No one is more hyped for her comeback

>no one is more hyped for her comeback

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Because she becomes really shitty in the arc that's getting adapted.

we already know she wins in the end

By literally killing best girl

but it was Leonard's thug who put a hole in best girl's chest

Tsundere done right. I like her.

I'm happy we get to see sousuke and chidori



The banner is kill

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>tfw the good old days are long gone but you're not

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why did they ever get rid of it? Is Hiro a Tessa fan?

She didn't kill Sousuke and Tessa?

I still don't understand why (((they))) even remove banners. Is it some kind of retarded server limitation?

She only killed Tessa.

Dafuq are you talking about?

If it's not Fumoffu S2, I don't give a shit.

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it's pretty much going to be the exact opposite of Fumoffu.

I ignored it when it was airing. Is this worth watching now?

damn, guess i wont bother then


I would definitely suggest watching Fumoffu at the very least.

im hyped though

How long has it been, like 15 years? Kind of hard to maintain hype after that long.

Kyoani didn't find the way.

In the end I don't get it, before meeting sousuke Is name in her house is thinking about Leonard. She seems to love him wile thinking about him or what? She was talking about her relationship with him, something like: starting to appreciate it

She has absolutely horrible taste

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why do I even remember/miss these
I also miss the /h/ one with the silver-haired girl on all fours.

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Stand at attention plebs for best girl.

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>user i didnt order you to cum yet

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How can a girl be so best girl? She's so much more best than any other hussy in this series that she should've won by default.

on what?

Gonzo did it best.

How does Tessa expect me to follow such an order?

A relic from the past


>kills best girl

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2000s Sup Forums culture was so fucking good

What? white bikini is naisu.

Meant to

What is that, a Desert Eagle? That thing is fucking huge, how is any part of her face still intact after being shot with that point blank?

Xebec will bring forth a new era of FMP fanservice. they will deliver us to the promised land.

Bland. Blander. The blandest. WHITE SWIMSUIT.

In the end Kaname looks like in love with Leonard

Thanks, it's really shocking that I remember this minute detail from 11-12 years ago, but probably most of the plot of FMP, and school and probably some other precious memories.
>2000s Sup Forums culture was so fucking good
How do we create it again user.
I'm waiting on some DLT investments to pay off, and then I'm ready to rock and roll

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Let's get one thing straight you pussy. MAO is the best girl.

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>boobs get smaller once she has less clothes on

where is the ntr

don't worry, the NTR bait will be a theme for the entire season

It can never come back. It was pure, innocent nerd culture, before politics ruined everything.

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Mao is a hottie, cuttie and underrated.

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>you will never have Mao tease you with her feet and then let you suck on her toes.

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can't unscramble eggs I guess

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>even while possessed, Chidori still cockblocked Leonard

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the fumoffu episodes are the only thing I remember and I really don't know why this is the case.

>She remembered Leonard:
"Poor man. I couldn't even answer him, in the end. At least, he followed me until the end, and when I could finally appreciate it, my relationship with him was beyond repair. Fowler and Sabina were the same. And Kalinin... They all had their hopes - and I am the one who rejected them. Living on bearing this burdenwill be hard."

Go figure girls...


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I still can't believe we are actually getting the rest of FMP animated.

Fuck I knew entering this shit was a bad idea. Hate myself

Nami was best girl


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Same reaction here. Fuck this shit. And also cucking. Wtf?

Sounds like something that limp dick fucker would do.

this is the full metal part of full metal panic. you guys are in for a wild ride.

That's not Chidori. Also not Tessa I think


This shit gets posted in mostly every FMP thread. How did you not know until now?

Chidori being possessed but it's just an illusion and Tessa is not even dead.


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As far as we know from LN Leonard forced kiss her multiple times and maybe she is virgin no more

That fucker is seriously hard to kill

This. P-Please tell me this user is just trolling. I'm a purityfag

well in the manga, when Leonard tried to fuck her she clearly pushed back and then he just backed off. I don't know how different the LN is from the manga, but in the manga it seemed pretty clear that she didn't fuck him before and after being possessed. But yeah, Leonard totally kissed her multiple times. Regardless, the shitposting will be ripe when we get to her leaving in the anime.

I started this the other day waiting the New season. It seemed such a comfy ride. Why ad Ntr, Just why

Fuck off, of course I want more reaction pics from the queen of reaction pics

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That's an illusion.

Now you know why most people were content with the anime ending after the second raid.

Who the fuck would be hyped for braindead mechashit?

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Yeah. I kinda liked Chidori at the begining now she seems like trash. It looks like it's another worst girl wins

(you)moemoe fag

dumb newfag

This scene, every time.

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Well i agree, in the end she is cold af knowing something bad about Sousuke.

> not hyped for FMP
> hyped for a neet incest copycat of oreimo

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Normalfag ironic weebs detected. Go back to your DBS generals.

I want sensei

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I love that scene. One of the few times she doesn't take that bi-sexual's shit. Between her and that absurdly overprotective faggot of a 2nd in command, Tessa's going to die a virgin, alone, with a house full of cats.

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WTF I totally forgot about this one. I remember watching FMP series ages ago back when i actually watched anime
Do you recommend the manga or LN?

i'm tired of ntr shit. Why Japan has this type of fetish?

Nips are the epitome of shit taste

You take that back. He's only trying to protect his daughteru's purity, like any red-blooded father figure would.

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Will we get to see any more of the show's resident /k/ommando?

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Jelaous virgins cant handle their 2d waifus being fucked by 2d men in 2d world. Seeing that man suffer those virgins' emotions makes them happy.
And that only proves that jap otakus are pretty much all latent cucks.