ITT: anime/manga characters that could slightly impress Saitama (before being defeated)

ITT: anime/manga characters that could slightly impress Saitama (before being defeated).

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Sora could impress him with vidya skill

Many could impress him. It's not power that impresses him much, it's determination. Licenseles Rider impressed Saitama a lot, for example.


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fuck off, narutard!

Accelerator and tatsuya are strong enough to kill saitama


Saitama cannot outdrink chug-sensei

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Even if we wanked the fucked out of third Rine-Sharingan Madara's attack potency he's not even planet buster nor would he even approach Saitama's speed even IF we argued Light Fang somehow is his Movement and Attack Speed and gave benefit of the doubt that the second rinnegan and the Rine-Sharingan gave amps to his speed.

Genos can

anyone that could do some boring mundane shit really well can beat him

No need to go in-depth, user. Nobody can beat Saitama.

Reminder that Saitama broke his limiter so he has unlimited amount of power. Jobku wouldn't stand a chance.

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How would she be defeated?

LOL at you saitama has zero chance against accelerator (a mere fighter can't beat Vector Manipulation). As for tatsuya he can kill saitama with descomposition:

"Mist Dispersion is an undisputed A rank destructive Decomposition spell that directly decomposes the physical structure of the information targeted. It works on inanimate objects as well as living organisms. It can decompose muscles, tissue, bone, even organs into the basic molecules such as ions and the basic elements.

It is described as being considerably mundane and quiet. There is no sound or light emitted and when raised to the highest degree of Decomposition, even easily flammable materials will not ignite. The objects dissipate to dust, transform into steam and then scatter. This spell does not travel through physical space so it can be aimed through physical objects and is not limited by distance by any means. "

The only way to saitama to beat him would be to one punch him in the brain before he uses descomposition or Regrowth

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>missing the point this hard

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Based bald-headed booty blasting shonenfag slayer

Kenshiro. But not really since saitama wouldn't live long enough to appreciate him.

It's obvious jobber saitama would lose to Accel ragetard, but he would also absolutely lose against King. King would defeat Accel even without manipulating his Vector manipulation

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>if kenshiro cant find the pressure points he can't harm saitama
not even worth punching

>can't find
>one instance in history but due to birth defected enemy
Saitama is a normal human like kenshiro. Sorry badly you're already dead.

>roah resisted the pressed points
>saitama wouldn't even notice kenshiro who would break his fingers trying to press them

Maybe, but what does it matter when none of this fagboys would stand the slightes chance against pic related anyway?

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Which Madara are you talking about again?

It will cause some mild itching, discomfort and sudden loss of clothing, but he'll be fine

>a practitioner stated to be on kenshiros level of the martial art can resist attacks
>this means a guy who ran a lot understands it just as well
Nice try. Remember saitama has taken damage. He's not invincible.

That fight would be fucking hilarious.

The best martial artists in the OPM universe are way stronger than Kenshiro, and they can't touch Saitama

he doesn't have to resist anything, kenshiro physically can't press anything on saitama's body and you know it
kenshiro isn't even the strongest character in-universe and saitama oneshots planet busters for breakfast

Whatever helps you sleep at night. HnK is called the invincible martial art several times.

You can be called the sucking dick faggy master but that doesn't mean is true, right?

And just because you're called the one punch man doesn't make that true either now does it :^)

>Implying Saitama can defeat him

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He can take down anything with one punch, he just doesn't do it when he sees someone that could maybe get some hits on him.

So your argument is literal hearsay?
Why do you think that amounts to anything?

I'll concede that

Saitama can fight. But can he dance?

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When the fuck has saitama taken damage?

He's shown to have scuff marks and such occasionally but his skin has never even been scratched.

Never proven and realistically can't be.
Seriously dude? Saitamas feats are pedestrian even for manga/anime. All you guys go by the title.

I doubt he could BoBoBo

As early as Boros

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>Never proven
Have you even read the first chapter?
>realistically can't be
And yet you are a kenshirofag.

he was merely pretending to give Boros what he wanted


This is a translator comment that didn't make it into the actual volume.

Johnny Joestar

Saitama you say? You got a pencil...?

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I feel like most of the Dragonball cast would since they always dick around instead of actually defeating anyone

There's an OPMxDBZ manga.

It's decent.

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I'm using your own logic in the sense stated pieces must be canon right? Try to keep up.
I'll bite, source?

no argument

I'm struggling to find a proper source, and unable to find a scanned version of the tankobon online. The info that I made my post was from a reddit thread, however the opm wiki for that chapter states that the 'he took damage' line is from Boros' inner monologue, and isn't reliable confirmation.

>Boros seemingly believes that Saitama took damage from his attack. He boastfully explains to Saitama about his regenerative capabilities, remarking on how eventually Saitama will get tired and lose. Saitama simply tells him to shut up, asking him if Boros was done with the fight, only to have Boros get mad and unleash his Meteoric Burst on attack Saitama.

Neither is "merely pretending"

that's what happened in the show though

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Now here's a real post. user I can see both sides of this but I can't count that as conclusive. But I will indeed backtrack and say it's not clear enough to make a judgement and based on that saitama may indeed be able to tank a strike from Ken.

is this the one where he says Vegeta must be pretty powerful because he's balding?

Saitama can barely tell the difference in power between Boros, Gouketsu and all the other monsters he's faced. Him actually taking damage is a stupid thought

I just think people need to stop treating Saitama as anything other than powerman.

We're talking about a character here who, despite not having any powers beyond the physical, has been shown to be virtually immune to just about everything from the vacuum of space, energy beams that should disintegrate normal matter, psychic abilities (he can be pushed around but is incredibly heavy to list and can't be restrained), to being dropped into and sealed beneath the planets crust. He will always just win, no matter what BS your character is able to do, Saitama will always be slightly more bullshit. And that's the point

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>dodged bugs bunny
But seriously though, I get it.

This guy. Saitama is already jealous of Kings vidya skill. If he saw him playing multiple games at the same time, saitama would be VERY impressed.

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Hasn't Garou eaten one of his punches recently and gotten back up?

because Saitama didn't want to kill him

If Haruhi really wanted to find someone who can defeat Saitama (in combat), what would happen?

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end of universe?

a scarily likely outcome.

50 bucks on the perfect being (Jorge Joestar,the most broken fuck to ever "live")

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How would he do against Saitama though?

>Saitama gets lit with the eternal flames after punching Agni
>his blazing body sets anything it touches on fire
>becomes the second Fire Punch by virtue of being indestructible and emotional suffering for unintentionally causing fire and destruction wherever he goes

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I think it is pretty clear that nobody trying to beat Saitama can ever beat Saitama. So the only people who COULD beat saitama would do it accidentally. So:
>Drunken Master
>Laurel and Hardy
>Forest Gump
>Homer Simpson
>Jar Jar bings
All those would probably seriously give Saitama a hard time and maybe even beat him. As for "But animu" I guess... Pick your favourite clueless super dense harem character, and there you go.

you forgot Mr.Bean

Oh shit you're right. Yeah Mr. Bean belongs on the absolute top of that list. He's the epitome of this.

Yagami Light / other human who has a notebook, a pen, and knows saitama's face and name
All the Death Gods from DeathNote

He seems shit at fighting games, I could probably beat him and that would piss him off.

>Saitama hits Accel hard as fuck
>The damage is redirected, causes no damage to Saitama
>Saitama then proceeds to gently bear hug Accelerator and drop him in a fucking hole

>he actually believes this.
Some shit would happen. Someone named Saitama would appear on TV, Saitama would walk past the house and sneeze, accidentally bringing the whole thing down on light..
Fuck Saitama would probably mistake Light for someone, ask for his autograph, and someonehow give him a piece of the death note that he found lying around

Emiya Shirou

>got stomped by a random middle aged man who knows his gimmick

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technically the strongest human

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we've been over this: Saitama can't be harmed by strength or skill. This is Bugs Bunny rules. You must not want to hit him to hit him.

Read the manga.

it wouldstill be the force of his own punch. not a simple punch. a punh from OPM for him to be unaffected his defense would have to be much higer than his attack stat, which i doubt.

it would dislocate his shoulder atleast

i always though saitama was power man

He has unlimited power as well as unlimited defense. So long as he doesn't hit Accelerator with literally everything he has, he will take no damage. Zero.

theoretically, couldn't Yuki wipe Saitama from existence, if she felt the need to?

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Deleting space. At least he can deal any fucking damage.

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It's almost as if OPM is supposed to be mocking these exact autistic powerlevel wankery arguments and all these oxygen-starved literal children making and posting in these threads completely miss the one big fucking joke of the entire series.

So many people arguing about their character beating Saitama yet the original question was who would impress him before being defeated

He'll just punch the notebook.


All Fiction

Try to refute this. You can't. Even accelerbabbies can't.

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Death note requires cause of death(e.j. car accident or shot), if not a heart attack. I'm pretty sure Saitama can survive a little bit of organ failure

How would King fair against Mr Satan?

Its clear the two of them are the strongest characters of their respective universes so how would the fight end?