Amagami SS 9th Anniversary

>no Amagami thread on its anniversary

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Post your Holy Trinity

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Wrong picture.

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>Cleared all routes and endings in the Vita version
Time well spent, if I say so.
Haruka is the loveliest.

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Can you read moon runes user or the english translation is finished?

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Triple Kaoru

>Watch Amagami SS
>they never burn down any Belorussian villages

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>one of them is wearing a Tommy helmet

Which ama would you gummy?

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Quarter British.

a spy!


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Depends on my mood it can be one of these.

So that make 9 yrs I've been avoiding this.

What's her appeal?

Foreigner cowtit.


How good is KimiKiss compared to Amagami?

Amagami is more erotic.

>Creator has been hinting a yuri untitled romance project in the works

Might be good

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>Slutneki destroyed the franchise the creator has resorted to garbage yurishitting

Haruka is the best

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Did Enterbrain peak with that game?
Their other works have been shait.


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No U

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The first two were probably responsible for my competition swimsuit fetish

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Enjoy your stub, user.

It was magic

even if she's boring or looks normal, to these days this makes me cum so much

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Can't fap to sexhair, she always looks too messed up for me.


You got this user.

I only need Ayatsuji-san.

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I thought this was a webm.

Sex hair

Move sex hair to the top of the list, then read the first letters of each line. The answer is clear.

Rihoko was a waste of a route, the tea club girls should have gotten one or at least the weirdo chick.

Give the childhood friend tag to Kaoru.

you just did user

I want to put a baby in her so fucking bad

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Get working on that Christmas challenge, I believe in you

Miya, Hibiki, Sensei

But they're all perfect in their own special way.

Don't worry user, I have a 2-year plan in the works. Hopefully I'll get to Japan before the normalfags shit up the place during the olympics.

>9 years

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I don't have a holy trinity, but here's my Divine Duo.

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*nishishi~s your path*

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I want more but theres nothing more like that.

I've watched this too many times.

Seiren was better Obviously joking, but can you imagine people actually having that opinion, I don't know if it's more tragic or funny

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Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person with nothing to hide.

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I really do think Seiren was better than Kimikiss.

I know it's shallow, but the dyke hair style she gets in the future knocked her out of my top 3. I can deal with her "true" self, but not that shit.

I want her to ni-ni my dick

Why didn't they just append Seiren to Amagami?

Really? Because I think even Photo Kano was better than Seiren. PK's main problem was it wasn't given 24 episodes like the first season of Amagami. With Seiren, even if we got the other 12 episodes, I don't think it would have fixed it's numerous problems. At best, half the girls were just passable, the others were completely uninspired

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Photokano>Seiren>Kimikiss. Photokano was just kind of average, to the point where I don't even remember much about it. But I do remember being frustrated with the other two.


Kimikiss' problem is they added another protagonists and then had two girls get BTFO =by losing.

I think the girls themselves were pretty good. They should do a proper omnibus anime of Kimikiss

Also. Why the fuck are you guys using spoiler tags?

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Soon brothers

>They should do a proper omnibus anime of Kimikiss
Make it happen. I need a happy ending for Sakino so that I can put the anime behind me forever.
Or I'll finally get to my backlog and just read the VN.

>Also. Why the fuck are you guys using spoiler tags?

Peer Pressure

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Kimikiss: Pure Rouge is a drama series that just uses characters from Kimikiss. The Taro Shinonome manga has the omnibus factor that I was missing from the anime.

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At least the childhood friend was cute and won hard.

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I only watched the sequel parts of the girls I liked.

>childhood friend won
This picture is useless now.

Shouichi manned up in Kyoko's route. It's almost like a different player took over the controls and made the more confident decisions.

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He was pretty different in all 3 routes.

True, a shame that Slutty Poochie had to taint that arc as much as she did though. If anything, I really hope the staff learned a lesson from that. The cameo's in Amagami worked because they were short, and evenly dispensed among all the girls. Like, I love Haruka, but if she was showing up THAT often in the other girls arcs, and was given THAT much focus in their stories, I would start to get annoyed.

Also, was that rumor ever confirmed that the reason they were pushing Slutty Poochie so much was because her VA was popular?

Someone please explain this one to me, what's with the mod's post?

Best girl/route

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I thought the show had too much deer.

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The series is shit anyway

I like her for her route was shit

I want to make 7/8ths Asian babies with Haruka.

Not sure what's to understand here. Based mods approved of Sexhair by making posts using formats that users can't use.


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If you want to talk about the anime, Kimikiss split the VN protag into two people and instead of going through the omnibus format it did it's own original story which involved one of the main girls going out with some anime original character who actually wasn't a bad person himself but you can imagine the reception the anime got because of it . It was also late 2000s JC Staff and hasn't aged particularly well in the visuals.

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Amagami yuri season might be fucking cool. Right now yuri is booming.

Most of the Photokano girls were surprisingly decent but yeah, wasting 4 episodes on the common route and main girl, then giving every other girl 1 episode and made the kisses BD only was a bad idea. Stupid Madhouse.

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I want to impregnate them all (side characters included) but especially Hibiki

You posted it

I'm glad it had a Chiwa Saito tomboy, best girl

Best Girl

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Man I wanted to love Itou Shizuka here but something felt off. That "Lovely" part felt so retarded.

>yuri untitled romance project
Oh yes

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