Nagatoro san

Who's ready for Nagatoro to cry herself to sleep in a week?

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No, it's the opposite, as punishment she'll bully senpai so much he'll cry himself to sleep all week.

when is the next chapter gonna be released? i got confused with all the extra stuff


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When is she going to take Senpai's virginity as a prank?

Holy shit, Nagatoro's face. Yandere mode when?

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>bring senpai around your slut friends
>act surprised when they start touching him

i fucking love this user


Is this manga actually good? I only remember feeling varying degrees of rage with how much shit talk that girl was giving the MC when I breezed past the first couple chapters.

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it's only the first chapters then it becomes cute teasing instead of bullying

Doujins when?

Don't worry, it's toned down more to reasonable teasing levels here. It's significantly more clearly that she likes him as a love interest.

The all-out GirlsForM-tier bullying wouldn't have flown in a real serialization

How come Nagatoro has swimsuit tan lines if she's not part of the swimming club or anything? She even had to borrow a swimsuit from the club president in the chapter 4.5.

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Can't wait for the NTR.

Shallow grave in the town that Non Non Biyori takes place in. No remorse. It won't be a quick death.

>implying only certain group of people is allowed to get tanned on a beach/poolside.

Nagatoro doesn't look like a nerd that would use swimsuit on a beach.

Wasn't she a part of the swimming club in the original series? I thought that's how she won the medal.

Reminder that in the previous panel Senpai casually took some food from Nagatoro's plate.

in the original yes she was but like user said in one chapter of the manga she mention she was asked to help the swim club and that she had to borrow a swimsuit implying she is not part of the club

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this is not okay

>dont bully me nagatoro-neechan

>inb4 she was practicing tsukkomi with him so he'd be able to tell other bitches to fuck off instead of just mumbling inaudibly with his eyes on the ground

Flatchested and secretly pure girl should definitely wear bikini to not be seen as a nerd. rite
Onepiece swimsuits are hawt with the right body type.

Too bad Nagataro got so little fanart
for now
Good ones boil down to those 3 from ViperXTR and 2-3 from other artists.

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>Shota senpai a cute
>his dick is hard
F U N D I T!

Chapter of Nagatoro bullying a shota senpai until he cries when?

Nagatoro's legs are a miracle of the universe.

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If takagi were in this situation how would she handle this?

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That's the look of a killer.

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Soon 774 will return to his guro roots

She is going to peg his brains out.

I said legs, not feet. Feet are merely a speed bump on the path to her supple thighs.

She would not react on the spot, but would enter into legit clinical depression.

She would use her fivehead powers to make their brains explode

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The hoops bother me. Reminds me off all those loud and obnoxious latinas back in school.

The cute ones that had crushes on you that you didn’t realize until you were already and adult and she moved on right

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This appeals to my /ss/ interests.

More like I was so lazy I dropped out of AP in the half way through the school year and couldn't talk to her again out of shame. I lost a lot of good friends that year.

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Essentially she IS a japanese 'latino', loud and truly, truly obnoxious.
also, cute and sexy

No user this is about cute bullies, don't make me remember, fuck you

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By doing nothing for 100+ chapters.

>fondling his chest
>rubbing her chest against his head
>rubbing her pussy against his small shota back
>trapping him with her powerful meaty thighs

Here's another cute Nagatoro spoiler pic or is it...

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There's some lewd art on the drawfriends booru

More thot Nagatoro

>same blue palette

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guess who

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what the fuck i clicked the spoiler box

you fucked up

Holy shit someone drew this

ViperXTR's doodles are the best

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last one i've had from him.
Black dress one makes me so hard wtf. Senpai should suffer some more for getting that pussyeventually.

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Wait and see, Senpai is going to tell her to back off.

Senpai kinda reminds me of Hajime from Dagashi Kashi.

Oh shit.

Fucking kek

Do you think Nagatoro is stupid?

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Sounds like Dale from King of the Hill


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I saw a picture of her some time ago she moved to UK and married some Britbong.
I wonder what would have happened if I gave her the time of the day back then, would I have ruined her future? I like to convince myself of this so it hurts less.

Also get over it.

I knew I could get her but she was used goods so I never went for it.

How dare you compare her to shitty latinas, nagatoro adjusts her volume for optimal bullying.

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>Nagatoro /ss/
please god my dick can't take anymore

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>tfw no spare time for drawing Nyaagato fanart.

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I'd be spooked too if my phone turned into a trans-spacetime mirror

I didn't think the concept for this series could possibly be improved upon until I saw this, keep it up drawfag

Will Senpai become an alpha at some point?

Of course not

I guess it's interesting how Senpai changed from a weak guy who took shit to a beta, but Nagatoro seems to be about teasing rather than bullying now. I liked her insults that struck the core, and now it's just boring name calling like "wriggly" and "disgusting."

I'd love a second dream issue where Senpai doesn't realise that he's asleep and proceeds to stand up to Nagatoro, telling her to stop bullying him before waking up. The next day he attempts to mimic his actions with the real deal only to get bullied hard after chickening out because he doesn't really want her to stop.

>MFW just today I was thinking about a reverse-ntr arc in this
>MFW I have no face

about 2 bakas dumb

Even after the eventual marriage and some kids with Nagatoro he will still be beta.

People don't just change into alphas.

They will begin to bully each other then have amazing bully sex.

>cunt gets ntr'd
This pleases my dick

Look at those slut's faces after Senpai ate some of Nagatoro's food, they're soaked and he knows it.

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A-user I'm so sorry.
I know this feel well.

Senpai is becoming alpha slowly.

Senpai is gonna fuck all of them.

What chapter is this even from?

They look cuter than Nagatoro, he should go for them instead.

>They look cuter than Nagatoro
remove yourself from the world m8

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Oh.. YES.

>yfw one of the girls forced Senpai to date her "as a joke" but she later comes to enjoy her time with Senpai
>meanwhile Nagatoro burst into treats and can't do anything about it
>everyday she goes to the art room because that is her and Senpai's special place but he is too busy hanging out with the other girl

well now what's going on here?

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>Nagatoro burst into treats

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She’s basically bullying herself now

>no crazy eyes