Vinland Saga
I completely aware we'll have some Sawano shit for Soundtrack, but an user can imagine. I always read Vinland with Wardruna in the background. Since long ago, I've imagined how Fehu fits the first siege in Normandy.

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I really hope we get a good OP like the first AoT, something like this

I always imagined a vinland saga anime having it as an OP i don't know why.

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i love sawano but i don't think his stuffs would fit VS at all

Just caught up, how often do chapters come out?

>new LoGH will have a sawano ost instead of classical music
Why does he even bother composing? just re-use the Unicorn soundtrack and it will sound the same as every other Sawano OST

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Sawano is only composing the OP for it, nothing else


It's not an OST. Completely different things

OST is already confirmed to be Sawano-lite composed by a Sawano drone

sawano is actually a top tier musican, sogo eat dick. as if he wasnt talented enough to actually include some escandinavian touch to the music. fucking idiot.

Why the fuck do they have the COA of Norway on the ships flag?

>Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss music) tweeted back in December that he's working on another soundtrack for a more "action" anime
HOLY SHIT. Can you imagine if he's working on the Vinland Saga OST?

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Big if true

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I...sort of doubt it though. I mean he'd probably want to get some sort of inspiration by visiting Denmark/Norway/Sweden or something, and he's only been flying to the US I think.

I actually don't know who would be qualified to compose great "Viking" music, aside from Yoko Kanno. REALLY hope it isn't Sawano, his stuff works only for flashy shounen anime.

I didn't know Vinland was getting an anime. Thanks thread!

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Cnut doujin when?

i really can't think of any good scenarios involving him except maybe raep by the soldiers. pre-awakening canute is just too bland and edgy canute is just too uncute


Wow I completely forgot about this after it turned to shit. Did they go back to proper fighting yet?

>not fighting is shit
are you sad that dragon ball super is ending next week?

DBS has crap two-frame fighting

>mfw I don't have to worry about secondaries shitting up anything past the second season because most of them will inevitably drop it once they get to the farmland arc

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>muhhhh my comfy threads
bunch of pathetic fags crying about their hugbox, i've been reading this shit for years and never cared so much about the threads here, even when fags made jokes about farmland saga i wan't phased by this shit, can't believe people put more importance to shitty ass threads over their own enjoyment of the manga material

>implying there will ever be a second season

>farmland saga
It will end with Askeladd death.

I tried reading this raw, but it's unbearable with all the jap honorific disease.

>not a panning still

>animated field toiling