or boys who look like girls?

Which is the superior design choice, girls who look like boys or boys who look like girls?

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>girls who look like boys

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Why choose?

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Girls who look like boys.

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Girls who look like boys because its not gay


>like girls who look like boys
>go to heaven when i die
>like boys who look like girls
>get tortured in hell for all eternity when i die
pretty obvious moral choice, do not reply to this post without permission.

fundies go away

I gave you exactly one instruction and you were not capable of following it. Clearly your homosexuality has made you retarded as well

Reverse traps, because you get that eromenos aesthetic but with a vagina and (deliciously flat) boobs.

I do like standard traps as well, but I like girls more than boys in terms of functionality

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The first is supposed to fuck other girls. The second is supposed to get fucked by men.

Girls who look like boys, but dress like this.

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Girls who look like boys, because sometimes you get characters like Felix, who is ugly.

The vagina makes it worse but the dick makes it better.


/y/ you say that, user?

Both are gay

The problem with the boys that look like girls is that they're still nothing more but girls that talk like girls, act like girls, are voiced by girls and dress like girls. You're just being told that they have an ochinchin for some
>I haz dicks
joke, but it's still nothing more but a girl doing girl things. You never see the dick that they have, they never use it, you never see them having sex with the girls that are girls, so the claim that the boys who look like girls are really boys is worthless and never plays a role at all.

Abe likes both

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How do you feel about boys who look feminine enough to fap to but still look distinctly male enough so it doesn't look like you're just fapping to a girl with a dick?

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>Girls who like like boys that look like girls aren't an option

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*look like
Although girls that are into traps would be interesting.


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Guy guy guys. What if we make an anime about a girl who looks like a boy and she ends up falling in love with a boy who looks like a girl?

The best kind. Fuck all traps who don't have some identifiable masculinity.

Trap on reverse trap is hot as fuck and there needs to be more of it.


Girls who look like cats

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But you don't get it, each of them is secretly gay, and discover that they person they have a crush on is actually the other gender. It's a perfect twist

Cats that look like girls is better.

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No. Traps are only to fuck and be fucked by guys. Reverse traps are women and can be used as holes by both men and women.

What if the trap is getting fucked by the reverse trap with a strapon?


Obviously tomboys and reverse traps. Any other answer means you are a homolord of gayfaggotry.
Traps are only good when they're fucking girls.

>but with a vagina

>Fucking girls
Shit taste, shut the FUCK up

You have a brain tumour

>thinking that holes shouldn't be used anyhow

Stop posting anytime.

>white knight
Do you think holes will offer themselves up because you're defending them?

Girls who are boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they're girls
Who do girls like they're boys

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A gentleman of refined taste, I see.

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Girls who look like boys. I'm probably a latent homosexual, but Nozomi makes me fucking diamonds.

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snek best girl

Nice legs and ass, for a snek.

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Body built for sex.

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I want to fuck that horse.

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If I get Isekai'd, I think I'll try to get turned into a slime monster, just in case.

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Be prepared to get tiltowait'd for 10 to 100 points of damage.


Girls who look like boys who look like girls.

Victor/Victoria, are you on the Interweb again?

Reverse traps have less overt feminine qualities that give themselves away, such as the eyelashes, the size and shape of the eyes, the mouth and lips, and their overall body shape, without having to rely on "THIS MEANS FEMALE" traits like enormous chests or long, flowing hair. Regular traps, on the other hand, are all aspects of femininity besides the enormous chest taken to the extreme, to a level most actual girls don't reach, and if they did, would be seen as a ridiculous archetypal non-character. Traps like are respectable from a storytelling perspective, but they account for maybe 1% of traps in anime today.

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Boys who look like boys.

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Worth it for a chance to fondle the Himespheres.

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That's true.
It leads to a new permeation of Reverse Reverse traps, where you have the typical "looks exactly like a girl but is a boy, promise" character that is revealed to actually be a girl because of course they fucking are.

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girls who look like boys.
Because I can still impregnate them.

Girls who look like boys

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Please no that's already 90% of reverse trap porn. It's impossible to find more than a handful of vanilla reverse trap dickings.

There's been a lot of posting about reverse trap lately. That's good, keep it up.

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Sasuga Abe-sama

Fem-sneks that look like boys, but don't have any boys of their own.

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It's actually the opposite, though.

I want to rub my face in tbe cat faggot's armpits.

Girls who look like boys.

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