Help! My loli went into labor! What do I do?

Help! My loli went into labor! What do I do?

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Don't worry, she seems happy about it.

Explain to her in simple words why the Tories are the only sensible choice for England.

>not getting her tubes tied
Look at this retard.

But she hadn't even had her period yet. I didn't think it was necessary.

>not wanting your loli to get pregnant
user you're missing many things in life.

>not impregnating your disciplewife
Look at this fag.

Did you even read the manual?
Take your meme fetish elsewhere.

>meme meme meme
Now that I know this kind of person hates loli pregnancy I like it even more.

What are you on about? Impregnating a loving loli is the gift of god.
If it's a boy, you can just do an abortion, if it's a girl, 1 year and you have another lovetoy.

It is a meme though. Artificial wombs are the future friend.
Lolis are for sex, not child raising.

No, I want to impregnate my loli with twingirls, then have so much fun with them.

What happens if you get both twins pregnant with twins?

this is your punishment

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You impregnate those twins with twins.

Accept responsibility

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>not the Ryuo anymore
This show is a lie. Might as well call it Loliƍ no Oshigoto

I can't believe Ai'chan's soul got sent tho the fucking shadow realm

The title match is best of 7, user. Don't watch anime at 2x speed.
Now that he's been powered up by loli marriage he will destroy the faceless old man.

Not fair, it was my turn to pick up Ai.

Self-replicating loli-pregnancy?

I really wonder what the Meijin was thinking when they were making him go through this loli courtship twice. He doesn't react much but he seems reasonably amused by the whole situation.

Sharknado-sensei is cute!

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remember, there's no escaping your yandere childbride

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notice the gold watch - sold out

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He's a cool guy and enjoys it.

Between Sharknado Sensei, Loli lover and that other cute professional player, this show has some pretty alright hags.

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So everyone is fine with the faggot MC having bipolar and turning into a wife beater next time he starts losing at rune checkers?

2nd cutest girl this episode after blue Ai

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How can Yaichi beat him when he has the power of NTR on his side?

This obviously.

He was about to lose everything, please forgive him. Thankfully he's been healed and he loves his loliwife more than ever now.

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It is the duty of the wife to let her husband take his frustrations out on her, user.

Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > the rest > Ginko

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I wish I was Yaichi.

>you'll never headpat Ai while calling her cute

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>abuses Ai so badly she passes out
>tells Ginko in no fewer words to fuck off and leave him alone
>the only person who actually gets through to him is an old hag
What does it mean Sup Forums?

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When he came to his senses the first thing he thought of was his loli, which means he loves her. She's a good girl who'll be a good loli wife which will keep him happy.

Luckily the girl isn't Ginko. Combining a nagging bitch/tsuntsun(dere) with his personality would cause a lot of abuse. Sure, she deserves it, but it wouldn't be a healthy relationship.

>loves lolis
>loves cakes
>doesn't really feel anything about a girl his age
Best MC this year

Keika was really fucking great this episode. Mentoring RedAi, consoling Ginko like a mother, not to mention being a badass Shogi player and other shit.

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Excellent taste

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Oyakodon when.

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how did akira get them there if she didn't drive them

oedipus complex

Cute dork

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Train, tournament was in Tokyo while the house is in Osaka.

Throw her in the bathtub

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I don't even like Ginko but that was too much.

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>bully not so tough after being raped
That was exactly what she deserved.

>that guy in the back depressed as fuck he doesn't have a loli to headpat

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Let her rest in peace. Now, it is the time for a new, better lead to take the stage.

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You skipped like a dozen of shots and lines starting from the beginning. Need a webm of the entire scene to capture the emotions and sincerity of it all.

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Blue > Red >> shit >> Ginko

I want to impregnate this grandma

This Ai is very cute.

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>tfw you'll never bawl your eyes out in Keika-mommy's lap as she pats your head

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I want to pick up (red) Ai!

I bet that scene triggers every trainfag in Japan.
The green car in the limited express Thunderbird has 2-1 seat configuration.
3-2 is too wide for narrow gauge trains. That seat configuration exists only on the Shinkansen

It's okay. Best girl will get some dere in return in the next volume.

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Shitko is not the best girl though.

How do I land a job as a giant shogi piece mascot?

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Ai is always dere though. Ginko will only get more mindbreak and suffering.

>sterilizing your loli
gurofags deserve death

What knd of dere?

Most of the merchandise is related to blue Ai, this is not fair, my girl Ginko is the more popular girl in Japan, the fuck is wrong with manufacturers?

So we all agree keika-san is the best character right?

>not having your lolis sprayed as soon as you get them from their litter or the shelter
You're a bad loli owner.

I think I'm in love with Ai.

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Damn straight.

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that's a large train for 5 seat rows.

>when doctor explains what precocious pregnancy is

Every character is pretty good, except Stinko.

>He does not want to dress up his shota in a dress and fuck him

Jesus Christ it's a living ahoge.

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She's the only character I don't particularly like. She's just do...out of place.


The dokidoki kind.

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Ginko a shit

Honestly, I think she is. In a show where there are fucking superhuman shogi prodigies from birth like Ai x2, she has no real powers and all she's accomplished is through hard work and persistence alone. Even though that's the case she doesn't really harbor any jealousy towards them and encourages them at every turn.

I think that's very admirable in itself.

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>leave for a bit
>come back and see waifu war and shitposting
We were doing do well.

It's just the one ginko hater being noisy and obsessed.

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Ginko got humiliated again. This is horrible.

You mean
>this is perfect

Yaichi seemed to get off way too lightly for being absolute scum. I'm guessing they skipped over some LN stuff?

You don't have a heart.

I tried to get the important parts.

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This scene was really sad, great voice acting here.

So we ever gonna know what this guy is like?

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>posts mindbreak depression scene

Shitko is truly a disgusting cunt.

I know, I exchanged it for a good taste in anime girls.

He likes shogi

>Even though that's the case she doesn't really harbor any jealousy towards them
She does, and for Yaichi too, but it won't be shown until later.

Best girl.

You omitted Hawaii part that shows that she's a dick hungry slut that doesn't give a fuck about his match.

He's probably a lolicon.

How hard will she self destruct?